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Mat Basics

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Monica takes you through a basic class reminding us of all the important details that connect us to the work. This class is good for new or returning students.
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So I was thinking about focusing on legs today. So doing our normal routine, but just a little bit more with legs. So why don't we go ahead and lie down and have your knees bent and your whole frame flat. So just lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Perfect. Good. And I want you to just think of the mat like a big wet slab of cement and try to imprint every vertebra into that wet slab. So just taking a big breath and getting centered as you exhale.

Good. Just same thing that we're going to be doing and the hundred. But I want to do a little warm, a little warm up, uh, exercise awareness exercise to try to lengthen our legs from our powerhouse. So keep thinking about our box, maybe do a little bit of shoulder rolls and get those to relax a little bit. Pulling the shoulder blades long down away from your long neck. Good. Very nice. And think about the bottom of your box.

So I'm going to be talking a lot about the bottom of your box today. So that is from one hip bone to the other. Right here there's your hipbones. Okay, that's the bottom of your box. And if we stabilize those with our powerhouse, our stomach, and our bottom, we're going to get a lot of good length out of our legs. If they're kind of moving all over the place, then our legs won't work and not get the benefits of [inaudible].

So let's go ahead and just sink in that lower back, anchoring at with your stomach more than a pelvic tilt and draw in the right knee to your chest and just give it a good hug. Just stretch it in. Stretch out your hip, stretch out your knees, stretch out your back, shoulders, whatever stretches when you pull that in. And then go ahead and straighten it to the ceiling. And think about the line of your hips. Put your hand behind your thigh if your both hands behind your thigh good and pull it towards you.

If you can keep the line of your hips straight across so you don't want that right hip yanking up towards your right shoulder. It's just a tiny bit. So I want you to let it drop just like that. Your now pull. Can you feel the little difference there between that and then letting it go like that? Okay, so it's a lot of turning out the side of it. Probably help you good and give it a good stretch. Nice.

So you should feel that the lower back is flat and both sides are flat. So your right side is just as flat as your left, including your right hip bone is flat on the mat. And I want you to put your hands on top of those hip bones. Good. And with your stomach sinking below your hands, try to touch the ceiling with your left leg, with your right leg, stretching all the way through the toe. So you're like pulling the Femur, the thigh bone up out of that hip bone. There's some space being created. That hip socket. I want you to really feel a nice branch.

Just a tiny bit more center. Good, great. And keeping that long reach. You should feel the thigh muscles working hard to stretch and your lower back anchored. I want you to reach down the middle of your body, reach it as low as you can, reaching out, go home. And this way, keeping your hands on your hips. We're going to reach the leg down. Good, but do it by pulling that leg out and the stomach polling in and out. Very nice. Go as low as you can. Keep your back flat and then use your powerhouse to pull that leg up as your right leg stretches and reaches away from you instead of tightening and cramping. And two more. So reaching out, lengthening very nice and pulling it up.

Good. This time, reach it only as low as your thought. Other thighs, so reach in the thighs and the knee should be at the same level. There you go. Good. Right there Michelle. Great. Oh, just right there pulling in your belly. Could I want you to think about turning this thigh out to engage your outer thigh and your seat. Great. Holding it there for five counts. On a scale of one to 10 you should at least fill your outer thigh and your bottom at a five if not, try to think about it more.

Pull your belly and more. And let's lower that leg until it's about mid shin of your left leg. Hold it there. Sync your belly more. Reach that leg longer. See if you can intensify that feeling in the outer thigh and your seat to like a seven. And then squeeze it all the way to a 10 as you reach it out as low to the floor as you can. Keep your lower back flat. Very nice.

And use those muscles to pull it up. Should sweep up and sweep it down. Working the outer thigh and seat. And one more time and bend the knee in and give it a hug. Great job. We're going to put that foot down next to your left. Absolutely. Yes. I am talking about the um, back of your pelvis. Yes. For now. Good. Yeah.

I don't want, um, you can, so you're asking about do I want you to do a pelvic tilt to get the waistband down? If I tried to put my waistband right. Good. Um, so eh, as in, in what our theory is, is that if you can, if you need to tilt to keep your back safe, then um, that's all right and you're going to be tilting. But if you start getting in the habit as you're an intermediate, and especially as you're an advanced of just tilting your pelvis in, you're really engaging these hip flexors and you're not really feeling the stomach, then we've, uh, used it as a cushion for way too long. So when you're starting off and you're not starting off your, you've been doing pilates for a while. True. True. So, um, too, we always want you to feel your stomach, press your back down with bent knees, you should be able to feel that salts, but it tells it's not, it's actually barely tilting. Okay. Maybe it feels more tilting. Yeah, it's, it's tilting. Barely. Okay. Do you feel that, that you're using your stomach to do it or do you feel like you're engaging through your hip flexors? Well then that's great. Okay. Yeah, sure. We're going to do the left leg and pulling it in. Good. Especially if you're rehabbing a bad lower back.

I do want you to have your lower back flat. Okay. Even if you are tilting. Okay to answer your question, extend the left leg up. Good and hands behind your thigh and just enjoy a stretch. Try to avoid the knee. It's actually the weakest joint in the body. So you want to do your the thigh or the calf but not the knee.

Good. Now again, your hands are going to go on those hipbones good. And your left one, Candace has come up a little bit. Yep. Perfect. Great job. And now I want you to reach up and we're just going to sweep it down, reaching out good and pulling it back up. Keeping the lower back flat Candace ass and reaching down am pulling up and one more like that. Just warming it up, trying to keep the lower back anchored and up. And now we're going to think about those muscles.

So now I want you to bring it down. Only other the thighs and knees are even, and stay there and see if you can hold it there with strength from your outer thigh and from your seat, not the back of the knee. Soften that a little bit. Good. And have the reach come more from here. Okay, good. And now that should be about a five and we're going to lower it down till we're about mid Shin using these muscles. Kind of engaging them. That was beautiful. Really good. Still really reaching long. We're about mid Shin now. That's it. And these muscles should feel at about a seven now.

And now we're going to go down as low as we can. Go ahead, really reaching for each other and pulling in and come back up. Great job and go down using those muscles. Now we're really working from our outer thigh and our seat, making those legs like model long legs, reaching out, anchoring your belly. That's right. And pulling it up and then bend that knee into your chest. How's that feel? Good. Okay, good. All right, so now I want you to bring your right knee into your chest as well.

So both knees are in good. Reach your arms long by your side, and inhale, lift up your head and exhale, pull your belly and even more. Now I want you to extend those legs to a 45 degree angle, engaging both of those muscles now, so a little bit good. The feet should be just naturally turned out from these wonderful muscles that are engaged and let's start pumping those arms. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Roll your shoulders up more. Excellent. Good. Just keep an eye on your stomach, sinking it down.

Good and keep those arms pumping, warming up the body. Good. I want you to think about how you engaged your outer thighs in your seat, not your knees and not your feet, and I want you to get back to that level 10 that you were just at a second ago. Reaching 'em out, stretching them. Good job, Candace, reaching God energy in those pumps into three, four, five. Exhale. Good. If your neck and head get tired, lower your head and bring the legs up a little bit. Good. We've got about 30 more though. They're starting to roll in.

I want you to wake them up here squeezing. That's it. Really Waking up those outer thighs. Love it. One more big. Inhale, two, three. Inhaling. There we go. And hug the knees into your chest. Good job. Hug a man. Good. Sit on up.

We're going to do two roll backs and then we're going to go into the roll up. C'Mon moving on up. There we go. Hands Underneath your knees, feet together on the mat. Good. And bring them back just a tiny bit. Great. And now round your back into a great c curve and I want you to roll back your waistbands. You're leaving the legs there. I knew that was going to be a bad cue. Leave the legs there. Get your waistband down.

Roll through all the way to your head in how lift up your head and exhale, scoop it in. Very strong. Nice job and let's do that one more time. So we're rolling back our waistband, not our bra strap. We're rolling back the waistband first. Go ahead. That's it. Then the Bra strap touches. Then your head. Good. Inhale, lift up your head. Lift up the bra strap or the bottom of your shoulder blades and then the way span. Good. Now stretch the legs straight.

[inaudible] and reach for your ankles. Just go ahead and stretch. Good. Now when you're doing this roll up exercise, your legs do not get a break. They're working just as hard as you worked them a moment ago in the hundred. So right now, squeeze your seat. Feel those outer thighs engage. Okay.

And your feature naturally turn into a Pilati stance when you're working all those muscles now, now that you're stabilizing with the lower body, roll down your waistband again, wrapping those thighs, you're squeezing lower back, middle back. Good. Just keep your hands there. Inhale, lift your head up. Exhale, squeezing your bottom. Outer thighs, very good. And reaching forward. Wonderful. And Rolling back. Lower back. Stabilize more length and more. Good. If you can reach your arms up and back, go for it. Arms up head and stabilizing. With that lower body, you can get more of a scoop.

Good. Keep your head to your chest for me, Michelle. That's it. Round and rolling back. Lower back. [inaudible] very good. With the lower body, middle back, upper, and keeping your back flat. Reach your arms up and back in, arms up, head up, scooping it forward. Good reaching, reaching, reaching. And let's roll on back. Drawing back your belly. Lengthen out more. Reach that it and we're going to do two more. Here we go. Arms Up, head and scooping in, keeping it turned out very good. Keep reaching forward. Good. Rolling back.

Have a little more awareness of your lower part of your box and reaching back. One more time. Arms Up. How long can you keep your waistband on the mat? Good. Now don't let your belly on your thighs as you stretch forward. Keep it far away from your thighs as your spine stretches forward. Rolling back, stabilizing with those legs. Good, good. Very good. I want you to slide back so your head is on your mat and we're going to do single leg circles, so have the knees bent.

Once you're on the mat and feet flat on the mat, death's it. Hug the right knee into your chest, extend that leg up to the ceiling. And we did this all in the warm up. So hands behind your thighs, stretch it towards you. Then first look at your hip bones, but your hands on your hip bones and make sure there's square across your right one might've come up a bit. So make sure that it's a little bit down. Mark. Good. Now place your arms down on the mat and we're going to bring that like up towards our nose. Cross our body around in up. Good.

So we're crossing our frame always. So we're going to go up to our nose, cross to that shoulder, down, around and back up. Try not to go out that way and but with tempo now around and up, cross around, up. Good job of shell. Cross around, up. Come on Candace, pick it up, cross around, up. That's it. One more around, up. Go the other way. Down. Crusts around, up, down. Cross this thigh around, up. Good down. Cross that thigh around up. Make sure you're feeling this muscle one more and bend that knee in.

Good. You don't want to do that exercise slower. It gets to be really a stocky, crampy quad exercise. Bring the left knee in, extend that leg up, stretch it towards you. Again, avoiding that knee. We want to put your hands in the air. Check your hips, make sure they're square cross, and then press your arms down into the mat. Use your stomach to pull that leg up to your nose and then cross around. Lift, cross around up. Stabilize your hips. Cross. Good job around, up, keeping it down with your stomach. No charge on those hips too, around up. One more just for good measure and reverse down around sinking your belly. Mar Down key pool in it and yes, and down around, up to more. Down. Cross that thigh to me. Yes. One more.

Good job and hug the knee into your chest. Place that foot next to the right foot and even though they're bent, stabilized with your legs by squeezing your bottom and outer thighs and you're going to roll up using your powerhouse. Inhale, head XL, squeezing your legs. Wonderful. Put your hands by your bottom on the mat and lifted up to your feet. Great job. Hold underneath your knees for right now. That's it. Balancing. And now balance with your feet up. See if you can get a nice c curve.

You've got your feet up. That's perfect. You can balance now to work on that balance. Relax your shoulders. Think about the bottom of your box and let's see if you can scoop your belly and so much that you have as much distance as you can between your stomach and your thighs. Good. Alright, always looking at your belly. Let's rock and roll. Rolling like a ball. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Rola. Could concentrate on massaging your spine back, going through the lower back, middle and upper, and roll it up to come up. Good. Probably a really helpful, if we just keep our head to our chest. So roll back.

Keep your head to your chest. Come up. Good. Very good. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Roll up now as double time. That tempo for the last two. Inhale. Roll back and up. And one more time. Roll back and up. Good. And rest down your feet. Very good. Put your hands behind you and lift your bottom up. That's it.

Great job. We are going to lie down on your back. Nice and square. Good back should be flat. Your frame of your body. Bend the right knee into your chest, pull it in, and we're going to put your right hand on your ankle and your left hand on your knee. Don't worry too much about the arms today. Want you to go ahead and bend this leg and have that foot flat. Ideally, the arm that's on the outside of your body goes to the ankle and the one that crosses your body goes to that knee.

We're trying to keep the box square. Good. I want you to lift your head up with your powerhouse, looking at your stomach, and now we're really gonna. Think about that left leg. See how beautiful your stomach is. It's scooped in, got a lot of wrinkles in your shirt. We never want to fill it up. That's awesome. Now this left leg is going to go straight, but it's not going to go straight by straightening the knee. It's going to go straight by engaging the outer thigh and your seat.

Fantastic. And now switch legs by engaging this outer thigh. Let's see. Watch that knee joint. It's from here and switch right from there. And switch and switch. Drawing that knee, using your powerhouse. Always switching left. Good and right and sending out a thigh.

Beautiful outer thigh and hip. Good outer and switching. Last set. Good. And grab both knees in and relax your head. Nice. We're going to double leg stretches, the same thing. So slide your hands down to your ankles and then draw your head up using your powerhouse. Good. Fill your stomach, pull those thighs all the way onto your chest, knees in. And now the arms go up as your legs go forward, lengthening using those outer thighs and z and then draw them in.

Inhale, reach lengthening using these muscles, not straightening the knee joint and come in. Good. The only differences we don't go down. Inhale, reach, perfect. Exhale, scoop it in. Inhale, arms directly up. Good and it. Great job with your legs. Inhale, reach, not straightening the knee and exhale and but wrapping and squeezing in how reach. So then he will go straight and exhale in one more. But because you're using these muscles and in rest your head down for a second. Really Nice job. We're going to do single straight leg.

Draw your belly and using your powerhouse up LIGO. Right leg up, left leg forward. You got it both hands behind your right calf. That calf. Yeah, look at your belly. Good. And now every time you lower that leg, think about the outer thigh and c and switch straight legs. Good. And switch. Pull up your shoulders more. Switch. Yes, switch from here.

Good. And switch and switch. We're picking up the tempo. It's right. Left, right left. One more set, right and left and both legs up. Bend your knees into your chest. Rest your head. Good. Okay, so now you'll be able to feel those muscles a little easier when they're pressing together. So let's get your hands behind your head. One over the other. Inhale, lift up your head. Exhale, lift up even higher. And now extend the legs up by working those outer thighs and seat to a 10.

Lower them down a little little and pull them back up with your stomach. Good. From here in with the air. And exhale up. Keep your head and shoulders up. Three more. Inhale, exhaling up and in with the air and from here, that's better. More anchor your belly, Annabelle. That was wonderful. Last one. I want to see one more like that. That was great. And now keep the right legs, the left leg straight, but then the right knee and good twist up to it. Hold.

Stay high with your shoulders as you switch to the other side. Good. So watch that knee. Beautiful correction and switch this leg from here. Good. One more. Pull back that elbow and hug in your knees. Great job, Michelle. Hug a man. You're done. Hug Him in. Yeah, yeah. I give you a break. That's a hard one to finish. But you did a really good job. I want everyone to sit up, spine, stretch forward.

Sometimes our back could use a break here. So going to straighten your legs a little wider than the mat. Good. And they're out. Good. Now again, the legs aren't really working in this exercise because we're mu or shouldn't say working. We're not moving them right. They're stable. But because they're stable, they do really have to work. So you're gonna have your arms up at shoulder height.

Just straight ahead of you. Good. And now pull your belly in. Drop your shoulder blades a little bit, Michelle. There you go. And I want you to lift off that bottom like there's a fire onto your bottom. And now exhale is you've touched the top of your head down to the mat, top of your head, the crown of your head. Good. Still lifting off your bottom like it's on fire. And then inhale, roll up one bone at a time and relax everything except for your arms.

Inhale, lift off that bottom. Exhale forward. That's it. Good. A little bit of tipping forward at those hip bones and inhaling up. I want you to try to not do that and relax everything. Inhale, lift off that fire and exhale. We're going to keep them here this time. That's good. That's the stretch you need. And inhale, roll up, still lifting off that bottom and relax.

We're going to do one more. Pull back your toes so the feet are nice and flexed. Good. Lifting up and exhaling Dan, crown of the head to the floor. Good, good, good. And squeezing up off that seat. Roll up one bone at a time. Up in, up and up and rest. Great job. Good. Lift your bottoms a little bit forward for open leg rocker.

We might just work on balancing. You can try it. Yeah, I don't know. You're very capable. So you might try rocking and rolling with this one too. So I want you to try to balance. We're at first gonna put your hands on your feet here. Perfecto. Good and yes. Balanced with the feet up. Watch each other. Focus on each other.

Watch your frames and I want you to extend. Extend just one leg, just your right leg and Dan and now just your left like, and Dan. Now you're both going to extend the leg that's closer to the ocean, but I want you to watch that your boxes don't move. And Dan, I know the other leg, no movement in your box. Pulled back in your stomach. Good and down. How about both legs? At the same time scooping in your stomach. Very good and down. And one more up.

Hold the legs there and if you want we can rock and roll with this. So you're gonna keep the legs straight and your arms straight and go ahead and rock back. You can watch Candice do it once and exhale rock right on up. That's it. Good. Candace worked extra hard for you. And inhale, roll back and exhale. Roll right back up. Just got to keep your head in the game. So Watch, look for Candace and try to keep an eye on her roll back. And as soon as you lose sight of her, get right back up to seeing her again.

That's the trick. Good. Two more. Inhale and just have fun with it. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Don't hang out back there too long. And again, inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Good. Now squeeze. Keep those legs up. I'll give you a break in a second, I promise. And there she goes.

You have to stay there. I know. And squeeze your legs from your outer thighs and your seat. And now roll away from your legs. Don't watch those feet. Make it work from your outer thighs. Those ones. Yes, yes, yes, yes. We're going to bring them up to here. Those fetal change from your hips. Good.

And now hug your knees into your chest from break hug. Good man. Good. Very good. All right, so this exercise last week we did with the magic circle. Very, very challenging, but it got into the right muscles, hopefully. So we're going to press your arms down on the mat and reach your legs up. And a scale of one to 10 there should be a 10 wrapping those slides, healing those our thighs and squeezing the seat. Keep your belly anchored and drop the legs towards the ocean.

Circle them down or right away from the ocean and center and now away from the ocean. Go there. Down around and to the ocean and center. Good and circling and good. And going together. I feel those hips lengthen out those hips. Good and reaching. Good. And one more to the left. Good.

And that's enough hugging those knees. Go ahead and sit up. So that exercise is quite a bit of obliques, but in order to get deeper into the obliques, you want to feel a lot more of this. We able to get into these muscles at all. Somewhat good. We're going to straighten those legs back like Ah. What is it? Spine stretch forward. They're going to be straight and just a little bit off the mat. Good. Alright.

Same thing. They're working a lot, so we're going to have your arms up just in front of your watch. The arms that they're not higher than your shoulders. Good and that they're not too far back in your peripheral vision. A little bit more forward. Drop him down a little bit. Good. Great job. That's exactly all right. Keeping your hips square.

I want you to lift up off your seat on like there's a fire under it now. Twist towards the ocean and exhale, reach past your baby toe and both cheek should be down. Inhale, lift up off that bottom. Twist to your other side, and exhale. Reach past your baby toe. Good in how? Lift up. Twist good. And take a peak. Is your belly on your thighs and inhaling up, lift off that seat and reach past that baby Joe. And again, take a peak is your belly on your thighs. Inhaling up.

I want you guys to do that. Check a little bit sooner, twist up tall and look. And if it is, pull it back more into your back, into your back and inhaling up. That's better. And lifting off your seat and look down, pulling back deep into your back and inhaling up. There you go. Good. Relax. Squeeze your legs together and flip onto your stomach. That's great. Thanks Candace. Good. No, no, no, no. You're good. She changed. She changed. So you guys are all in the same direction. Isn't that nice of her?

And now hands underneath your shoulders. There you go. Good. All right. Legs together for me, Candice. And I'm a little bit over away from me. Scoot over. Yep. And you're Russ. Your body's actually square and straight. I know, and we're good. Okay. I want you to think about those legs. Okay. So on your back.

Try to relax your upper body right now, even though your hands are there, wherever you need them, just don't tense it both look like you're about to do a serious push ups. So relax the upper body and think about those muscles that we said in the thighs. Okay? I want you to be engaging those outer thighs and your seat and up to that level of a 10 and I want you to use those muscles to pull your legs long towards your feet so they're stretching away from your lower back. That's what our goal is, is sting work these muscles strengthen enough that we stretch away from our lower back. So keep those muscles engaged. Now put your hands back on your shoulder, shoulders if they weren't there already, and pull in the belly tight. Now slowly lift up into a back bend as much as you can without taking it into your lower back. You can come up to straight arms if you are so flexible, but try to keep pressing your hips together. Good.

And then come on down and we've got a little cramp there. One more time. Scooping in, pressing those hips together and coming up. Good. That's it. And come on down. Nice job. Very good. Now I want you to get your elbows onto the mat. So we're going to lift up.

Your elbows will be on the mat and almost position. Open your chest more by opening the elbows more, little wider with the elbows. Make two fists with your and push the knuckles together. Good. All right, now pushing the knuckles together and pushing your forearms into the mat. Lift your chest up more. Oh that's gorgeous. Okay, hold it.

Their stomachs are in, legs are together again. They're squeezing together as much as you can. Lift them up a little bit off the mat, engaging them even more. And lets take just your right heel to your bottom. Squeezing it in one, two and switch left two. Good. Right two and left too. So your bottom should be fully engaged, your outer thighs and really should, you should now feel your back of your legs pulling in that heel. One, two, one, two. No waving back and forth with your seat. One last set, right to left too and relax. Place.

The right facial cheek on the mat. Good hands together behind your back. Very nice and bring your hands up as high as you can behind between your shoulder blades. Good Dra. Drop your elbows deep into the mat. Good job, Michelle. You really engaged their outer thighs and your seat. Use those muscles and lift your legs clear up off the mat. Good. Now bending the knees. Bring the heels three times in. One, two, three. Great.

Lower the legs. Keep them on the mat, on the mat all the way down. And now we're going to straighten your hand arms and lift with your belly. Lift up your head and chest. Look to the ocean, other side and rest. Excellent. Transition. Good. Squeeze together. Lift the legs, clear off the mat, and then pull them in. Three times. One, two, three. The legs go down, arm staying together. Lift up the chest with your powerhouse arms. Reach back to me, Michelle. That's it. And switched cheeks.

Hands come back up, pressing those hips together. Lift the legs up and three pulses in one, two, three. Good job and legs down, lifting up your upper body, stomach. And look to the ocean one last time. Lower down hands come up high and let me see that lift first Candace.

Long legs pressed together. Lift him up and now pull them in. One, two, three, much nicer. And lifting up the body, lengthening the arms behind you. Great job. Hands by your side. Round your backs and sit on your heels lifting all the way back. Good job. Now crawling away your hands away towards the other way. Yep. There you go. Good. Good, good. Yeah way. Nice work. All right, let's face each other with our feet. So you have your sitting down facing her with your feet.

Good. And lie on down. Have your heels all the way at the end. Cause we're going to have straight legs. Yep. And we're going to keep your hands right by your side. Good. Another exercise where we're moving our upper body, not our lower their hip with the part and flexed, but they're still working like crazy.

Little wider with your feet and pull back your toes so they're really flexed. Keeping your hands here. Inhale, lift up your head. Exhale, lift up even higher as you roll up one bone at a time. Come on up, kiss your knees now lifting off your bottom like it's on fire. Inhale all the way up tall and arms. Relax and exhale, roll back. That's right. Rolling back. Good again. Inhale, head up. Exhale, roll right on up.

Now really listen to this queue and how lift off your bottom like it's on fire as you roll up your spine. Inhale, squeezing it up. Tell me when you feel your bottom. Use it to push your heels away. As you roll back, use your seat to push your heels to each other like their magnets. Try to stick to each other. Fantastic. Inhale right on up. Exhale, roll up, kissing the knees. Good. Inhale. Sit up tall off of that bottom like it's on fire.

Now this time stay tall for a little bit. As you pull back your waistband, go back, pushing your heels away. Stay a little taller, push away, and then melt the rest down. Good job and right back. As soon as your head's on the mat, we inhale. Exhale, roll all the way to your knees. Inhale, start with that seat always. As you roll up, make sure you're not arching, just cause you're tall and go the rest down. Good again in with the ear. Exhale all the way forward. Inhale, lifting off your seat so we miss this. Lower back, straightening out when you first come up and your pants a little adjusting and now squeezing up and roll. Go a little talk for a little bit. Sorry. And then go back. I need to see a difference in your feet. That's right. And only because it needs to start in your seat. Yup.

One more time in with the air. Exhaling. Inhale. That was better. Lifting up off your bottom. Still Push your heels towards each other as you go back. Push, push, push from the seat. Excellent. Much, much better. Okay. All right. I want you to go ahead and lie with your backs towards the ocean. You got it. And we're going to do our sidekicks.

Scoop back quite a bit for me, Michelle, that sure. Thanks Candace. You're awesome. Take your right elbow back a little bit and rest your head on your right elbow like your beauty queen. Bring your legs forward. That's it. Maybe I'd like them still on the map though. [inaudible] good. All right. [inaudible] this looks all good. I just want this, these shoulders forward worn too and just can you move him forward?

That's great. Yeah. [inaudible] the left hand is going to be right in front of your belly. Okay. Now we're still talking about all the same things in order to get really good work out of your legs and go ahead and just relax them and drop them down. We need to be very stable in our box, so we're trying to keep our shoulders from rocking and rolling and that's, you're going to feel that in your rips stabilizing and we're going to try to keep this top hip from moving either up towards you or back. And that's going to be all your powerhouse. Okay, we're going to lift up the left leg just at hip level. Good.

Let's get a scale of one to 10 a 10 again of engaging the outer thigh and that seat. Keep it at that level and bring it up towards your nose forward all the way, and then take it back. Really feeling this, and we're going to keep this hip right here with you. Somebody take it back. Where does that new to know? Michelle? Take it all the way back. Go as far back as you can. Go. Go. You got it. And then forward. That's it. And back. Watch the knee and make it here. You can do it.

Good and forward. Little by little we get more into it and back. Good and forward. So now we're going to keep the shoulder more steady so we can get more out of our hips and back and back. Nice and forward and back. And now you're going to double time that temple.

Just sweep it and take it back and sweep it very good and back and sweep it and more powerhouse here. And sweep it. And exhale. Pull it in. Yes, one more and legs together. Great. On this one, it's very easy to move this hip bone up towards your shoulder. Try to keep it directly over that bottom nip as you pull your belly in and push that like up to your ear and then squeeze down. There you go, Candice, and come and Dan and it goes up good and squeezing down good and push up and squeeze a thousand pounds down. Go up and squeezing down. And I want you to stay there. Good.

Even though we are working our legs and it'll make you bring this one here. One thing that we're missing out on is one of my favorite and most delicious parts of this exercise. So I'm Candice, look over here. So don't, don't turn your by. Just look, there you go. Good. Woo. Right over here. So as the leg goes down, I want you to really focus on scooping your Bellion a lot and really pulling it up your spine so that you're lengthening in two different directions. We're working our hips a lot. I love that you guys can see that, but we're not getting a lower back stretch and I really don't want you to miss out on that. So we're going to kick that leg up and now hold there. I want you to pull your stomach in as much as you can and pull it up towards your chest as you reach the leg in the opposite direction.

So it's reaching that way and your belly is pulling in and up. Wonderful. Two more like that. Up and exhale. Pull the belly in more, Candice and pull it up. Up, up. Yes. One more up and the stomach pulls in in. That's in for you. I know in for you. Let's do one more up and it's going to pull into your lower back and stretch.

That's what I want to do now. Hold it like that. And five little circles. One, two, three, four, five and go the other way. One good outer thigh more. That's it. Good job. Finding those muscles and rest. Nice work. Lie onto your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands, your powerhouse. That's true, that's true. And you know there are a lot of variations with the feet, with the leg work. A lot of people say, do I flex? Do I point here? What, and one day you can add variations, but you should first feel it where you're supposed to before you get into all those other things. So again, you're on your belly, but you still scale one to 10 feel those outer thighs. Feel the seat and wherever your feet go, that's where they all go.

Now using your belly, lift your legs clear off the Mat, and now click those heels together like there's no place like come 20 times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Deep in it, in those hips, those outer thighs in the seats. That's it. Great job. All right, we're still gonna have our back to the ocean, but to the other sides of swing your legs clear over to the parking lot and have your back here. There you go. Great. Nice shot. Bring those legs forward. That's it, right? Bring your right hand on the Mat. Nice and support. Good.

You could actually bring your bottom forward a little bit, Candace. Like the whole like movement, like lift and move. Yep. There you go. On the feet can go forward a little more. That's it. All right, so you're going to have your box. Nice and square. Sorry, I'm Michelle on this one. You can bring your shoulders back a little bit. Good. Hips, nice and square. And lift this leg up at just at hip level.

So a little lower and engage that outer thigh and the seat and now scooping in your belly, you're going to swoop it forward and take it back. Find these muscles, yes and forward and we're going to stay still. That's it. Use your belly to go forward. Sorry. Your upper body is going to stay still and take it back. That leg. There Ya go forward. So most of the exercises and keep going, we've been doing is keeping your lower body still while your upper body moved. Well this ones keeping your upper body still while your lower body moves and now it's double time that kick it forward and back and forward and back and to and back. More outer thigh and more seat, especially on the way back, legs together.

Let's see if we can get from the beginning, that delicious stretch in our lower back. We're going to push up that leg up to the ceiling and now as you go down, reach that leg out and pull in deep. That was great. Michelle and up and [inaudible] length in here. Good. And lift and lengthening. Good. Two more. Up and easing down last time.

Pushing it up and outer thigh and seat and inner thigh and hold their five little circles. One, two, three, four, five. Go the other way more scoop in your belly. Feel the outer thigh and seat and dressed. Nice job. Good. Very good. Alright, go ahead and lie on your back and just lie on your back. Let's stay like this enough and already hug your knees into your chest.

Is The sun in your eyes bother you too much? Just trying to get centered. I love it. Very good. All right, so we're going to go right into teaser one, which can be scary, but just do it the best you can. That's all you need to do wherever your legs are. There's so many goals on this, but we're just going to do the best we can. I think, Candace, your hips need to go over just a tiny bit to be square with your body. Good. All right. Extend the legs up and you want to shake them out like you're throwing a tantrum.

Cause you want the muscles on the thighs to really shake out and not cramp up when you're doing this. Great. Hug them back in and now reach your arms back behind you. [inaudible] onto the mat and reach your legs up to the ceiling. Good. Pool your belly and engage those outer thighs in your seat and lower your legs to a 45 degree angle. Even if your back comes off, but you're going to lower them quite a bit. We're a little off center. Bend your knees in. What was that? Where does, does it bend your knees back in? Candice. Michelle Bendon.

Does it hurt anywhere? Oh, it's um, you are, I'm so happy. You think so, right? Scoot your shoulders over that way. Good. That's it. Oh, I've been watching your work and you're definitely strong and it's an exercise. You can hug it. Bring your arms back in. You're just getting into position. And the starting position might not feel like you have a lot of strength, but then you're gonna combine momentum in the beginning with the strength and you're just going to come up as much as you can. Okay. But don't, if we stay in that starting position too long, you're going to get fatigued and strained and everything else. So just get into it and then we're just going to go for it. Okay.

But you won't hurt yourself doing it. Just use, try to use your stomach as much as you can. Okay. Hugging your knees. Good. And it may be easier when you're going to do it a little differently. I want you to reach your legs forward to a 45 degree work, not up Benji's in again, but forward sending out those muscles. Good. Reach your arms back and now roll on up to a teaser position. So come on up and you're going to lift up your whole upper body. Come on up, gum. Come see that and go on down. Yep.

See how you just did that, ms? I don't have, I'm not strong at and come on up. Good. Now hold it here and I want you to think of those outer thighs. Oh yeah. And squeeze your seat as you roll down. I can't believe I barely have to hold you here one more time. Right on up, up, up, outer thighs. Good job and roll down, hugging your knees. Fantastic. That was awesome. I literally didn't even have to hold you. I was at. No, I was just, it's, it's kind of mind over matter.

Usually there is a whole learning curve where I'm pulling up and that is normal. Come on and sitting up. But what you did was very strong seal. I want you to turn around and face Candace so you know what you're doing here. And you're gonna put your hands under your ankles. Yes. And balance with a lot of scoop.

All right and clap two, three and inhale, roll back and exhale roll up. We're trying to clap an inch off the floor behind you as well. So yeah, it's not an inch. It's an inch here and an inch off the floor behind you. But with control and inhale, roll back. Good. That's it. Cla. Two, three back there. And come on up. Now we're going to tape it to tempo.

So it's rolling back and you're going to roll back. Clap two, three, roll up to three. So you guys want to stay at that tempo and roll back. A lot of these exercises, the tempo is a certain way so that we don't hurt ourselves. So inhale, roll back, clap two, three XL, two, three, roll back. Two, three, two, three. One more. Roll back. Two, three, come up to three. Fantastic. Now stand on up and see each other. Stand on us.

Good. Good job. And I want you to stand in Pilati stance. Okay, good. And here, standing wise, because our feet are on the floor, I'm having you start to apply stance, but all those principles still apply. So I want you to feel those outer thighs engaged quite a bit and your seat and your stomach and just everything else. Hang. Try to find a really calm, centered point in your body. Just relaxing. But these muscles in the stomach engaged.

And now I want you to shift your weight more to the balls of your feet to the ball of your foot. Good. And I want you to pull your stomach in and keep working these muscles. I'd bring our, your heels touching Michelle. Good. Bring your toes just a tiny bit closer together. That's it. Good. That's it. And we're going to slowly keep your heels together.

We're slowly rise up onto the ball of your foot. So using your stomach, find those outer thighs and see scale of a one to 10 it's a 10. Hold them all the way up for five counts. And then you're going to slowly roll down through your foot. Still from your hips, your outer thighs, your seat. Super engaged. Very nice. We're gonna do that one more time.

Stomach lifts in and up as we roll up onto the ball of your foot. The shoulder shouldn't be tense. Everything should be relaxed. And keeping your energy up. We're gonna roll down as if we're pressing something away with our heels. And now I want you to keeping you, keep your weight forward and stay right here.

Good. And I want you to exhale and reach your arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, exhale, exhale, palms out. And I want you to inhale, pull your belly in and up as you press your earth down. Inhale, inhale, inhale. Exhale. Here, and right now, this is how we could stand with a lot of strength for the rest of the day, engaging these muscles to support our body. Very nice job, ladies. Good job.


Very nice ! Felt great after doing this class.

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