Class #616

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Ed Botha returns to Pilates Anytime to teach another solid class in the style of BASI Pilates®. Take advantage of Ed's ability to teach the depth and precision of each exercise and enjoy this great workout!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Feb 03, 2012
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What a great class! Loved the cueing, the clarity, and the transitions. So enjoyable, thank you Ed.
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Finally!!!!!!!! Welcome back Ed! :)
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lovely flow Ed, very nice
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This will be one of my favorites!! I loved the flow of the transitions and the strength of the moves!! Will incorporate this into my class this morning!! Thanks and loved it!!!
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Love this class Ed. I learn so much through the delivery of your cues. Thank you!
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Great to be back!
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Loved this...esp loved the "sandwiching" leg circles with SSLS or Leg Pull Front with SLK/DLK...and the pushup seq was fantastic.....I thank you & my students thank you! LOVE LOVE LOVE P.A.
Loved this class, thank you. Loved the precision and the constant flow, and to see how it should be done, great!. Living in SA so nice to hear your accent. Thank You.
Wonderful class, thank you.
Great class Ed!! Please come back soon....
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