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Ed Botha returns to Pilates Anytime to teach another solid class in the style of BASI Pilates®. Take advantage of Ed's ability to teach the depth and precision of each exercise and enjoy this great workout!
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Feb 03, 2012
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Okay. So good evening guys. Um, we're going to do more of less like intermediate advanced math class, right? With a Bessie flow, a little bit of my own. Okay. But you've all done Christie's classes before, so the excited are pretty familiar, but if you've got any injuries or you want to modify anything, please be my guest. All right, I'll try. Keep my eyes on all of you and give you alternative positions to do, but we want to keep moving so you know, let's just have some fun. All right, so what are we going to do is we're going to start with a roll down.

All right? So if you could just face each other on the back side of your mat where you are. Perfect. And I'm just going to stand side on for a sec. I'm not ignoring y'all. I'll switch slides in sec. So feet parallel, palms facing your thighs and we just want to square off wide from collarbone to collarbone. Okay. And earlier I was showing some, some of the girls, what we want to do is we want to take the shoulders. So generally they're hanging a little bit forward just with the things we do nowadays with apples and iPods and driving. So what we're going to do, let's roll the shoulders back slightly. All right?

Just bring them in line with yours and then just let them hang. Okay, so we don't want to pull them down, right? So let's just do that again. So we roll the shoulders, we bring them up and we just give them a little bit of a little hang in a comfortable position. Their thumbs are facing forward. Soften the knees, draw the navel in and up the spine. We're going to take a deep breath in to prepare and exhale. Just let your head be heavy. Rolling the spine down. One Vertebrae at a time. So this is our roll down.

Let me take a breath in at the bottom and exhale, bring it back up and rolling up with a spine. Ah, and let's repeat that. So we're going to take a breath and inhale, broaden the collarbones and exhale, softening the knees, engaging the abdominal. So if you, if you know if you're quite flat or rigid in your lower back, you have to draw the pelvis in a little bit deeper. Inhale and exhale slowly coming back up and look at the features. Look at the placement. Are you rolling in or art with the feet? You want to press the big toes gently down on the Mat, end up tool and we're going to go one more time. Inhale and exhale. Head becomes heavy.

Since I've watched those thumbs, are they still forward? I know for myself from swimming and paddling and my shoulders turn in, so I've got to constantly watch that position. Inhale and exhale, bringing it up, good. Dropping the sacred, keeping the knees off and up tall. But now the roll downs are for everyone. So let's just adapt it slightly so we all get the benefits. So we're going to just put the hands on our hip joints, right?

We're going to turn it into a hinge. All right, so we get a little bit more stretch in the hamstring and maybe we're going to strengthen the lower back. If this is not comfortable, then just make sure you work in a little bit of a tilt, right? But instead of rolling the spine, we're going to hinge. So we're going to take a breath and lift your sacrum up so you sticking your butt out a little bit and then just start hindering forward with your spine. So make sure you creasing at the hip joint. My chest is staying forward, but we're not going down all the way. So we just want to pause. It's more or less parallel to the ground and feel like your hamstrings are stretching out there, right? If you can go a little bit further and do, but the importance is that you are working in the hip joint, their abdominals engaged. And my hands on my hips, neck is long.

Shoulders are still open. And then from there you can just let your arms go and roll down and roll yourself back up and bringing it up. And it's important that we establish that. Who needs a roll down? And who needs a hip hinge? It's very different movement. All right, so we're going to take the hands on the hips again, inhale and exhale. We're going to fold. We creasing at the hip joint, so if you can keep your legs straight, that's great. You don't need to, as long as you feel a little bit of stretch from the hamstrings.

So what we'll do is let's just let the arms go, just arms and you can turn your head to face me if you want to. And then for a second, we're going to bring the arms all the way up in line with that year. So we're going to just strengthen those back extensors immediately. Activating them slightly. Feel the hamstrings, abdominal, stay tight and rolling back down all the way and bring the spine up. Ah, well let's do that one more time. So we start with the hands on the hips.

You're going to take a breath in. Exhale, start folding forward, hindering at the hip joint. That's it. So find that crease. That's such an important action in the hips. We tend to lose that with age and hold and we're going to bring the arms up. We just sweep them up in line so your arms are in line with your ears. If you can straighten your elbows, keeping your thumbs up, feel the strength in your upper back, mid back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and let yourself hang all the way down.

Good work. Good. And just stretch it out there for a second. Take your deep breath and exhale, coming up slowly, slowly, slowly taking a roll and rally's, right so you guys can walk to the center and we're going to set up in a neutral position so you can lie down. And I'm just rolling back down into, this is what I call our neutral setup position here. So my feet are about a foot away from my backside. I've got a fist in between my knees and my feet. And if you just lift your head for a sec, look at the top of your knees and just check that they equal height, right?

That gives us an indication if one foot further than the other, right? Or we're going to just relax down, shoulders, open, abdominals drawn in, and we're going to come up without rolling the spine. We're going to come up in a flat bridge position. So we're going to take a breath in and on an XL, keeping your neutral position. Just gently lift the pelvis up.

So this slide extension in the back, keep the abdominals engaged, find the hamstrings, little bit of the glutes and the adductors. That's really important that the legs are still adducting. Inhale and exhale, bring it back down. Ah, finding a long line with your spine and inhale and exhale and we bring it up. And like I said in plot is we do a lot of spinal articulation, which is obviously important, but it's important that you can do both and inhale and exhale and that we are able to keep the strength in keeping our back along and strong. And we're going to go one more time. Inhale and exhale. [inaudible] finding the long line up at the top.

Draw the abdominals in and exhale, bring it back down. [inaudible] right this time we're going to take it in trial. Pelvic. Cool. So we're going to call the spine up off the mat. Inhale, exhale, abdominals in, lifting the tail up off the mat. Just feel what happens when you roll the spine. Generally we want to roll onto the outside ages of our feet, so we really need to focus on those inner thighs.

And inhale and exhale, bring it back down and rolling down. Inhale and exhale gently. Tip thing, lapel. This, rolling the spine up off the mat. Bring it all the way up into a long line. Hold it up at the top. Inhale and exhale. Bring it back down. Let's take it into one more pelvic [inaudible]. Inhale. Exhale.

Gently rolling it up. One little bit at a time. That's great. Inhale and exhale. Bring it back down. One Vertebrae at a time and release, right? So I see lots of different foot positions here. So you want to find a moderate position with the leg so we're not too close. All right, or not too far away. So halfway. So about a foot away from your, your backside.

All right, so what are we gonna do now? We're going to go into some uni. Lateral works at a single leg works. So we gonna take the left leg. And what I want you to just hug, you need gently into your chest and allow it to pull your spine into a little bit of flection. So flection is when the pelvis is lifting up off the mat. And this is going to take the back extensors out of the work. So we focus a little bit more on the hip extensors in this exercise.

So we're doing the pelvic Cole again, we're gonna take a breath in and on the exhale we're just rolling up from here, but be sure that you keep pulling the leg into your chest so it's keeping that lower back inflection. And you'll feel that you can focus a little bit more on the hip, the stances, not the back. And inhale and exhale, bring it back down. So don't worry about going too high. It's up to you. Inhale and exhale as we bring it up. So we rolling the spine backup using the hip extensors and holding an inhale and exhale.

So this really helps people to find their glutes. Inhale and exhale, bringing it up, abdominals engaging, rolling it up. Try keep that knee in close to your body. So that's the catch. So obviously the top leg, the one that's in the air, the hamstring and the gluten, a little bit of stretch. The other leg is fully engaged. Inhale and exhale, bringing it back down. And let's change sides for me.

So we switch a gentle little hug into the chest there. There we go. Awesome. Inhale and exhale. We roll it up. So we tipping the pelvis, curling the spine up, find a little bit of fire in the backside. They're coming up and up and up. And inhale and exhale. Bring it back down and release and in breath and out breath. Good. So remember you drawing the spine is staying in a little bit of flection, so a little bit of a scoop. Inhale and exhale. That's great.

One more time for me please on the side. Inhale and exhale. Bring it up all the way. Let's find that long line in breath and art breath, bringing it back down. So we've got the right leg bend, we just keep it. They bring it to a table, top position and bring the left leg up to join it. Keeping their abdominals. And bring your arms out into a t position.

So we're going for our spine, twist supine on an in-breath, we bring the legs over to the front of the room. So to my side, inhale and exhale, bring it back into the center and in-breath as we take the legs to the backside and exhale, bringing it back into the same time. And we repeat in-breath and out-breath. So let's not go too far. Inhale. So we want to keep the knees aligned. The pelvis is stable, inhale and exhale. And the spine is staying in more or less a neutral position, but just starting a hyperlordosis. Inhale and exhale and we're going to hold it. So what we'll do now, we'll change it. We go over to the back of the room, inhale, then extend the leg over the top and bringing it back into the center and bend.

So we're going to go over to the front of the room. So the leg in the back of the room extent, so it puts a little bit of resistance. And then exhale as we bring it back and we can bend it back into position. And we go one more on each side. So we go to the back, extend the leg and bringing it back in and bend. And one more time. We take it out and we extend and we bring it back in.

Good. How are we going to bend the knees? Bringing the hands behind your head. Interlacing the fingers. Elbows nice and wide. But what we'll do is let's just take the hands, we lift them out from behind our head and let's just give them a switch. So if you're used to the left finger being on top of the right finger, then change it to the right finger being on top of the left. Let's take yourself out of your comfort zone there. All right, so we're going to take a breath in and on an exhale we come up into a little chest lift. So we bring the tips of the shoulder blades up off the mat.

Inhale without compressing the neck. Inhale, exhale. Take it back down and we go again. In-Breath and out-breath coming up, drawing in the abdominals and try and look through midway through your thighs in breath and out breath. Breathe back down. Excellent. Inhale and exhale. And here we go. We're going up and up and up and we're going to hold and coming back down is getting that rolling of the spine. One more time. We bringing it all the way up and if it gets too heavy with the legs in there, you can always put them down, no problem. And we're going to hold and from there we're going into some leg changes.

Unfortunately if you've got your legs down we're going to bring them back up. So I just take my right leg down to the mat and I'm just touching my toe on the floor and we switching. There we go. Oh to moving at the hip joint. Three keeping the angle of the knees for the same drug, five and six abdominals drawn in at seven and eight good, nine and 10 bring both legs up to the table, top position and lets roll the spine back down. Good. We get to take the left leg down and the right leg down and we're going to hold right. So we're going to take a breath in. Again on an exhale, we're going to come up into the little chest lift so we still in neutral if you can be. So we're in a neutral pelvic position. Now from there we go into a little bit of a pelvic core. So we roll.

So we are going in a posterior tilt. So my tail is lifting up off the mat slightly. So I'm really drawing deep into the rectus abdominis as well. And then I roll my pelvis back down onto the mat and then we're going to come back down out of that chest lift. So let's give that a try. So we're going to take a breath in on an exhale. We're coming up in chest lift, regular chest lift, keeping the neutral pelvis, take a breath in on an exhale, start tipping the tail app. So we using the rectus abdominis, especially those lower fibers, rolling the pelvis back to neutral.

Good work and coming back down. That's good work, Ellen. Good. I like it. And here we go. Inhale. And exhale. We're going up. Good. Just careful of the neck. Make sure we got a little bit of space there. Take a breath in. Exhale, tipping the pelvis. Good job. Good job. Rolling the pelvis back down onto the mat and let's take it down all the way.

Good, good, good. Here we go. One more time. Last one. And exhale. Ah, an in breath. Exhale as I bring it back up, a little tip and we're gonna roll it back down and coming down all the way. And Riley's right. So we're going to go into our chest lift with rotations, a little bit of their oblique work. So we have to breathe in again, exhale to rate ourselves. Uh, and then we're, we're going to bring the hands over the top of the knees. So I'm, I'm trying to get my fingertips, so even if you go into a little bit of poster told, I'm okay with that.

But we want our fingertips pretty much as high as our knees and we're going to draw a line, a straight line to the front of the room. We [inaudible] exhale and back to the same time and exhale to the bat and back to the center and exhale. Ah, exhale. Good. Staying up and exhale. That's the one catch is that we've got to be up all the time. We can't drop a millimeter. Exhale. If you're feeling it in your neck, either come down or put one hand behind your heads. Okay, I haven't back and one more time and we go to the back and back to the center. Hands come behind the head. Interlace the fingers.

We take the weight of those arms and release, bringing it back all the way. Shaving the back of your head and take your palms up to the sky. Arms are long and straight. We want those. I'm straight on an exhale. We're going to come up into the chest lift or the a hundred prep position.

So from there we're going to exhale. We're going to bring it up. Oh, we hold it over there. Bring the left leg to the table. Top right leg to the tabletop. Let's take a deep breath into prepare ourselves. Inhale, one, two, three, four, five, and into four, five and out. Two, three, four, five in two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five. Good. Two, three, four, five and in two, three, four, five. And keep the shoulders open. Good. Pumping those arms. Gentle. Think of working from the lat. Soft elbow stays straight. Let's just do two more breath cycles.

Two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five. And let's pause there for a second. Keep the shoulders open. Come up a little bit higher. Thank you. And then exhale, taking it back. But it doesn't mean released. We got the tabletop, we've still got the ribs down, we still connected. We don't want to let go. How are we going to take one leg down and then the other leg down.

And from there we're going to take it up into a roll ups. And from there we turn the palms to face each other. I'm abducting my legs, I'm keeping my legs bent initially and going to inhale up to my breaking point here. Exhale. And I just lend them the legs art and we're coming up and over, shoulders above the hips or we take a breath in and exhale as we take it back from there, rolling your spine down. So we bring each foods for down into the mat and open up ribs are staying down. Obas are staying straight. Inhale and Exhale, we rolling it up and up and up. So let's careful of bearing your head between the shoulders so we keep those shoulders open. Neck long in-breath exhale, take it back. Good work.

Pulling those shoulder blades back slightly. So we don't want to forget about the Rhomboids, the muscles between the shoulder blades and inhale or the rear shoulder muscle by rounding forward. Like I said earlier, we do a lot of forward work. Everything we do in life is forward with our thoracic and our shoulders. It's good to just pull them back now and then in just keep them in position there and all the way and we're going to go up again. Inhale and Exhale, right? So let's go into a halfway hold. So we're going to breathe in and exhale. We take it down to a half way roller, just [inaudible] and see what we can do there. Just keep connected there.

A little bit of poster, a little from this position. Take a arm closest to the front and we're going to bring it out to the side. Find your obliques. It's wake them up and bringing it back into the center. Good. So we're halfway, Huh? We're not hanging out and other side. Good. And I'm turning my head cause I want to look at you guys, but you can keep your head to the middle and bringing it back in.

And let's come up from there. Right? So we're going to repeat that. So just try and keep your head looking down and forward and we're going to go down again. So let's do the halfway rock and hold. Take the arm in the front or to the front. Keep the head looking straight up and bring it back. Find the obliques and let's find the other side abdominals all the way up.

Good work and bringing it back and we go up. Cool. All right. So this time, let's take it down to three quarters of the way. Okay, so we're going to breathe into our lower back. So we'll be touching the mat. So we take it that it's probably a little bit easier I think.

So you don't have to hang on those hips as high. And here we go. We take the arm to the front. There we go. Beautiful work. And to the other side and bringing it back and we come up all the way are, we're going to take it down. Same position. So there's tips over the shoulder blades or just off the mat. So we've got to learn a little bit lower. Tiny Beydler just, and then we bring the arms up vertical and we're to go five little chest lifts.

Just a little pumps. One, two, three, four, and five. Let's roll it up from there all the way. Good. And inhale. Good job. And exhale, taking it back. Lovely work. Shoulders are back. Rolling. Keep the legs adducted. Ah, cool. And let's bring the arms down by your sides, right? So what would we do?

The leg closest to the front, flex that leg, lift the leg up to the ceiling. If you can't keep a flick straight lay, you can keep the leg bed, but your bottom leg, I'd like it anchored and straight. Right? So we're going to work with some circles. We're going to cross the midline of the body first and you can just pick up on my rhythm. I'm sure you're familiar with this. It's an inhale for one and exhale four. It's two and exhale and three good. And four and five. Good. So we do the events, we go inhale and exhale. One inhale, exhale. It's two items.

Three good. Keeping abdominals in. Just do one more for me. Inhale and exhale. Good. So what we'll do is let's take a walk up that leg all the way to the cough. All right, point the foot slightly. So plantar flex. So I'm just on the tips of my shoulder blades and you can see we set up for the leg, pull the hamstring pool. If you're familiar with the hamstring, pulls air from there. It's a double pulse from the hip joint. It's and two, three, um, four, five and six.

Good long legs, seven and eight. Good. And nine. And then we hold it on 10 and check it out. We've got the opposite leg and let's roll down. Arms out to t position, flexing the foot, and we go into our circles. So we cross the midline first and it's [inaudible] inhale and exhale and two and exhale and three and four and five. Good. Let's do the reverse and it's inhale and exhale.

Inhale, lifting that leg. Three, two more cycles, and fall one more. And Five. Good. Let's take a little walk up the leg. So I'm giving you options either we're going to bring the hands behind the head. That's first prize. Second prize is if you keep the hands behind the leg. All right. And we're going into the hamstring pool too, so it's a double pass.

One, two, three, four, five, six and seven. We finish you on 10 so eight, no, [inaudible] 10. Good. So we've got the same leg to the front and we're going to hold, go walk up the leg and let's just give it a little bit of a stretch. So we're just taking into a little bit of hamstring stretch. They're gentle. We still got flexed spines. Ah, and change are the side switch. Give a little pool. Wow.

Good man. Just bending that knee, hands behind the knee, and just use that leg to lever yourself up. Ready for roll, likable. So we're going to keep the heels quite close to our backside. Head is heavy. Just watch bearing the head. So we keep those shoulders open, abdominal. Then I just imagine someone's just really just pulling your navel through your spine and that movement is initiating your roll back, right? So you get the abdominals to do the work, not your head or your feet. Excuse me.

Here we go. And it's inhale. Exhale, ah, AH, aim and to, and using your breath. This work is all about the breath in this rolling, likable. The breath brings you up. Oh, buy in and inhale. And one more time. Inhale. Exhale. Holding it up.

Okay. Just pause over there and we're going to take the legs. We're going to bring the hands to the insides of the feet. Good. So it's a similar setup and we just take the left leg along into a bit of a stretch there. Trying to lift your spine up gently there. Can just find a little bit of balance and bringing it back. Hold abdominals in, keep the backup, bring the other leg out, the gentle little stretch. So we work a little bit of balance in between all the movements and coming back in. Let's take both at the same time.

Keep the spine lifting God and bringing it back in. Excellent place both feet down on the mat, hands behind your Pfizers. Just roll it down. [inaudible] and release. We're going to bring the legs up to a table top position. So I started with one on an inhale. I exhale, bring the other one up for safety.

Hands on top of the knees coming up into the chest of the physician. Are we going into the double leg stretch? So we want to really stretch those arms and legs the opposite ends of the room. So it's inhale, quite dynamic. Exhale, we bring it back with control and it's inhale and exhale, bring it. So I'm reaching those arms back and straight and then exhale and again, inhale and exhale. Hold an in, breath and breath in. Breath out. Breath. One more time and inbred. Ah, breath.

Lower the upper body. Take one leg down, followed radio. Then we're going to do a pelvic call, so we just stretch the hip flexors in between each movement. Inhale, exhale. Let's go. Rolling the spine up. Abdominals engaging all the way up. Find your long line in breath at the top. Exhale, bring it back down. Leg closest to me. Inhale the other side. Exhale, hands on your knees coming up. Chest left, feet on the same line for the single leg stretch.

We're not going to get complicated. We just put their hands here and I want you to imagine you've got the magic circle in between your arms and you pressing down on their knee. Creating a little bit of a bit of energy here, a little bit of circle and it's definitely active. Work with apple buddy as well. And we change one, two, and three. Four, five, good. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 and one we are going for six more, two, three and four and five. And let's hold six.

Then the leg that's extended, we lower it and we love four, five or one and two working from the hip and three. And you brought your arm to leave yourself there. Four and five. I watch. We lower the legal, lift yourself up all the way into sitting straight up with your back. Use the arm to pull. It's a little bit of a cheat this, but we're going to go with it. Flex the foot and we go four, five, one, two, three, four, five and lower. Let's roll it back to where we were and change and we drop and lift and all.

One, just four, five and two and three. So we're getting the hips to work with three, four, one more. Five. So there's the little cheek. Lifting yourself up. Use the hand to lever yourself up. Get the spine to lift. So a bit of hip work. They flex the foot and we're going up one and two and three.

Good. Four and five, rolling it back down and setting up for the crisscross so their hands are already connected that all they have to do is go behind your head and exhale. There we go. One, two, three, four. Good. Five, six, smooth hips, seven, eight, nine and 10. Repeat. One, two, two, six, three, four, five and six. Hold it in the rotation we do four, five little lifts. We go on two in the rotation, three but keep lifted. Four and five. Let's change other side in the lift and one and two and three and four and five. Bring it to a close. Lower the upper body down. Take one leg down and the other one. Alright.

Bring your hands down by your sides. Palms pressing flat into the floor. We'll do it. One pelvic cool just for a little bit of hip relief. Inhale and exhale, rolling it up all the way. Finding the long line up at the top and we're going to hold it up on an exhale. Left leg comes up, tabletop position one.

So keep the glute on the right working and the oblique on the lift. So that's your focus. Their glutes on the right or bleak on the left. And we just touched the foot down. Inhale and exhale one, just that they have joint there and two in three and in four. One more time please.

And and bringing it down now without dropping the pelvis. So establish your height or we've got to go one and two and three and, and for one more time and five, both legs are down on the ground. Pelvises still raised. And what we're going to do is let's just bring their hands, interlace the fingers and I'm walking my shoulder blades together. So I'm lifting up into a bit of an exaggerated bridge here. So again, the posterior chain of my body is switched on. All right, so I'm really lifted. My fingertips are interlaced, my shoulder blades are walking together.

Hold that. If you want to take it one step further, we're going to go into a little bit more of an extension. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to walk my hands into the small of my back, so give that a try. So just keep the hands in the small of your back there. Awesome. Good. Hold it there. So we might come back to this position a little bit, but just get used to that little bit of hyper extension.

Bring your hands back down to the mat. Now gently guys, roll yourself out of there. Go into a deeper steer told. Get a little bit of stretch of the lower back, bringing it down, down, down, down, and release. Bringing one leg up at a time into the table. Top position there. So left leg followed by the leg. We take the legs out to 60 degrees. We're getting into a rollover. We inhale to 90 exhale, we roll the spine over.

If you're not happy with rollovers, please just do a couple of pelvic calls and we're going to flex the feet, separate the legs and lowering the legs down to the mat. And we roll the spine down one little bit at a time, keeping the feet flex so we stretch the posterior chain of the body. Once the legs get to 90 degrees, we circle the legs round together. Inhale up. Exhale, bring it over again. [inaudible] hips up high. So we're going to flex the feet separate, lowering the legs and running the spine again.

[inaudible] round and bring the legs to touch and in-breath and out-breath up and over. [inaudible] so we flex the feet, separate the legs, lowering them down, and rolling the spine down one bit at a time. Again, all the way around and to the touch. And one more time. Inhale. Exhale up. Hold. Flexing the feet, separating the legs, murdering the leg. Slide and rolling it back down.

Yeah. And bring the legs together. Good. And just bend the knees for me to the tabletop. Give the knees a little bit of a hug and just turn your head to me. Right. Are we going to, what are we going to do next? Are we going to do a rollover?

All right, cause I don't want you to do this while you're in a rollover position and watch me. So we're going to go into a bicycle or a scissor. So what I showed you was this shoulder bridge position here with the hands behind your back. That's your option. Alright, if you don't want to do the next exercise, right, you can just go into that shoulder bridge position and just cradle the pelvis a little bit. All right? Otherwise we'll just take the legs up. We're going to extend, we'll do a rollover. Then you're going to bend your knees, cradle the pelvis in this position here. But then we've got to get the legs up perpendicular.

You see that my spine is going into extension. I'm not there. All right? So we want to get the spine in extension. All right, good. So it's pretty lonely up here. So let's all do this together. Who are we going to do this together? Okay, so we're going to go from neutral. So let's find our set up position. Remember, if you're not happy with that, you're just going to hold the pelvis up balancing on the palm.

So we're going to take one leg up, tabletop. The other leg, we take the legs out, 60 degrees, 45 that's okay. Inhale up, exhale over. Find a little bit of bend of the knees. Roll the pelvis. I think of a waterfall just going over the edge. The pelvis is a water falling over the edge of the rocks. Legs are going along, abdominals engaged. And from there we'll find our scissors. So we just opened one leg length and the other one.

And here we go through adults one we'll just do gentle changes there. Two, three, four, just nice, gentle five and six. Good. Seven keeping a little bit of extension on this one's eight and line one more time. And Tim bringing it back up. Let's find the line. So the legs are perpendiculars always further than we think it is. There we go, right? And bring it back to the rollover position. Hands by your sides, flex the feet separate and just roll the spine back down.

One more time. Circling the legs round, bring them together, bending the knees, holding onto one leg, and just use that leg to lever yourself up. And we're going into sitting, so we're gonna go into a spine stretch, flex feet, so feet about net with apart, arms out in front of you. And we want to get into a little bit of a lift here guys. So make sure it's easy for the guys, especially to get into this habit. I know I've been working hard at it, so we left the sacrum up at the back. If that's not happy, just bend the knees slightly though. Here we go.

Arms are shoulder width apart. We're going to go into a spine straight, take a deep breath in on an exhale, head becomes heavy and we just curling through the upper back, rolling the spine down, one vertebrae at a time and are going to hold. Take a breath in and exhale, bringing it back up. Restacking the spine, bringing it up tall and just watch the shoulders as again back and inhale and exhale. And I'm not picking on anyone particular except myself. A role for it. And inhale and exhale, bringing it back up all the way, keeping those legs engaged and sitting up tall here. And pause. And remember, think of your sacrum lifting up towards your shoulder blades and your shoulder blades going down towards your sacrum, but without the Bailey popping. And here we go again and rolling it down.

Inhale and exhale. Restack the spine, bringing it up all the way up tall, sitting up on those sitting bones. And again, exhale, rolling it forward in breath and out breath. Restack all the way up tall. Let's repeat one more time. So He's sitting up. Inhale and exhale Ed. So remember you want articulate through the spine.

That's the rolling of each vertebra. And let's take the outside edges of your feet. All right, all your ankles, all your carves, whatever's in your reach. And then from there we left the thoracic spine. So we're going into a bit of a diagonal with a spine. Our diagonals may all be different, alright, but keep using the hips, keep using the back extensors.

Keep the abdominals pretty firm, but not too tight that they're pulling you into flection. So we've got to use the back. We want that long spine there. Now with our letting go, keep it there, keep the abs and bring the arms up to join the body there to find our land. Let's find a little bit more. So we'll use those hips a little bit before we've got to tap deep into it.

Think of adducting your leg slightly that aren't actually mover. It's just the thought and we drawing further further and then relaxer and bringing it up all the way. So let's do that one more time. So what we want to do is think of slight eduction. Doesn't mean you're gonna move your legs and possibly a little bit of drawing of the heels towards you as well. And it helps to switch on the hamstrings.

And that might take a bit of the discomfort out of the hip flexors as well. If you can think of that. If it's logical [inaudible] otherwise just enjoy straight legs and work with the hips as well. Okay. So we sitting up tall, we rolled down slowly first. And the guys is definitely active legs, not floppy. We bring the hands behind the, the, the carves, the ankles or around the feet.

Let's go into a little bit of back extension there. So to the best of our ability there, it's not neck extension, it's just back extension. Keep the abdominals in. So find both hips and then bring the arms back in line with the spine. It's fine that long lines looking into the windows, I can see your reflections. They shoulders away. Hold it there, keep it and rolling forward all the way and bringing the spine back up and all the way back up into sitting. Alright, so I'm just going to scoot slightly forward, but we're going to go into the open leg rocker.

So what we learned to do is take hold of something again. Okay. Preferably the ankle and then we take hold of the other side. Okay. But the important thing is there to realize the two different spine positions here. All right. So while we sitting up, we are trying to find that extension so that the, the previous exercise was a great preparation for this. And then from there, just like the roll, like a ball, we roll the spine down, keep the body around and we extend up at the top and we go down, we round. So there's keep looking down at your pelvis. It helps. And then look up where we get to the final position.

So you keep yourself in a ball, use your breath to come up, exhaling and then trying to lift find on the spine. We go two more. We are all one. Hold you there for too long. We are going up and up. That's great. Lovely. And coming back and, and we get a hold. Keep the spine up along, lifting lefty, bring the legs together, try lift up even deeper. All there. Bend the knees and just roll yourself back down all the way. So again, we need a pelvic core after this for those hips, we're going to take a breath in, palms down by your sides. Exhale, roll the spine up. Inhale.

Now this time when we come down, you're going to extend the arm and the leg that's closest to me and let's just get us onto our sides there. So we get a rollover, one leg on top of the other, nicely stacked, and it depends on your shoulders, but I can't really put my palm down without my shoulder rolling in. So fingertips is cool, especially for the bigger guys. All right, so just on the fingertips, their legs abducted, we look for a little bit of hospital. The Demassio, Huh? Little space. All right, we want to see light through there. And from there on an exhale we give a little raise of the legs. Exhale, try keep the medial Malleolus are that two ankle bones together and to any nails or maybe softening the knees is okay as well. And three ish and exhaling for five. So let's take the arm up, a little bit of balance there. One, two, three, four, good and five, holding it up there.

Just keep the little hole there and lower the legs propping up onto your fall top leg over the bottom. [inaudible] bent legs palm down by your side or we just to lift up straight into a long line. So in a t position there for a little bit of lateral work. Palm is facing my legs. There we go. And we bring it up. Pelvis lifts. So first get the pole this up. Before anything, let's just establish that they didn't just bring your arm over and look down. So isolate those obliques, bringing it back into your tea so the pelvis must drop a little bit. No good.

And then soften dark. But we don't want to sit. So that hot stove, that's a little burn there. And then we come up. Find your long line hold. So let's just commit to lifting the pelvis first. It's very easy to leave the pelvis behind and then bring the arms over. Just look down at your Elba. I'm not twisting my upper body, bringing it back into the t, lower the pelvis slightly and then we come down without dropping, no touching, and we bring it up. Good. Excellent work. Now let's hold there. First thing we do is let's push the pelvis slightly forward as well. Good.

Then we bring the pelvis up and then we take the arm over and bring it back into our t, all of that and bring it down. Release. Good. Okay. So let's take around to the other side. Long legs first palm is up. Great. Okay. So remember you using either your palms or your fingertips, keeping you a little bit of space, long neck, right?

You definitely don't want to watch your head or your legs in this position, right? You get like your text message posture. All right. Are we trying to avoid that at all costs? Okay, so let's keep the spine long. So from there we go. A little lifts for five. It's one, two, good at three, four. One more. Add five, holding it up at the top there. Good. So let's take the leg, the arms up and we go a little bit higher and we go for five. One, two, three, four. One more time and five, hold it up at the top and relax. It's bring it down for me. Cool. One leg in front of the other, propping up onto the elbows and he's adducted. Let's pack the shoulder here.

So we find that position nice and strong over there. Bottom Oblique is lifted up. And off we go. So we find a long line first just there. All right first go pelvis up on goes overlooked down. Bring it back into your tea and bringing it down or we go one more time and we got pelvis goes up, arm goes over, look down without rotating. So your chest is still open to me bringing it back and coming just before the mat and again in long line.

Right? So this time we will push the hips forward a bit, bring the pelvis up first, then got over oh pot, bringing it back into our line. And from there we just flop over forms, right? And who are going to hold, interlace the fingers, keep the back of Niacin or yeah, there we go. In arresting if you need a rest come down. But what I don't want these two positions that are really painful to watch for me is the one, is this all right? And one is that, all right.

So let's find our long line. So find the long line and you're just going to hold it there. Four, five, and for, and some people took the pelvis in this position. I'm kind of a neutral guy. I like to keep the arches and the curves in the back, but that's up to you. And from there, now we get gently bring the pelvis down, slowly control, lifting up with the chase legs go along behind you. Ready for the single leg kick.

So let's bring those hip extensors into the picture here. So the knees are generally lifting. Take a long breath into prepare on an exhale. The left leg does two pulses than the right leg to inhale and excellent. Let's just pick it up a little bit in and, and in, and not then [inaudible] keep pushing out of the shoulder blades and, and in, and, and in. Good and odd.

Any last one. Ah, and hold both legs long. Bring your hands just under your shoulders. Lowering yourself down. We're going to hook the toes and underneath, but the elbows are lifted up. Bring the shoulders in a square position. Okay. So we don't want to start with a rounded shoulders. Tighten the kneecaps. Pull the abdominals in. So first option would be touching the knees, lifting up. And then right for those of you who adventures, let's go up.

Well the way and find a long line. How are we going to hold? Good. So we're going into a leg pool. Front. One leg comes up off the mat, doesn't matter which one and one hip extension, two, three and four, five and six. Good. Keeping the abdominals, seven and eight, bringing it back in. Hold it back in. Holding, holding. Holly. So for those of you who need to bring your knees back down and then come back into a prone position, otherwise yes, we are going to lie down. Turn your head to me. Bring your hands behind your head. Interlace the fingers.

Right lanes go long. Ready for the double leg kicks or both knees are up with the mat. So it's three pulses of the legs. Exhale. Inhale, reach long. Okay, inhale, reach along. So back extension, opening the chest. Exhale and inhale, reach long. Draw those up. Dom Moves in, Huh?

And [inaudible] and again, oh, hello. One, two, three and wrong. Good. Just split the arm. Sorry guys. Split the arms. Bring the hands under the shoulders, flex the feet, push yourself back up and the lake comes up off the mat. And we got here again and one, two, three, four, five, six and seven and eight. Bring it back down. Hold this. Find your abdominal position. Your Nice long spine leads to the ABS in tight. Gently.

Let's slowly lower yourself down or go on to your knees. So a deck, four, five, four, three too. And bringing it down all the way. Arms are going to come out along in front of us. Legs up off the mat for swimming. So we take a long breath in and our full farm, it's one, two, three, four, five and five and up to three into three, four, five and a half. And let's just hold there for a second. Relax. Okay, so swimming is looking pretty dire. Pretty flat, right? So when we're swimming, I would rather you start from down low, lift the chest up and bring the arm and the leg up and more focus on the arm, getting that arm up.

But right now it's like a little bit of like a little fish out of water. Alright, so let's give that a try again. So abdominals is just engaged. Take your arms out, long lifting the arms up, lifting the legs up. So we start with high arms and we want to work higher than that. So we take a breath in and here we go for farther. One, two, three, four, five and two three, four, five, five an hour, two, three falls back to three Oh five and ah, two, three, four, five. Good. Chrissy, and two and one more. And up to four.

Five hold hands under the shoulders, push back into a rest position, belly and back into the front. Support position all the way up and long. Then hold it there. Good. So we're going to go into the pushup for three ladies. You can go on your knees if you want to. I say nothing. I'll keep my mouth shut. Here we go. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale up stretch. And I'm just going to walk my feet a little bit forward. Sorry guys. But then from there you're going to walk your hands in one, two, three, four and you guys are going to do a roll up from there all the way up. Good work in breath. Exhale roller down again all the way.

Soften the knees guys and take a couple of steps. One, two, three, four. We hold it. We're going to take the left leg up off the mat and we're going to do the same pushups three times. We're going to go inhale and one, two, and three of the legs stays up and holding it up there and then lower it and walking back. One, two, three, four and rolling it up. Good. Are we going to take a breath in? Exhale, roller dark. And then as you want, you're walking, bring the right leg up behind you. So we walking all the way down, right leg is up and we'll take it into our three press ups. Edit one and n and two, one more time and three up stretch, but bring that leg right.

I find your long line square the hips and here we go. Walking. One, two, three. Good and right, we're going to take a step forward halfway through the mat. Good. And what you want to do from there is we're going to go into a little squat down, so try keep your heels down for as long as you can. All right.

If you start filling your heels or lifting, then bring your hands down or to your sides. But what you want to do is we eventually want to get right down right there and let's hold out in that position there for me for a sec and then I'll come join you guys. If you just give me some time there while you're stretching out. It's a lovely position. Ready and then have a seat. Legs are long arms behind you for a back support, back support. We'd like to keep the fingers in from their shoulders open abdominals.

Again, we need to keep them engaged. Just careful. It's very tempting, especially if you tighten the pics to push out with the ribs, right? So rather find your line and then give an extra push into your palms and just feel those chest muscles and shoulders stretching open there. So from there we're going to go up in breath to prepare. Exhale as you find your long line, and I promise you it's so much easier if you try push your weight towards your feet. Then push up a little bit higher there and coming back down without sitting down. We hinge ing and we got up again and bringing it back and up.

Push up out of their shoulders and bringing it in. And let's go up and let's have a look there. Good. Just putting the head back slightly. Good job and coming back down and coming up. Good. And coming back down. Let's do our last one.

Promise and coming back up and give me a good lift. They're holding. Keep the position. It's looking good and bringing it down all the way. And just take a seat on your backside or out. Bend the knees in there for me. And from there we're going to go into some teaser work. All right, so we've got teaser one, two and three to cover. All right, we'll do two of teaser, one five teaser twos. For those of you on familiar, we'll set it up and go and then we'll see if we can do two teaser three's. Okay, that's a good deal, right? I think so. All right, so we take the legs out long. You don't have time to me either. Okay, so we bring the arms up in long shoulders down. Keep the spine up long.

From here we bring the arms down, we our exhale to take us down, keeping the legs quite still. Then brewing the arms over. This is an inhale, but it's important that we call, we don't hinge at the hips initially we call. Then we do want to hinge the hips and we find a line and this is all about the shoulders and we bring it back down and we bring it over. Keeping the legs still. Tammy in early. Bring it all the way out. Now to set up for teaser too. We just have to lower the arms. But now think about this guys. It's small leg lowering, big arms and bring it back.

So small leagues but big arms and too small legs, big arms and three, four, one more. We've got to get the arms back up for teaser three and we roll a, now everything is simultaneously, the legs come down, but just off the mat, the head must be down, arms long and we roll it back up, abdominals curling simultaneously. We'll want to bring it all back and as great as we guys are going quick. And here we go. And let's take it back down. I just want to spend more time with you guys. You know, I don't want to go home and here we go.

Rolling and bring it all back together. Bring it up. This is it. This is our politeness moment we've all been waiting for. And then just cross one leg over the other and just roll it back down. Right? We're going to go into a boomerang from here. So the boomerangs got a little teaser in it as well, right? But it's quick.

All right, so we don't have to hold for too long. So we're gonna roll rollover forward. From here. We want to roll through. So imagine you're going into the hundreds. Check out your hundreds for a second, fill your hundreds. Then from there we do a rollover lift up and over, except my palms are facing each other and my legs are still crust and I do a little switch and we bring it back.

And then this time we roll into a teaser, which makes it a little bit easier because we've got a bit of momentum, something we don't really brag about in place and we take the arms around, we interlace the fingers, we find a little stretch, and then we bring it all back together and we've got two more to go. So we're going to roll back using the abdominals for support for the hundreds. We go into a little rollover, see how it all ties together. A little switch of the legs. We roll it back all the way up through a little teaser abdominals and a circle round. Let's find a little stretch and lowering it all back down.

Good work and, and bringing it back. And last one, running a little switch to bringing it back. Taking it up, arms up, circling it round. That's fine. The little stretch and low [inaudible] and bringing it up.

Keeping the legs crossed. We're just gonna roll down onto our backs. One over the other, arms out to a T. Kevin's, I'm going to roll to the back. I'd like you guys to roll to the, if, if this side of the room could just switch their legs for me for a sec. Just so you guys are all to me. That sounded good.

You guys are going to roll to me. So we just roll your body in. All right. Just so we can all see each other. All right. And what we want to do is I'm going to scoot this leg up a little bit higher and put my hand on it cause he obviously get a little bit of a stretch there in the, in the glute. Alright. Then get your bottom leg, bring it up a little bit and then take hold of your foot with the other arm and bring that hip into extension. So you get a little bit of a quite an hip flexor stretch there at the same time. So we've got ourselves tied up like a little pretzel there.

Uh, so it really tried to get that bottom leg as far back as you can. We've got maybe maybe little inch of the way a little bit. Just having a stretch there. Yeah, it's a double whammy. Stretch this. That's great. Opposite shoulder back and down if you can. That's the rotation side of it is upper thoracic rotation as well.

And a healthy spine has got good as a rotation, good work. And bringing it back to the center and just change legs for me. So you switched to the other side. So we crossed over. So I'll just demonstrate the same side just for the camera. So I'm crossed over, I bring my knee down to the ground, but I'm keeping my opposite shoulder blade down on the mat. And then from there I can take hold of my foot and then I bring it back down to the mat with my shoulder blade and I'm pressing down. And that's what it's all about. That's the stretch.

[inaudible] okay, he's good. All right. So in your own time, you can either roll to your left to your right, there's just come up into a standing position for me please. And I'd like to just finish off with one hinge first and then we'll finish off with the roll down after that. Just the way we started the, as a feed parallel square, hands on the hip bones abdominals in. So I'm tipping the pelvis forward. So if you feel stretch already, that's a great thing. Thinking of lifting those sitting bones and just taking it as far as you don't, you don't wanna feel your lower back. But think of your upper back extensors.

My hips are definitely working. My hamstrings are getting a bit of stretch already. Take the arms out for a long line for a sec. Ah, that's, it's all week long. And then bring it down and bringing it up. And then altogether we're going to just do one roll down.

Just start grinding for not taking a breath in. Lift the sacrum up slightly. Exhale all the way down. [inaudible] just let your spine go. Let your neck go. All tension out of your body. Shake your head. Say, I'm done no more. Let me take a breath in. [inaudible] AH, coming up, or thank you guys. Enjoy the rest of you.



Elizabeth D
What a great class! Loved the cueing, the clarity, and the transitions. So enjoyable, thank you Ed.
Paola Maruca
Finally!!!!!!!! Welcome back Ed! :)
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lovely flow Ed, very nice
2 people like this.
This will be one of my favorites!! I loved the flow of the transitions and the strength of the moves!! Will incorporate this into my class this morning!! Thanks and loved it!!!
Love this class Ed. I learn so much through the delivery of your cues. Thank you!
2 people like this.
Great to be back!
1 person likes this.
Loved this...esp loved the "sandwiching" leg circles with SSLS or Leg Pull Front with SLK/DLK...and the pushup seq was fantastic.....I thank you & my students thank you! LOVE LOVE LOVE P.A.
Loved this class, thank you. Loved the precision and the constant flow, and to see how it should be done, great!. Living in SA so nice to hear your accent. Thank You.
Wonderful class, thank you.
Great class Ed!! Please come back soon....
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