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Quick Mat Flow

15 min - Class


Only have a few minutes? Bring some heat and energy into your body with this quick 12-minute workout that will tap into your legs, balance, abdominals (of course) back extensors, and just because we deserve it, a little stretch too!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Feb 27, 2012
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Okay, got a few minutes. Let's get a little quick workout in. I've got a long theraband here. It doesn't necessarily have to be long, but mine happens to be. So if you have a choice, go longer. Um, we're gonna warm up just with a deep breath and exhale. We've got to get energy and heat in the body a little bit before we really go crazy. So let's do that on the next one. We're going to round forward, so it's an big inhale on the exhale. Let your head start to come forward. Draw on the ABS round four but do bend the knees. We're not going all the way. Just reach the arms out in front of you and then unfurl. We're coming back up.

When you get to upright, turn the palms out. Big. Inhale up. Exhale, press the airway. Start to bend the knees scooping forward. Rounding the body to reach the arms back in the heels. One more of those. Inhale and exhale. This time roll all the way down. Bending the knees to pick up your band. Actually don't pick it up. I changed my mind. Come back up. I have a better idea for you and that's just how it goes.

Step forward onto your band. Wallah. Now roll down, pick it up, keep your feet on it, pick up the ends and roll yourself back up. Alright, so I have my feet just comfortably apart about sit bones distance. I'm just going to grab onto the band with both hands and I want some resistance. That's why I'm grabbing low. All right, so from there I'm just going to bend my elbows. It kind of helps me to keep my shoulders down too. So let that help you. You lift your chest and an opposition to it.

From here we're just sitting back and down and come back up. If you've taken any of my classes where I do some of the standing work, you know it's, I'm trying to simulate the reformer in a sense, but keep some weight back on your heels. Okay. Some of you can. We'll have to sit even further back than I do cause you don't want the knees going forward. Okay, here we go. Let's do five one and lift and two and lift. Still part of the heating up three, four, and five.

Go down again. Oh, you thought that was it. And now pulse up. Ah, relax your feet almost completely. Maybe think of pushing the heels into the ground. No, rounding your back. If you have a mirror, check it out. If you don't, put your hand there and make sure you're not tucked under here. It's not good that the butts stick out. Just a little. How about five, four, three, two. You're going to stand all the way up facing you. Just so you know what I'm doing.

Transfer weight onto your right leg with the outside edge of the left foot. Press out one hole to try not to lock the right knee. It's straight but not locked. You're as upright as you can. Be a little balanced for you and then step onto the left leg. Take your time. You might point the toe to get your balance. Hips level. Pick up that foot. All this is not going to be the same side for me.

One to try not to turn the leg out, keep it point pointed forward, tall, taller, taller, and Wallah. Put it down. Step a little wider, higher your hands. Need a break. You're all right. Let go, let go. Bring it back. Same thing we did this time though, as you play, as you bend, knees are still forward. They're just wider than they work. Pull up just a little and then let your arms go straight. Pull up, let it go straight up. Let it go. Straight.

Knees going up towards the toes, not beyond, but towards the same exercise you did a minute ago. You could do this without a band. By the way. It's quite effective and blah, blah. One more. You know what's next, right? Go back down and pulse. Pulse. Don't worry about the arms. Just keep some resistance down, up, down, down, up. Let's go five work both ways. Three, two, and all the way up. Let the arms come down. Well done. Let Bam go. Woah.

Let's just get that out of the way. Sit down, sitting tall. Reach forward, roll back. When you get to about your shoulder blades, see about untucking the waist or the hips. Draw the feeding closer from there. Reach the arms back in here from under the armpits. Slide the armpit toward the waist and exhale all your air. Do it again in here.

Oh, you do not get to move the body, Huh? Just the arms. So if you've all of a sudden can see the ceiling, you're not doing what we want to do. You want to say, how much can I reach back without falling? One more big. Inhale. Big exhale. Grab onto your thighs. Press your shoulders somewhat down. Start to come forward in the minute you can feel your shoulders creeping up.

You stop, regroup, pulling down. Oh, it's not supposed to be easy. Breathe however you want. Hold on front of your knees. Direct your spine. Really, I'm applying a lot of pressure here. Press up tall, let go. We go again, down, blowing out my air here. Inhale, arms up. Circle them around if you've got room. Otherwise just come back. Do it again.

Stretch the shoulders around and up and around. Can we do one more up? You're absolutely still except for the arms. Find your legs. Inhale, exhale. You can use your arms here. As long as you pull back on the abdominals, you're still working hard. No doubt about it. Hands in front of knees, stretch up from there. We're going to separate the feet. Hands behind your head. Inhale, rotate towards the front here.

The backhand is going to go to the opposite knee and you grow taller. I am applying pressure to do that, but the rotation should be more from your own will rather than your arm returned the hand behind your head and come back to the center. Here's the breath pattern. Inhale, rotate towards the back or the other way. Opposite hand comes to you can apply a little downward pressure to rotate more. There's an exhale. Keep your position. Inhale, return your hand. Exhale, center. Just two more. Inhale, turn. Waking up the body. Exhale, tool.

Inhale, return the hand. Nothing changes there. Exhale, center. One more time. Inhale, exhale. Here you are. Feel that no bouncing back. Just replace your hand to the center and reach the arms forward to roll down. Slide the feet and comfortable distance. Heel towards the glutes and there straight out of your hips and they're not as wide as they were a moment ago. Rolling up through the spine, finding a nice long line. If you look down, you want the sense of length to the front from here, simply hinge where I'm not articulating right now. Just hinge.

Touch your sacrum or your tailbone and up again. Ten nine miles will press the back of the arms into the mat as well. I should never tell you how many cause then I'm supposed to count. Four. Five. Let's do four more. Three. I'm usually one off too. So if I am, finish it. Pick up the right knee. Nothing else moves. Stretch it up. Stretch it long toward the floor. Stop the straight leg going down.

If it goes into your low back when it does, you touch the floor by bending the knee and bring it back in. Place other Nia stretch along reaching Ben to put it back in place. I'm alternating right. Here's the right knee again, stretching it up like a gigantic bicycle, left knee. Put it back in place. One more Perseid all the while. Nothing else changing. Use what you need and that's it. All right, you're back in spot.

We're going to roll down out of this upper back. Then your middle back touches deeply enjoying the curve of the low back when you get there, pickup the knees, and from here we're going to curl head, neck and shoulders up. Only tuck your pelvis a little. Set it back down. Extend your left leg up toward the ceiling. Pull the right knee and not much more than 90 degrees. Then if you can, without letting your back come up, let's imagine your both feet are pointing to the same thing. Not that they're meaning one down, one up.

They're both pointing to the exact same spot. Change, still pointing at the same thing. Inhale as the changing and exhale to get there. Oh go. If that feels too hard, you could point at something higher and put your head down. They still have to point to the same thing. Ah, how about four and three and two and one? Both of them in. Okay, let go. The knees and pull feet point to the same thing, including the fingertips. Bring it back. Here's your challenge.

Inhale and point to that thing. Pull back again. One more. Hold on behind the knees. Rock yourself up almost there. Swivel round. We got to do a little back extension. It wouldn't be Polonious if we didn't tap into everything.

So from here we're going all the way down. Arms are extended in front of you. If your shoulders are tight, let your arms be in a v. Extend your right arm, left leg, so they come off the mat, your head and chest slightly off the mat as well. Then without shifting, meaning you're not going to rock. You just change. You change. Again, the trick is to imagine someone were polling maybe on your ankles and wrists so that you have a sense of length rather than just going for height. Okay? That's going well. Don't touch the ground as you transition. Keep them off.

If that's going well, you can go a little quicker, but you have to keep your knees straight. Gotta keep those knees straight. Let's go five. Breathe however you want. Four, three, two, and one. Stretching, long and low. Release back down. Bring your hands by your side. Help yourself up first. A rounded back position. If your knees don't like this position, you can do it just as well with your hands. Really close and focus on stretching the low back by tucking the tail under or you could be fully down. Okay, almost there. This part just feels good. Hands below your shoulders.

We're going to take the right arm up, reaching to the ceiling. Try don't leave your hips where they were and then you're going to just take that arm through. Reach right across the chest. I am bending my left arm just for ease, comfort, nothing working too hard. Hips are trying to stay level. That's a nice stretch for the shoulder symptoms, the waist. Then come back up and let's do the other side so you you're all squared off.

You'd let the upper body open up, reaching up, come through, stretching, just sort of setting your shoulder down as much at the back of the shoulders down as possible without swinging the hips toward it to keep the hips where they were and help yourself back to all fours. Find what feels like a flat position to you or neutral would be a better way of saying it's a little dip in the low back is fine. Just not accessive lightly. Squeeze your glutes here just so you don't move your low back anymore. And then let's imagine reaching the chest, middle of the chest straight ahead. It might feel like your upper arms are reaching back toward the waist as she's tried to arch your upper back, just your upper back.

Of course it's going to affect a low back, but we don't want to release the pelvis. Take a deep inhalation here, a long exhalation to release it back to just an easy position. Let's go that same direction again. We don't need to do any more rounding. We do enough that in life. Inhale Kinda light on the arms. It says if something is being pulled through the top, your head opening, expanding big inhale for the day and with that exhale and that's curl the toes under. Press the heels to the ground. Start to roll yourself up.

Bent knees are appropriate all the way to the top, and just like we started, turn the palms out big. Inhale up as you exhale and press airway, bend the knees, scoop forward, tucking under with the whole spine, reaching. Inhale, standing tall again. We're going to stay upright this time and exhale. Let it all go. You're awake, you're ready. Go for it.


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Loved your face pace short workout. I wish you would do a class doing exercises with resistant tubing! Thanks Kristi for this great pilates web site!
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Very efficient & effective 10 minutes. Love the cue with SLS with both feet pointing to same spot. Thank absolute favorite website!
Thank you both! Both of you are always so engaged and open to new things, old things... all things Pilates! No wonder we get along!
Sharon O
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Love this! Thank you--great energy and strong movements to wake us (or keep us awake)
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Got a little sweat going! Love it, full body experience in short time!
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Fantastic class! The cue for SLS was great and the DLS variation nice as well. I also really appreciated the cueing for reaching the arms back while in the ab curl. Thank you Kristi!
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Wonderful as always! Perfect 10 minutes to get moving in the morning (for someone who hates exercising early in the morning!). Thank you!
Myriam Kane
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Kristi...on a misty Herndon morning you transported me to the beach for an efficient and wake-up....thank you!
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Great little class! I liked it!!
Thanks everyone. That was such a pretty day. I was really happy to be teaching for those ten minutes.
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