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Taking a healthy, strong athlete from his basic first session to a more challenging workout. As an athlete herself, Monica knows how when starting Pilates it is very easy to muscle through it and just strengthen the major muscle groups that are already strong. This class teaches how to approach each exercise from the Pilates perspective and create a strong, flexible and balanced body. Enjoy!
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All right. Come on over to the front of the Mat. Very good. And yet, let's start off with the Palladia sit today. Last time we didn't start off with that, but it's great to understand how our, we should hold our body in our posture. So on the feet you should always have weight on the ball of every toe, the side of your foot and the heel. Let's put your heels together in the center. Good.

And then like a small slice of pizza, you want to open up your feet. That's it. Great, nice and evenly. So just maybe a tiny bit more with this foot a little bit more. And I know this is like nitpicky, but what we want to do is have that weight forward, right? And on the side of your feet and on the heels saying that the one spot we don't want weight on is the arches. So the right, the right foot, you have great lift in the arch like most people.

And on the left we need to increase that lift a little bit and that will also work on the ankle. Can I say that? That's maybe food for thought when you're around town or around day, just thinking about it. But we sometimes collapse in an ankle or an arch and that also affects the hips and the lower back. And so that's food for thought and later on as you get stronger and stronger employees, you might actually be able to think about your feet in the form, but in the beginning we're going to be working on this and that's the most important thing and I don't want you to thinking about your feet while you're doing, while you're doing all this stuff. One thing to think about though, when you do a Pilati stance is you can do it two ways. You could just put your feet in the Palati stance and that really doesn't do much for changing your body or strengthening it.

Or when you're thinking about it like saying the hundred, you want to think about the muscles moving your feet. So it's like your thighs are to like a barbershop pole with red and white stripes going around. So you want to feel those muscles pulling around you being able to see your inner thighs squeeze in the back of your inner thighs and your bottom. And that's what naturally rotates those legs out, those feet out. That's the better way to achieve a [inaudible] stance. All right, so one of the Romanos famous lines is your bottom is your bottom, which is the bottom of your box rather than your behind.

We don't want your bond to be your behind, shouldn't be behind you, and that's very tough to do. So when we do this sit, which I'm going to help you do, we're going to put one arm on top of the other and a foot behind the other. And when you sit, everyone likes to just put their bottom behind them. So I'm going to help hold you and you're going to use your stomach to resist gravity and kind of lift your energy up while sending your tailbone straight down to towards your heels. Okay? So I'm going to hold your arms up. Good. And now pull your stomach away from me. Good. And I want you to just try to bring your bottom under you more. [inaudible].

Good, good. Keep bringing it under you. There you go. And look at that. Excellent. Put your hands. I'm just not, you can relax them down and center yourself. Great. And Roll on down. Keeping your knees back and keep, get your head on the pillow. That looks good. All right. Bend your knees, placing the feet flat on the Mat. Good.

And I want you to think about that lower back and it should be nice and open on the mat instead of tight and contracting. Okay. So we're going to take a breath in with the air and as you exhale, try to have that naval sink to your spine and open that lower back. Good. Let's do a couple more of those big breaths and exhale. Try to relax the shoulders and reach the arms long to that end. Good big breath and exhale.

And then keep your stomach in and bring your right knee into your chest. Feel that lower back. Stay open, take a breath and exhale and bring your left knee into your chest. I'm sorry as well. So keep both legs in. Good. All right. So now take a big breath and instead of your arms holding your knees to your chest, exhale, use your belly to hold those legs in. Good. Inhale. And we're going to lift up your head and look at your navel.

Really pull it in as you exhale. And then I want you to think of two barbershop poles twisting away from each other as you extend your legs to my hand and start pumping. Good. Really good. Big Breath and exhale. So I did kind of like, as I said, keep moving. You're doing great. I said, yeah, I'm not going to want you to worry about your feet, but I do in a way because we're going to keep rotating those legs out a little bit more. So that barbershop pole that's going to extend all the way to your ankle, that's gonna turn out that foot naturally. Okay?

And I'd say that because if you hold your legs too parallel, you're just going to be strengthening our strong muscle groups, which you already have strong. You already have your quad strong. We've got to wake up all those other muscles. So we're going to bring them up just a tiny bit. There you go. And hold your legs on your own as we do another set of 40 big breath. And exhale. If I had an ice cream scooper, I would scoop out your stomach.

Nice work, big breath, and exhale. We're warming up your powerhouse and exhaling, and we're going to do one more and hug in those knees. Good. Rest your head down. So I know you were thinking about your legs and trying to turn them out, but you're like, why aren't they turning out enough? But that sending that message, firing that message, the next time you do it might happen. Maybe not, but otherwise, the next time, that's how you get them stronger is by continuously trying and focusing on it.

But you know, your Rome wasn't built in a day, so it's not gonna happen the first day. Okay? Go ahead and sit up. Keep your feet right where they are and hands underneath your knees. Good. We will bring the feet together though. All right. Now I want you to think about your powerhouse, but think of your stomach like a six pack. Okay, so we have your lower set, your middle set, and your upper set, right. Okay. And they correspond with parts of your back. So we're going to round your back.

Nice. And your lower set is going to pull your stomach away from your thighs, keeping your hands where they are. Use your lower set. Really pull in deep. Now the middle set pulls back a little bit more and then the upper set. Good pause. When you get to the bottom of your shoulder wise, use only your upper set to pull you up. Then your middle, then your lower c. Really articulate the spine behind each part of your stomach and lower set pulls you back. Then your middle set. Then you're up. Roll through each bone. Take a breath as you start coming forward. And exhale, middle set. Pull that.

Oh yeah, that was excellent. And we're going to go back again. Lower set pulls you back. Really pulling back in that lower set the middle set a little bit more. That's a hard one to get in the upper set. Go all the way to your head down to the mat. Inhale, lift the head up off the mat. Exhale, upper set and you can use your arms.

You can bend them and you can pull. And now I'll go all the way down again, lower set, middle, middle, middle, middle up, or all the way down to your head. Inhale, lift up your head and exhale. Upper set, middle, lower. So you've got the concept now and I want you to just straighten your legs as you come forward. Once you come up and now reach for your ankles. Head down, following the line of your spine. Good, nice stretch. All right. As you roll back, start bending your knees and putting the feet on the mat. Hands under your knees. Lower set pulls you back. We're doing one more at this tempo here. Middle, upper head goes down. Inhale, lift the head up. Upper set, middle, lower.

Start straightening your legs and keep your belly off of the thighs as you reach forward. Nice. Now you've got it. Let's double time that tempo. The object is to keep your stomach so strong and engage. That's going to build stamina and endurance. Instead of doing one rep, maybe given it a little coffee break and then doing another one you want to do. Let's try to do five. Nice. And as quickly as we can control it.

And we're going to roll down lower set Moodle and upper and head up and middle. Good. And reached forward the legs for that stretch. Yep. And then rolling back. Good. Fortunately your feet can't slide on this matter. There was pulling up. Good. Hey, that was good. And pull them back with the stomach. Good and roll through and the stomach lifts the head.

That's the most important part. And reach and bending courts do to more rural and Becker three marsh say head up. Scoop. Good, good, good. Reaching forward and roll. Bend the knees and roll back using this side as well. Better and head and pull it up. All right.

Keep that chin on your chest and bend the knees back. Don't take too much of a break. Right. And whatever. Would that chin, one more chin. Good. Good. Legs forward. Chin. That's going to be hard for you. Bend the knees and last time. Yes, yes, yes. Center yourself a little bit better on the mat and we're going to do single leg circles. This is another one that's super surprising how difficult it is. You're going to anchor your lower back into the mat as if it's a trunk of a tree and the roots are just growing into the mats and none of the lower back is going to move in this exercise and you're going to bend the right knee into your chest, hug it, extend the leg up to the ceiling already using the powerhouse quite a bit.

So it's really nice. Put your hands behind your thigh and stretch it towards you. Try to feel the balance of your hips. See if they're straight across or if one's higher than the other. It always helps, again to feel that barbershop pole or if I had a screwdriver in your foot, your leg was a screw and I would be twisting and twisting and twisting and twisting. Okay. So you want to keep that cause when, as soon as this knee and foot start pointing, this way we start using that quadricep more. Okay?

So we're going to keep it there. It's always gonna work, but it doesn't need a dominate arms. Press into the mat. Try to on all the way down on the mat. Huh? And you're going to try to bring it up towards your nose. You're going to try to cross as much as you can do that again. But see this knee pointed to that shoulder without bending it.

There you go. So we're gonna, this is a sharp pencil all the way to the toes is the tip of the pencil. And we have to draw a circle on the ceiling. I prefer to think of it as almost like a scalpel that we're cutting a circle cause you really want to reach up and cut into the ceiling. But we're gonna always go up first. Now we're going to really try to cross to that shoulder, feel that big stretch right there. And then we're going to go down, around and up. Cross up to your notes. To your left shoulder.

Where's my scalpel? Pointing to the ceiling and, good. Alright. Cross around and up. Nice. Cross around length in that foot. Cross around. One more. Cross around and go the other way down. Cross the body. Good. Four more. So you're keeping your box square. That's beautiful.

Keep going dad. Around two more other one. Yep. Good. And last one and bring that knee into your chest. You did that very well. You kept the LE, the box down and you reached for the ceiling. Bring this foot down and left. Extend the leg up. Good. Whenever you flex, flex that foot too much.

You kind of work more from the knee down and it's very important. This exercise that we get into the hip so much higher at the leg. Press your arms down and we're going to come to the nose. Then you try to kick this shoulder. Always crossing the body around and up. Good. Cross surrounding up. Cross around in a good.

Two more. One last one. Nice. Go the other way down. Cross up to that right shoulder. Good. Keep your bottom on the mat, eh, bottom down. Don't push with this leg. It's trying to help you one more and bend that knee into your chest. Really Nice. Put this foot down. These are all things that you should be doing. Your your, that's what is normal. Okay?

And you're going to bring your head up to your chest and using your stomach. Try to roll up upper set, middle set, lower. Good. Now put your hands on your ankle goes, bring your feet together. Good. And Chin to your chest. I want you to give me more space. Oh, that's wonderful. You really opened and lower that. Rounded that lower back. Okay. Now putting your hands on your ankles.

Let's see. I'm thinking I'm going to get you into this a little differently just to be more precise. Put your hands under your knees. Good. Can you feel that you're really keeping some nice space between here? Yep. Okay. Now I want you to pull back even more so that your weights a little bit further back. Good. Keeping your weight like that. And without your six pack pushing forward, I want you to balance with this like Justin and jaw off the floor.

So let's try that again. Ah, that's what I wanted your stomach to keep in like that. Now keeping that foot up. Bring this one up as well. Nice. Get comfortable with that. Just breathe into that. Just feel your balance. That's excellent. We'll warm up with a couple like this and then we're going to challenge you to make it a little bit tighter. So I want you to most importantly, chin to your chest for you, for you. That's, that's going to be huge. Okay.

To keep your background, you have to have your chin to your chest. Okay. All right. Pull back with that lower set of your six back roll. The whole body's gonna move with you. Roll back and come right back up. Good. But how about that stomach? Can we pull? Ah, that's it. So it's like a stomach crunch. When you come up, you're going to hold yourself in that crunch and roll back.

Once we get that, then we can lengthen a little more with that. Good and rural back massage in your spine. Pull it up better. Give me one more like that. Roll back. Pull it up. [inaudible] keep the chin to your chest rounding. Good. Stay here and let's advance it by putting your hands on your ankles and pull your heels to your seat. Yep.

Separate the knees a little bit and pretend you can get your head between your knees without losing that space. That's the tough part. Now stay tight as a ball because it's called rolling like a ball and roll back. Inhale. Exhale to come up in with the air. Exhale to come up. Inhale, you're doing good. Exhale in with the air. Exhale one more and low out that air and rest down your feet.

Oh, there we go. Alright, good. So you notice that you just had to adjust a little bit, right? Yeah. What would you, we're kind of off to the right. Yeah. And so you adjust it and that is a really good thing to recognize. So sometimes when we do a rolling exercises or a set up, you might be more dominant on one side.

And so when you did the roll up and right now rolling like a ball, you pulled more to your right. Okay. So you left that as up used. Well, your upper body started moving this way, so your right side was working a little harder than your left. So as soon as you start seeing yourself doing that at home, then you're going to want to say, okay, I need to challenge my other side and need my other side. So this side of your body will always work no matter what. But if you say, stop working, I'm just going to work my left side.

This one will be along for the ride, but it'll still be working quite a bit. But that way you'll maybe be able to stay more even [inaudible]. That's how you challenge yourself more at home. All right, so now we're going to lie down, but stop when you hit your shoulder blades. Nice six pack, right? Bring the right knee into your chest. Good. Let's try to hold it.

Hold right underneath the knee under [inaudible]. Good. And now bring this knee towards you and extend the leg up. Okay. This is going to be hard for you to keep those feet relaxed, right? And I'm going to form two little guiders here, right here. Important to stay between my arms, not outside. Using your stomach.

Depress your back down switch legs. This is, you have things you don't need. I don't want you to, if you touch my arm arms, the alarm goes off. Scoop in. So right down the middle of your bodies that like good. Now I want you to think about those feet and change those feet. Reach all the way as if you're touching me with the toes. That's it. Yes. Good. Very good.

Stomach in pulls in that knee. Watch those legs one more and grab under both knees and rest your head. Good. Only because you can bend one knee, India and bring the leg in all day long with your quads and your hip flexors. But we want to do it from your stomach. And as soon as you, um, do just flexed feet, you're working those hip flexors in those quads again as you change. So that's why I'm focusing on it right now so that you can get it into different muscles default. Sure.

So the same thing is going to be on the double version right now. So I want you to put your hands under your knees. Good. Alright. And I want you to reach your arms up to the ceiling while the legs go. Nice barbershop. Pols exactly. Grab underneath your knees as they bend in and you want to blow out all your air that's in with the air and exhale, that's it.

Inhale. Good. Exhale, scoop in that belly. Nice in with the air. Exhale, you're doing good. Keep your heels together. Inhale, I'm gonna Challenge you a little bit more. Exhale, come in, come in more. Good. Do you feel how lifted you are here? Don't lie down as you reach your arms this time. Inhale, reach. Beautiful.

Exhale back in. Good. Inhale, reach XL. Give me one more. Inhale, reach, exhale. And now rest your head down. Keep your knees into you. We're gonna do another exercise. We're going to add a few more today. I don't think last time we did the next three we could have and then that's my memory. But we're going to do a few more. Okay.

I want you to extend both legs up to the ceiling cause you're flexible, which is fabulous. You're gonna reach up, bring your head to your chest using your upper stomach and both hands crawl up as high on your right leg as you can. Keeping it straight straight to it and it can pull towards you, but straight. Great. We still have these sharp pencils, his legs, no flexed feet and lower this leg only as low as you can. Keep your lower back flat. I'm going to let go cause I don't want you to push on me. Okay.

Watch that knee a little bit. There you go. Lower it where you feel you can keep your back flat. Now switch legs. Aha. Tell me what happens when you switch legs. Are they straight or bent? Switch. What do they want to do? And bring your head up straight knee as you switched straight and bring it up really straight. Oh, bend your knees and rest down.

Bend your knees and rest both knees into your chest and rest your head. Yes. So the default head down is by nature. You want to bend that leg so that that quad can help bring that leg up. Okay, so if this isn't the heart, a heart exercise, but you want to keep those legs stick straight and, and just see mentally you can control your body, right? So you can [inaudible] I love it.

Mind and body here. So you're going to send that connection. Throw everything else out the window. Just keep those leg straightens. Try to feel what muscles work. It doesn't have to be a big motion either. Big Movement both legs up and we're going to keep them straight like this and reach behind. Grab up behind the right leg. Good. Now keep it straight all and you're going to your, I think you can hold right here. Reach up, reach up. Good. All right, so think straight legs switch straight, straight, straight.

Yes. Straight, straight, straight, straight and yes. And switch. Oh yeah, now we're doing it straight. See, I saw that your thinking switch. Look at your stomach. Pull it in more. Switched, straight, straight reaching. Good, good. And last one. And bend both knees in. You did it very good. Head down. Good. Well that one's going to get even better each time. But you did it.

You kept your legs straight. Now we're going to put your hands behind your head and rest down your head. Good. And you can rest your feet on me. So in plots we try not to lace we do. He liked just applies one, one hand over the other and they just felt like it cuts off the blood supply at that point c but one hand over the other. Let your elbows fall out nice and wide. Good.

Now pull the belly and impress your back nice and flat and try to feel how solid you are here. And use this to push your head into your hands right now. Feel some strength of that head into your hands so it comes from here. Good, good, good, good. Now stay perfectly right there. The upper body does not move in this exercise. So does your head go down on this exercise? Nope, that's it.

Now this time both legs are straight and both Pilati stance and I want you to lower them just a little bit. And now using this lower set, try to touch my hand with those straight legs. Lower set. Yes, go down a little bit and use your lower set. Good. Try to squeeze your glutes and use your lower set. Pull it in so the back never arches you just pull your stomach deep, squeeze your glutes and use your stomach one more and bend both knees, rest your head. So you did that fantastically with both legs. The one before is just the straight single leg version of it. Exact same exercise though. All right, now we're going to do one more.

That's tough and it's called crisscross. It is the same as um, the traditional bicycle. Then you just switch side to side, but we're more interested in really twisting the body and whole and trying to get more and more, more. So you're going to hold it for a longer. Okay. I don't want you to switching back and forth really fast and we're trying to form a straight line. Very hard from one elbow down your spine to appoint a toe.

Okay. So this is what our goal is, all supported by our power hours. Hands behind your head. Good. Use your upper stomach. Nice job. Lift up your head and shoulders more. Excellent. And now use your stomach to pull those knees into your chest. Elbows really wide, like behind your ears. Good. Relax that though.

And now we're going to straighten the left leg down the middle of your body. There's that pointed toe. And now use your stomach to lift up higher shoulders. Yep. And try to touch your left elbow to this right knee. Good. All right. And now we're gonna switch. Very nice.

Good. And Now Ben, both knees in and rest. So rest your head down. So that was easy for you. Some people that might be really hard just to touch their elbow to the knee. So for you, I'm going to step it up and I want you to think shoulder to that knee. Okay. So instead of just leading with your elbow, now you're going to keep your elbows where they are and lead with your shoulder.

Okay. How's your stronger hands behind your head? Good elbows are. Why feel that upper stomach lift your head and shoulders. We're going to straighten this leg first and now we're thinking shoulder twists, opposite shoulder, shoulder. Good. And now stay up as we switched to the other side. Pulling up shoulder. Nice pulling up shoulder, good shoulder, come center. Stay here.

Open those elbows wide. Don't let them go forward. Move only your shoulder to the knee. Shoulder, no elbow. Pull that elbow back and move that shoulder. You go, that's it. And so switch, Oh, get that elbow out of there. And one more set.

What is velocity is if it's not humbling, right? Sit on a good effort. So these are little things personally, it's really great to always be at the top of your game, right? I've I've same type of lifestyle, but it is much better to continuously get stronger. So this is your next step.

It's something that you can get stronger at and keep getting. Yeah, that's for sure. It's really good. Straighten both legs. Good. And open the legs a little wider. That's it. Arms up at shoulder height and just take a big breath and exhale. Bring your head down and stretch. Stretch, stretch. Good. Now remember that lower set, middle set. Upper set.

I want you to think of those. Pull yourself back with your lower set, not your head. Head down to your chest, middle set up or set and roll up through that. Yes. Again, big breath and head. And exhale. Upper set. Middle set. There you go. Now don't let your lower set fall onto your thighs as you reach and reach. Good. And inhaling up. Rolling up. Lower back, middle back. Good or back. One more time. Big Breath. And exhale. Upper set, middle set. Lower. Good.

Are you getting a good stretch here? Pairing. You're pretty flexible and roll up through the back. The lower set. Middle, upper. There we go. And rest. Very nice. Go ahead and lie down on your back again. We're going to do an exercise called corkscrew. Okay. It's really great. Um, work on the obliques.

Okay. So we're going to some, some people you are very slender and fit through here, but some people might have a spare tire or love handles. So, so this is what the area you want to kind of have that image to target cap. We're going to break it down. You're going to bring both knees into your chest, extend both legs up straight up. And again, it's gonna be hard to keep it pointed. Now I want you to lower both legs down a little bit like you did earlier and use that lower set to pull him back to you and keep them super straight down. A little and lower set. I'm going to let go. You're trying to get in touch with this muscle. Pull in.

Tell me when you're like, I got it. Pull in, pull in. Do you feel that muscle yet? Okay, you can tell me. Stay here. Keep it controlled, pull it up. Controlling. The next step is I want you to try to touch me with your legs. Reach over and then use the left obliques, Depomed center. Keep them up towards you. Just not flexed. Go the other way.

And Use your right obliques. Try not to let your hips come too high off the mat. I'm going to let go. Don't touch me. Keep them up higher with your belly and go to the right and use these obliques. Good. Left and use these obliques.

Tell me when you feel your obliques. You should tell me. Good, good. And now bend your knees. Now we're going to combine that. Corkscrew is a circle one way and then it circles the opposite way. Okay, so reverse legs up. You start off with the obliques. Keep them up with your lower belly. Come on there you go. To the right, go head down, head down.

Go Down with those legs to your left and pull them center with those obliques. Never Arch your back left. Doesn't have to go too low down. Keep your back flat. Yes and center. Nice. Right down around keeping higher. There we go. And Center. Smaller range of motion left.

It's because your man and you go forward and center. One more set. Sometimes women are like [inaudible], tiny little circles. We're going to do one more time to the left, left scoop, scoop. Scoop that stomach and good hugging those things, felt those muscles. Use your legs to sit up. We're going to use the same muscles, but instead of moving your upper body, I mean your lower body, we're gonna move your upper body. So your legs are going to be in a v. Again, straight out. Good. A little wider than here.

And now I want you to use your stomach to lift up your posture and arms reaching out. And I want to see them in your peripheral vision, so not behind you. Okay. And we always like to see every muscle in your arms. Not just like Eh, holding up. Okay, so pulling in your stomach. We're going to use your obliques now to twist to the right. Nope, don't come down yet. Just twist your spine. Twist. Good, good, good. That's it. Now we're going to protect this shoulder, like kinda twisting it like this. Good. Good, good. And now reach your left pinky. Bring it over. Left forward like this. And reach for your right baby toe. That's it.

Reach, reach, reach. Good. Roll up through your back and untwist. I'm giving bad cues. Sit up tall. I can tell. I never blame. The student trusts me. It's more the instructive. Sit up tall. Good.

We're going to twist to the left and this pinky is gonna reach forward as you exhale that. That's good. Inhaling up, twist tall and twist to the right and you're going to reach. Yes. Good. Inhaling up, twist, tall and reach. Great job. Inhale up. Let's step it up. Do you feel how both? Hold on a second. Both cheeks are on the map. You feel them? Okay. Don't move them this time. Twist your right.

This cheek stays here as you reach for that baby toe. Oh No. Inhale, it's tougher. Twist to your left and this hip stays. There Ya go. Now it's a breathing exercise. Inhale, twist, twist, twist. And here's where you do. Blow out all your air. Reach past. Don't grab, reach past. Inhale up. Last one, twist and exhale. This hip stays the [inaudible].

Inhale up and relax your arms. Excellent. Good work. Okay. Lie Onto your back. Good. All right. Hug your knees into your chest. Nice. And you're going to extend your legs forward to me. Turn them out into a plotty stance. Good. And they're going to rest right there.

Give me your hands. All right. When they get in a good position. All right. Now I want you to use your upper set to start lifting up your upper body straight arms, your middle set, straight arms, lower set. Good. Because, um, instead of pulling yourself up, I want you to let me pull you up, but now you're going to pull me down. So lower set pulls me down. Yeah, that's awesome. Middle set, upper head all the way down. Inhale, head up and I'm gonna pull you up, but you'll use your upper set, your middle set, your lower set. Good job. I want you to feel how intense your stomach pulls into your back. And pull me down with your lower set. Look how beautiful that shirt. Nice and wrinkled. And one more with me.

Head up and I'm going to pull you up. Upper set, middle set. You engaged. Your glutes was great. Now pull me down. Lower set, lower set, middle, upper. Great. Now come on up on your own. Don't start. No coffee breaks. Come on up. Upper set up. You go at Eva that sit nice and roll down your lower set. Lower middle up or right back up. Inhale head. Exhale. Right up, right up.

You can do it. Give it all you got. That's it. And rolled down and hugging those knees. That's great. Good job. Sit Up. We're going to do seal. So we're going to just separate your knees and bring your arms down. Pull back your six pack.

So your back is round and you're going to balance with your feet up in. Chop the map. Head down. Pull your body weight back with your stomach. And the feet come up there. So you're just trying to clap your feet together here. One, two, three. [inaudible] good. And we're gonna roll back just like rolling like a ball.

So if we rolled back with our head, it will really hurt our back. You want to roll back with your lower set? Roll back with your lower set. Pressing this down, middle and upper and come right back up. Good. But now see how you straightened out. You used your back and I'm telling you that because you're strong, so I know you can hold yourself with your stomach.

So we're gonna roll back through your back and when you come up, cool in that belly and keep it. Oh, that was awesome. And now let's enjoy it a little bit. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll that forward. Good. And keep it going. That is much, that is was excellent. And roll back. I will everyday take it. Oh, appreciate you not being able to balance rather than just trying to balance by popping. Your backup doesn't get you anywhere. So two more. Inhale, roll through that spine. Exhale, rolling up. Give me two more that are yes. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. That's okay again and oh good. One more.

And pull back your stomach. Good, good, good. So tough. So tough. Rest your feet. So this exercise is one of, of really humbling one foreign athlete because it's all about putting your energy in here and balancing and your legs certainly can't help you. In fact, they hinder you and they harm you. So this is one of those that you're going to always work on and work on to get stronger and stronger. And it feels really great. It's, it's, it's an all encompassing Polis exercise that allows you to take a breather, relax with the rest of your body, and just focus on that and the breath. Lower down your feet and stand. And we're gonna actually good. Get a plotty stance. Good.

And now I want you to use your stomach and your glutes and we're going to pull up. Okay, here we go. Up you go. That's it. Nice. And we're going to turn around. Very good. Stay at the back edge of your mat and we're going to do your pushups. Always important. Heels together. Employees and employees. We put our hands right under your shoulder was just, when you're out there, if they're too high up in front of your shoulders, it's not gonna. Um, it's not gonna feel right if it's too close to you.

And we don't go too wide in qualities were right under your shoulders. But to start off, I want you to have the weight nice on your feet, balls of your feet, side of your feet, heels. I also want your way a little bit forward as if I could slip the card under your heels. Use your stomach to pull up your weight and reach all the way through your fingertips, including your head's gonna reach. Good. But no sweat going on, right? Pull your ribs back into your Aha. Excellent. So you're against a wall and now I want you to start bringing your arms and head forward. Good. But guess what? You did come back up.

I'm challenging you more today. You stuck your bottom behind you. So I'm going to stand about five inches behind you and you can't touch me when I probably, this probably looks really funny and come on forward cause I'm like half your height. No, I'm just half your height and keep going forward with your head to your chest. Don't touch me with your bottom good. And now walk your hands forward under your shoulders, good heels together so that you can engage your glutes. Your glutes are important part of your powerhouse, engaging the glutes and supporting with your stomach.

Now Bend your elbow straight back to grade your ribs. Pull up one. Okay, stay solid. Use your stomach to pull up. It's a pushup, but I want you to pull up with your belly and down and pull up with the stomach. Don't put, don't stick out your ribs. Pull up your stomach first. One more. Pull that up first. Getting better. Now I do want your bottom up to the ceiling and walk back to your feet as much as you can and then roll up through your back. Arms Up.

We're gonna do one more set. Give it, do it the best you can. Don't worry so much about what I say. Okay, rolling forward. Scooping in. Good, good. Head down more when you can bend your knees if you need to, and then walk out into a Pusha. Should have said that before about the knees. Straight plank. Let's get that straight.

Nice plank here and squeeze your glutes. This is a little bit hanging, so pull up. Good. Oh, what? What gave out? I made you wait too long in that exercise. So why don't, while you're just taking a moment, I want to show you that when you do a pushup and your wife does the best ones, right? Yeah. So when you go out here, you're in a perfect straight line and when you dip down you first, what you're doing is you first come up with your body and then with your stomach. And so I need you to have him come up solid. Okay? So that's what your goal is. All right, last set of five. Here we go. Arms Up, heels together if you can, and walling off an imaginary wall. You can, there you go. You can bend your knees when you need to and walk out and just try to instantly go into down up one, down, up to still lifting the chest. First down up. Three, lift the belly up for hers. One more, four up.

And last time, one more. Give me one more and we're going to lift back up. Rounding all the way. Okay. Now take a breath. Okay. And exhale. Good. Now take another breath, and I want you to push down the earth, lift your body, your stomach through your body, and exhale here. And you are all finished for today. You're welcome. Nice job.


This is so useful - thank you both.
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This offered so much more than most of the mat classes. liked the cueing of the 3 sets of muscles for a roll-up. also, the continuing reminders for proper positiong of the feet. Men appear to have a problem pointing their toes
This is more of a beginners class not a level 2..Just sayn
For those that are looking for a more challenging class..
Thanks Paula. I've changed it to a level 1/2

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