Class #61

Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


For our students with Reformers at home; A fundamental Reformer class that allows you to address your whole body in less than a half hour.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Okay. Let's begin. We're going to do a fundamental reformer class, so I want to start by having you lie on your reformers, but the first thing I want to have you do is sit down right at the edge of yo...


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Great class.. Good flow.. Great if don't have a lot of time... Great teache!!!!
Thanks Tina!! Glad you like it!
Really enjoyed the instructor in this class! A nice basic class.
I love all your classes. Great class.
Great beg class...
A perfect add-on workout after a run. It might be "beginner" but I really felt it the next day, especially in my lats & hamstrings. Maybe because it was more basic, I could really focus on my form more? Excellent instruction from Kristi, as usual.
Thanks everyone! Britt I often do "beginner" workouts for myself. I find I gain the most out of them and improve my overall fitness by doing so. Thanks for sharing that you also feel this way. I wish more people valued the basics like you do.
Love the class! had to modify when it came to using the box (I don't have one). Great focus on the basics.
nice class
Hey thanks Amit! When are you coming over to teach one for us? Please, consider yourself invited...and thanks for checking out PA!
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