Class 613: Mat Workout

40 min
What You'll Need:
Taking a healthy, strong athlete from his basic first session to a more challenging workout. As an athlete herself, Monica knows how when starting Pilates it is very easy to muscle through it and just strengthen the major muscle groups that are already strong. This class teaches how to approach each exercise from the Pilates perspective and create a strong, flexible and balanced body. Enjoy!
Feb 01, 2012
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This is so useful - thank you both.
5 years ago

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This offered so much more than most of the mat classes. liked the cueing of the 3 sets of muscles for a roll-up. also, the continuing reminders for proper positiong of the feet. Men appear to have a problem pointing their toes
5 years ago

This is more of a beginners class not a level 2..Just sayn
For those that are looking for a more challenging class..
5 years ago

Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
Thanks Paula. I've changed it to a level 1/2
5 years ago

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