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Mat Progression Series 6/10

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This is the 6th class in a series that takes the new student from Basic to intermediate Mat work. Using the Wall Exercises as a tool, this class probes deeper into alignment of the spine, articulation and elongation. Mat work reinforces exercises learned in Class #5 with a focus on the Powerhouse pulling in and up to elongate and support the spine.
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Feb 01, 2010
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All right. We are going to start off today with wall exercises. So I'm going to have one person stand right here. How about you Teresa? Sweet. Actually before you get to the wall, my favorite way of doing this is actually walking into the wall. So I want you to face the wall and walk right on up to it.

So I'm going to have you be about there cause you're going to want to be about arms distance. If you lifted your arms up. Good. There you go. All right so you, when you walk right up to the wall with your toes touching the wall, that's it. Huh? This what I love about that is it makes you actually pull your head up cause you're not going to just human nature. You're not going to knock yourself in the head so you pull your head up. But most of us don't walk looking straight ahead. And so our posture ends up being really compromised.

We kind of walk like we're always looking for loose change on the floor. We keep our gaze down so immediately your head is up. And then also we don't like to touch our stomach. That is the next thing touching the wall. So our stomach usually pulls, whoop, it pulls into your back so that it doesn't touch the wall. So we have our head up and our stomach in and I just want you to think about those two things as you turn around and put your back right up against that wall. You don't need to be super rigid, but so you have your stomach in and your head is up now and your heels against the wall completely in applauded stance. Great.

Okay. So we always actually have a natural curve behind our neck and then behind our lower back and those are important to have. But if they're stuck, especially the one in your lower back, if you're not able to round it as well as arches while straighten it, then that creates a really stiff spine. And you're only as young as your spine is once your spine, as many of us know, it starts having problems that need to start feeling a lot older than you are. So you want to keep it really healthy. Really Young. And one of the main ways that we do that is by keeping the cartilage between our vertebra or allowing the fluid that's supposed to be there.

Always be able to get in and blood flow between each vertebra. And we can't do that if we hold our weight really heavy in our hips and in the floor. But if you do polities, you learn how to pull your belly into your back to support it as well as lift your weight. So we're going to talk a lot about that in the beginning. Do kind of the wall exercises to give us some tools so that when we do our mat work real quickly, we hopefully can keep those, those feelings in mind. So here we are against the wall and ideally your stomach is so strong that it can press that small of your back right into the wall. Of course, your lower also has to be really flexible so that it also goes right in there.

And that is even when we, you have to kind of practice this for a while for you to be able to get there. So in the beginning what we do is we really try hard and when we don't get there, we keep our frame there, but we walk our feet out just a little bit, maybe like three inches, five inches, not too much because we want to find exactly where is that fine line of challenge. So now [inaudible] stance, we've got a little bit of a wrap, we don't want to over clench in the bottom, but pulling the naval back behind that line that leads your be mine and our head against the wall. Are we able to get any closer? And if not it's walk our feet out a little bit more. And most people need a walk them out kind of where Emory is about at least a foot out. And that's okay because what again, I always say is you don't want to kind of get it kind of feel my spine or I kind of feel my vertebra against that wall. You want to really feel like almost as if you were rounding your back through that wall, you have that much energy Abel and you really feel that every vertebra is there.

So take your feet out however far you need to, and then we're going to try to keep our head against the wall. But if you can't, that's okay. The important part is everything within this frame is against the wall. Okay? So we're going to start off with arm circles and I want you to not to just hold your weights like this, but to actually feel them really get long, just like we've lengthened our muscles before in class. So the stomach is anchored and I want you to inhale as you press your back into the wall and reach your arms away, only lifting them as high as you can. Keep every vertebra, maybe it's just a shoulder height, maybe it's all the way up, but only lived in ms highs and keep your back flat and exhale is you reach out to the sides and circle the hands back to your hips and let's try that again.

Inhale, arms coming up. Your back should be perfectly flat and exhale opening. And imagine as your arms lift. Inhale that your vertebrae are also stretching away from each other and exhale instead of squishing into each other. Let's reverse that. So your belly is pulling into the wall and kind of pulling up towards the crown of your head as your arms go up and exhale. So we inhaled, we opened, pulling the belly in and up towards the crown of your head.

And exhale one more time in with ears. We open and exhale. Great. So now we're going to relax your arms down by your side and hopefully you felt that your stomach was pulling into the wall. And now that's, that's kind of the easier part. But can you also with your back flat against the wall, can you grow taller? Literally create space between each vertebra, stretching the crown of your head to the ceiling. Okay, so that's your goal and that's really important for this next exercise, which is called the peel down. You want to pretend that that wall is a banana and you are the banana peel.

And we start with just your head peeling off that wall. So go ahead and bring your head to your chest and hold it there. Everything else in your powerhouse, your upper stomach, the middle stomach, the lower stomach, all the powerhouse is pressing into the wall. Your arms are hanging loosely from your shoulders and you peel off just one more vertebra and another vertebra and another vertebra. And you just keep peeling, articulating one vertebrae at a time. You're trying to keep your hip bones looking forward. Okay.

It's okay if your waistband comes down, but don't feel like you just flopped forward. Let your arms hang down, Theresa. Just relax them. Perfect. So coming down to where you feel a good stretch in your lower back. That's far enough. G Jennifer over there. Yeah, that's it. There you go. Those hips, yet working that powerhouse like that. A little higher for me, Teresa. That's it.

Cause I want your tailbone more trying to point down in your hipbones more trying to put point forward. Great. And now like that with your stomach scooping in and out. Give yourself three relaxing tiny circles in the shoulder joint. This certain weights to circle. Kinda like this circling one. Yeah. Like that. And so the circle goes all the way up to here. And reverse, so you were thinking the right thing about circling in the shoulder joint, but starting all the way from down there. Good.

And then let the arms just hang almost as if there's a big force pulling those arms towards the floor and I want your powerhouse to pool your body back onto that wall, starting with a small of your back, then the middle of your back. Then opening your shoulders against the wall and finally roll up through that neck and your head. Good. That was really good. A lot of times, especially when we do spine stretch forward, which we're going to do right now, everyone rolls up through their back and then when it comes to their neck that everyone has neck problems, they just shake out the bangs from their hair head and they forget about how you really need to work. All of those, so really nice job there. Let's do that one more time. Pulling the belly into the wall. Grow as tall as you can without losing any vertebra on that wall. They just pulling up away from each other and bring your head to your chest and then your shoulders curl forward and really think about that spine and articulate, pulling one at a time away from each other, trying to keep your powerhouse stabilizing that pelvis.

Let your arms hang from your shoulders. You can come down a little bit more and give yourself three little circles. One, two, three and reverse it. One, two, three. And using your powerhouse. Let's roll back up onto that wall. Kinda thinking about that bowl of soup, tipping up with you, putting your shoulder blades back, and then roll up through the neck. Good. Okay. I last exercise here. Um, those of you who have socks, don't go out too far because then you'll slide out from underneath you. But we're going to lift up our hills Relevate and separate and then lower them down so that your feet are parallel like skis. Great.

And then come out a little bit away from the wall. Ideally it's about two feet away from the wall. But again, if you come out too far, then you're gonna slide from underneath. Yeah. Okay, good. So we have our back completely against the law here. Head against the wall too. And we're going to do wall sits. We're going to do three wall sits, but we're not going to sit and come up using our quads. But we're going to try to really feel that belly point in and up and try to feel the back of our thighs and bottom, our hamstrings and seat. Okay, so head against the wall and powerhouse in and your energy is still trying to grow as tall as you can. So even though we're going to sit, you're energy is still going up. Okay?

So we're going to slowly slide down that wall, allowing the knees to bend, keeping the head against the wall. There you go. Stay there for three counts. And while you're there, think belly pooling in. It's pulling up and now squeeze the heck out of your bottom and use those muscles to slide up the wall. Not a very slippery wall, but we're working with it. Okay? Two more pool and into the wall. Keeping your energy up and slide a little bit down. Hold. And again, you're saying thighs don't work so much. Bottom work more powerhouse in and slide up with that belly in and up.

Sorry Theresa, one more time and sliding down a little bit and hold. And I find this exercise the most helpful to feel that powerhouse in and up as you come up. See if you can really feel how it's helping you stay up and then walk your feet back into the wall. Good. And you're in a polite stance. Wonderful. And to get off the wall, we always like to return to perfect posture, which is going to push your weights into the wall so that you feel some opposition. And the side view, if we're standing straight, you're going to lean forward like the leaning tower of Pisa. So you're going to take your seat and the rest of your body gray and then just let your arms hang so you've shifted your weight forward onto the balls of your feet and you should feel like you're holding yourself with wrapping those size and the seat and the powerhouse. So that is really good.

This is an excellent thing to do when you wake up or at the end of the day, especially if you do a lot of computer work, you want to do Wal exercises because it really opens up your chest and works on the head and shoulder alignment with your powerhouse, isn't it? It's really helpful with lower back. So, but hopefully you felt that in and up and how we long gated the spine so that when we do our mat work, you're going to feel it and we're gonna sit down right where you are. I think you guys are all okay. I was going to give you towels, but just sit down and we're going to do spine stretch forward here. So, um, go ahead and put your weights kind of by, by the wall so that they're a little out of the way and open your legs so that they're wider than your shoulders. Just a tiny bit narrower. Great. Good. All Right, nice little bit wider so you would get a little more stretched.

Good. Okay. So we've done this exercise several times already as we started it on day one. But now you have something to give you more of an idea. Is My back really straight? So can you again feel every vertebra against that wall, your small of your back, and everyone's like, scoot more so your small of your back and the bat bottom of your shoulder blades, your shoulders and your head.

And if you can't because you feel like your legs are too tight, then you can always bend your knees a little bit to get a little flatter. Hold our arms up, shoulder height. Pull your powerhouse deep into that while really press through that wall. Pull your powerhouse up so that you're growing tall, even squeeze off your seat and now work on peeling off just your head. Then the shoulders, pulling your ribs in deep. Exhaling, pressing those.

Try to keep your waistband right on that wall so that your hipbones are staying over your sit bones. And then inhale, press your waist back into the wall. Your lower back shoulder blade shoulders roll down away from the ears and roll up through the head. Beautiful. Take another breath. Inhale Belize in and up. Exhale, head down and peeling off one vertebra at a time. Really trying to use that wall to help you understand that articulation a little bit better. And as you roll back against the wall, inhale, try to grow tall. Don't just go into the wall, but you're still sliding up. Relax a little bit, kind of letting go of your bottom and sinking a little. And let's try that again. Inhale, lift for the last time and exhale head to your chest, pulling each one away from each other, going with the crown of your head as low to the mat as you can.

The floor and an inhale. Rolling right back up again, articulating and elongating and relax. Great. So hopefully that gives you a little bit more of a feeling to what spine stretch forward should be. So we're done with that. Let's go ahead and start our mat work. We're gonna take these formats. Anyone you want, but feet towards each other would be great. Actually, no, let's not do feet towards each other. Let's all face that way.

We do not need our weights. Thank you. Weights are over. Pick a mat. And everyone faced that way. Wonderful. That's the [inaudible] way crawling over to you. I love it. All right, so did you guys have, did you go, can you feel it?

Could you feel that? How your spine and pulling away? Great. All right. So let's go ahead and start, maybe scoot forward a little bit. Um, with the hundreds you're gonna lie down onto your back. Hug your knees into your chest. Of course, it's your powerhouse that pulled those knees in. Good long arms by your side, knees into your chest please. There you go.

And you're going to use that breath we talked about on the last class. Take a big breath. Exhale. Pull your ribs into your lungs to lift your head and shoulders. Long shore arms by your side legs. Go Up to the ceiling in a Palati stance.

And only if you can keep your powerhouse pressing through the mat. Can you wrap and squeeze your legs a little lower. Eventually working to just a few inches off the floor. Here we go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Try to lift your shoulders more. Beautiful in with the [inaudible]. If your neck gets tired though, you can lower it down when it does in with the air. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Joe Supplies his strong arms, right, really pumping through in with the air. And exhale, two, three, four, five, trying to squeeze the back of the inner thighs together. And inhale, two, three, four, five long arms were always reaching long the way from the tight center.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhaling. Turn out those buys more. Hide the inner back of the thighs and squeeze the inner thighs together. And one more time. Inhale two, three, four, five. And on the last exhale, belly scoop and scoop as much as you can and keep scooping and hug those knees into your chest as you rest your head. Nice job. You can use those legs if you need to to sit up.

Great. And your knees are going to be bent feet flat on the Mat. We're going to do, um, the roll back so that we're really wrapping those sties around, squeezing them together. And the hands are right underneath your knees. Cray. Now. Give me a really round back on this one. We're going to stay round throughout the entire exercise. Good. And we're going to start the roll back by leaving our legs where they are and tipping that bowl of soup as you roll down the small of your back, middle back, upper back. Go all the way down to your head if you can, and then head to your chest and coming up and with the air and exhale.

Good, good. Very good. And for more. Squeeze your bottom and roll away from your legs. So what we're doing is exact peel down that we did standing up against the wall. Inhale, the head comes forward and you articulate your spine as you come up. That's the whole point of this exercise. Three more.

Squeeze those thighs and seat together and roll back. Round that. Lower back more. There you go. Yes. Wonderful. And I don't even need to help you head to your chest. You're doing great. Scooping in. We're going to do two more. Really pulling that small, the back down. Nice. You're trying to articulate, rolling down each vertebra one by one and rolling up and most importantly in a straight line is what you're trying to do. I think we have this last one everyone down and then, and if not, it's a little land yet for you. A little extra one there and rolling up. Okay, wonderful. Next class, we're going to start doing this with straight legs.

You guys are all really nice and strong so you'll be able to do start doing that. But we're gonna work our transition and lie on your back. Good. Your legs remain exactly like that. Hug your right knee into your chest. We're going to start doing single leg circles, so hugging that right knee in. Extend that leg out to the ceiling and of course it's turned out we're going to grab behind the thigh or the calf, but not the knee. Turn it out just a little bit more.

See if the hot belly can pull that leg up to your nose a little bit more and then press your arms into the mat so you stabilize your upper body and crossed the body around up, crossed the body around up. Good job keeping your hips down. Cross around and up. Just keep showing that inner thigh. Don't hide it. One more reaching through the foot and reverse no energy in that foot. Instead that thigh muscles are just reaching all the way, like a ballerina reaching through her leg. She doesn't Kinda flex. No modern dancing right now. One more am sitting around and hold.

Hug that knee into your chest. Great. We're going to put that foot down and left knee comes in. Great job with that powerhouse. Extend the leg up and again, give it a good stretch. Reaching all the way through. How's that leg doing? Stretch. Pres your arms by your side and cross around up.

Cross around up three more. Again, you're trying to not kind of keep your back flat. You're really pressing it through the mat. One more cross around, up and reverse and down around up. And you're also not just kind of bringing that leg up, you're using that belly to bring it as high up as you can. Really stretching and sinking a little bit more than some, like one more. Yes. Hug that knee into your chest. Great.

Place that foot down next to the other, you know, but um, when you get more flexible it's going to be straight. Go ahead and straighten it. So you might, you won't, you'll take that whole foot equation out. But what as we're getting more flexible, cause it's really hard to straighten this leg and have that one straight. Um, so you know, ballerinas or dancers can do that, but it takes a little while for us. So, um, you're gonna keep it bent and try your hardest not to use it. All right. Um, even out the feet and you're trying to squeeze those legs together because we're going to be rolling up. Roll your head up to your chest and try to use that powerhouse. Great.

Yeah. Okay. So stay right there and then put your hands by your hips and we're going to lift our tailbone under us, towards our heels. Bring your bottom all the way forward and keep your weight back on your arms. Good. Tipping that bowl of soup toward you. Wait, and now looking at your belly. Let's balance pulling one leg up towards you. That's it, Theresa. Just like that. And then the left, and then keep that scoop with the belly and try to take your hands to underneath your knees to start off. Yes. Yeah.

We're working on that balance. Good. Come that sit. All right, so we're going to do rolling like a ball. See if you can bring your upper stomach. Use Your upper summit to bring your shoulders a little more forward. Yes, and we're going to tip that bull a suit to rock back. Inhale, rock back. Exhale, roll up. Holt. Do not.

Let me see those chins come off the chest to tip our soup back. Those Chin stay right down there. As we inhale, roll back the lower back. Exhale ribs pull into. Squeeze out that air. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, ribs pull and keep the head attached and one more in with the, and exhale and just balance. Hold, pull. Give me more space between those. Hipbones and those thighs.

You knew what I was coming over for. Now, if you can challenge yourself a little bit more, put your hands on your ankles instead of under your knees and let's do another set of three. Requires the head to pretend like it's going between the knees. That's how round you're thinking of a tennis ball and the lines on a tennis ball. And we're going to do three more in with the air rolling back. Exhale, roll up. And if that doesn't feel good, put your hands back under your knees in with the air. Good. And exhale balance with the powerhouse last time holding it up there. What do you think?

Do we have our hipbones as far away from our thighs as we can? There we go. Rest your feet down on the mat. Great. Lift your bottoms back just like that. Chelsea. Great. And we're going to do the series of five, so we're gonna roll onto our back. And Barbara, who's your powerhouse to bring those knees into your chest? You got it.

This is the five abdominal strong exercises. We're going to use the ribs to take a big breath and then exhale, depressant down into your lungs, lifting your head and shoulders. There you go. Don't allow those knees to come away. Jennifer. Pull those thighs into your chest more so that that scoop is working great. Right hand on your right ankle. Heads up, left hand on that right knee and extend the left leg forward.

Elbows up a little bit and look at your belly and switch and switch by now, keep going. You can do this exercise. You're just switching legs. You've got an idea of what it is, so your focus instead is looking at your belly and saying, dive down deeper. Go in more. Use my belly more, scoop it in more. All your focus is in there just trying to really get it lasts at right and a left and then hug both ankles in for the double leg. Inhale, reach the arms and legs and then hold. Yeah, hold. Pull in, pull in, pull it and exhale, scoop in. That's it. Inhale, reach your against that wall. Your back is pressing through that wall and then exhale in with the air.

Everyone's reaching, reaching Jennifer. Exhale. Then you go add to it. Hillary was reaching and the arms go straight up overhead. And then exhale last time. Inhale, reach, hold it, hold it, pressing through that back through the wall. And exhale, rest your heads for a second. Good job. We're gonna do all the next three in a row, single, straight, like double straight leg and Chris Cross.

So extend both legs up to the ceiling and use your upper stomach to lift your head and shoulders as you crawl up your right leg. Get a good hamstring stretch, pulling that right leg towards you and wrap and squeeze that left leg away from you. You can reach as high as you can with those arms. Here you go and relax. All right, sink that belly and switch. Left, right left. They fly through the air cause they're lifeless and all your energy is UJA in the stomach. Pulling that leg up and up and up and make sure you're not hiding your inner thighs as those like switch. But they're turned out last set. And both legs.

Up Hands go behind your head, one over the other, wrap and squeeze those legs and you inhale a little down and exhale, scooping it. Good. Now just don't work so hard with those elbows. Exhale, open them up wider. That's it. And pulling. Great. And wrapping. Squeeze and exhale two and one more and bend the knees into your chest and I am going to be a little nice. Lower your head for a second. Okay. Because at this stage in the game, it is very tempting to use your lower back when we get tired and we don't want to hurt it. So hands go back behind the head. Good. And use that upper stomach to lift your head and shoulders and feel how high you got your shoulders up. Use your belly to bring those knees all the way into your chest.

Eyes are onto your chest. Extend the left leg forward a little bit up towards the ceiling and twist that left shoulder all the way to that right knee hold. Twist more. Pull those ribs in more and switch to the other side. Pull in that Parris done that right shoulder more and more and more. And switch. Exhale, come on. Pull in those ribs to get that shoulder up, up, up and switch.

Look at your back elbow. Is it on the mat or is it off to the side? One last set. Pulling back your left, right elbow. Pull it back. Pull it back to twist. Yes. And time pulling back the left elbow and hugging those knees to your chest. Whew. Nice job guys. All right, so we've done this exercise already, but we're going to do it without the wall now. So sit up for spine, stretch forward, sit up your legs, open a bit and you immediately assume that your sitting against that wall and your posture regains it. As you get more advanced, you'll notice, especially this transition. And then when we transition into saw, there's a lot less fidgeting. Like cue.

When you come up you're just like Bam and you're just ready to go. So you'll start really cranking through those transitions. I'll let you guys pick a little Linton fidget a little bit right now, but later on we moved really quickly through those. So arms up, press your back through that imaginary wall and grow taller on that wall by lifting off the seat. Inhale and exhale, peeling off, head to your chest, rolling forward crown of the head, trying to touch the mat. And then inhale, roll back against that imaginary wall and all the way up you can. Exhale. Inhale, lift off the seat, pull in the belly in, up, and exhaling down. Stretching away. Great job. And Inhale, rolling back up. I really love the control that you guys are having.

One more. Inhale, lift off that seed, squeeze it a bit to help lift and exhale down, keeping the weights man back against that imaginary wall and really curling into yourself. Beautiful. And Inhale, rolling back up. Great. Okay. And relax your arms. Nice. All right, so now we're gonna do open leg rocker, which we learned at the last class. So I'm going to use you to appear. I'm going to maybe get you into it a little bit different than I did on on the last class. So let's go ahead and put your hands by your bottom. Actually bring your legs together first. Everyone likes together.

Good hands by your bottom and lift your bottom forward like you do in rolling like a ball and keep your weight back. Good. Good, good, good. And now let your knees open up a little bit. Keeping your feet together. Good. Bring your feet in on the mat. That's it. Good. All right, so knees are shoulder width apart because we, what we're gonna do is we're going to open up our legs for open, like Rocker, and they're going to be an a v. They don't want to be too wide, but they don't want to be like this either. Okay. So your knees should be in line with your shoulders so that when you extend the leg, it opens like that. Okay, so pull back in that waist more. Yes. Supporting yourself. Their knees are shoulder width apart.

And now without changing this stabilization here, slip your hands underneath your knees. Good. All right, great. Holding that tight heads up actually good. And we're going to little by little, just lift both feet up off the mat if you want to do one at a time the time, but keep the feet together and again, knees are part. It's really hard to keep those knees apart for some reason we we're ready to keep those these part. Alright, so scoop, scoop, scoop. If I was looking just at your box, I would not know that anything is happening in this exercise. Okay? Cause you're focusing on stabilizing this and we're going to extend just the right leg goes up. That's it. That's it. Pull your belly in. Yes.

You don't have to straighten it and bend it down. The important thing is is that certain angles stay the same. For example, open your knees a little wider. Your knees. See how they're at the same level. So when we extend the left, don't lower that thigh, keep it right where it was. See how it's lower than this one you want to keep and just extend it wherever it can go. And now we're going to everyone's, let's do the left. Everyone extend the left and bring that foot back down.

The feet are together for me, Jennifer. There we go. Extend the right, pulling your belly and more to support. Extend the right and bring it down. Nice job. Extend the left skips. Good scoop and down. Now hold and we're gonna extend both legs up only as straight as we can get them and we get to bring them back down. Nice. Should be working really hard here. One more open. Now, stay there and this is where I say this is where we really work on our balance.

We're going to bring those legs together that kind of looks like that teas are introduced to you the other day. Open and then let the feet come back down. Good. All the way down. Heels together. There you go. One more time. They go up, they come together, they open and they come down and give yourself a break. Great. Very, very good. Ooh, exhausted you guys on that one, Huh?

Well sit up because we are going to do open leg rocker today. Last class we just introduced what we just did, which is the balancing. Very important groundwork, but now we're going to do rocking with him. Okay? So it's similar to rolling like a ball, but your legs fortunately are up and long and whatever. But um, like Emory was doing, you do not need a straighten them all the way. You just hold them and you try to keep your legs as light as you can because go ahead and lift up your legs as extended as you can.

If your legs are too heavy every time she's going to come back up and I'll just pull you up. She's going to fall really heavy forward if her legs are weighing too much. But if she's using her powerhouse too much, like just thinking about rolling back and pulling in, then she's never going to be able to come back up either. So there's like this, you're going to have to do at least three, maybe not. Maybe you guys will be all perfect, but you do about at least three. Kind of trying to find out where is that even ground where I'm using enough power to come up and my legs aren't too heavy and finding that balance. Okay.

So let's go ahead and put your hands back into your knees. They are apart. Shoulder with apart are powerhouses in, you're going to bounce with your feet just a little off the mat and extend the legs up. Open into a v as straight as you can get them. Then crawl up as high behind those legs. So maybe actually I would stay right there behind your knees yet pulling in. Good, good.

But if you can get your hands behind your calves a little bit higher up, Teresa for you. Great. Great. Alright. Yeah. Everyone you want to look over at me? Very important. And you're going to inhale, roll back, roll back, and exhale, come. Don't forget about looking at me. That's it. And inhale, roll back and exhale and you gotta you gotta focus on right there. There you go. And inhale, roll back and exhale. Roll Up. Okay, so you did prove me wrong. Two more. Inhale, roll back you guys like did it all right off the bat. And one more time. Inhale, roll back and XL roll up and holds and bring your legs together and just [inaudible] lower depth. Phenomenal. Really good. So you guys didn't, there was no flopping around. Very impressive. Alright, not like my first experience at all. Great.

So we're going to lift your bottoms back so they are in the middle of the mat. Okay? They weren't. And Go ahead and lie down on your back for corkscrew. Alright, corkscrew, bend your knees into your chest can be a good hug. Great. Extend the legs up to the ceiling. Straight up there rapping and squeezing. Press your arms. Listen to the mat, scoop in that belly and the legs. Fall a little to the right, down a little bit.

Circle to the left and pull them center to the left down a little bit to the right and center to the right as far down as you can. Keep your back pressing down in left and center to the left. Far Down as you can. Keep your powerhouse in and center and to the right. Last set. Really work on maintaining that Pilati stands right Jennifer, and reverse to your left. That's it. Hug your knees in. I don't remember how it was talking about those transitions.

Let's think about what is saw and we're going to sit right on up into that spine stretch forward position, but arms reaching out to the side. We're going to pull into that imaginary wall, lift off our seat and twist to the right and exhale, reaching past our baby toe or reaching forward. At least. Inhale, lift up through the spine, twist to the left. Exhale, keeping both cheeks on the mat as you reach for your baby toe in with the air twist XL, pooling that left rib into the left lung. Inhaling up, make your Belize disappears. You twist. Exhale, pulling your right ribbon to your right lung as you reach and for the toe. One last set and healing up. Twist like you have a tiny course.

Then on and reaching past that baby and inhale up. Make sure your breathing twist and you exhale. All that air is your belly pools in and in and in and in and and sitting up tall. Great. Relax your arms. Go ahead and lie down. Actually don't lie down. Sorry. Scratch that. Bend your knees. Good. Lift your bottom forward a little bit against who? Your middle of the back.

All right. And we're going to do neck pull that we introduced at the last class. So the only difference between neck pool and roll back for today is that after you come forward, you come back up off the mat. You're going to sit up tall. So sh put your hands under your knees, wrap and squeeze your legs together and show me how you sit up. Tall, tall, tall, tall, like against that wall, tall, like powerhouse into your back growing, separating those vertebra. Good. Now go ahead and round your back and roll all the way down. And don't take a break cause you're coming all the way back up. Curl and up, head to your chest, squeeze and those legs together. And exhale, curl all the way back up. Stay round, round, round until you almost kiss your knees.

Now use your powerhouse to sit up tall with a big breath and exhale round your back and go all the way down. Stay with me on this breath. Inhale, lift your head up to your chest. Exhale round all the way forward to you kids. Your knees. Inhale, sit up tall against a wall. Exhale, round your back and roll all the way down. Round man, all the way down. Inhale, head to your chest. Exhale round until you kissed your knees. Inhale, sit up all the way tall with your powerhouse and exhale round your back rolling away. One more time in with the air. This is my least favorite exercise of all. Inhale, sit up tall and exhale. Roll down in next week. Next class you'll find out why. Stay down there.

So enjoy it while it's at this level cause it gets a lot harder. I think I did it for about seven years before Ramana said, oh you finally got neck pool. It takes a long time to get this exercise the way it's fully done. So okay, we're going to do that teaser almost the same exercise. Sit up again. Knees together.

Good squeezing of hands underneath your knees and round down. Roll on back. And since we've done this about a hundred times a day, exhale Rola. We're just going to do one with both legs on the Mat. Scoop and stay there. I want you guys, when you come up to be just a little further back, not shoulders over your hips, but about here because eventually in that teaser position, it's the same as open like rock or where your back is here and your legs are here. You're not all the way scooped up. Okay, so holding it here. Squeeze your legs together, actually shoulders and extend the right leg so that both legs are still squeezing together. Thighs and knees at the same level. Probably bring this knee foot in a little bit, not so much.

Somewhere between rock and roll away from those legs. You want to those legs exactly where they are as you roll away from them and roll right back up. Keep wrapping and squeezing those legs. One more. With one leg I had down beautiful and coming up. Hold that scoop switch legs effortlessly. I get those powerhouses. Lift that left leg will squeeze them together and roll away.

Use that powerhouse and come in Ana. We always inhale to start the rollback. Exhale to finish it in hell to start the roll up and exhale to come. All the way up. Scoop, scoop, scoop in that exhale, hold it there and extend both legs up. Yeah, I know I ask a lot. There we go. Use your powerhouse to come forward.

Forward, forward and that's all I wanted you to do. Lower your feet down. Good. All right. Make sure your feet are at the front edge of your mat. Then lift your bottoms a little forward. And last class we also introduced seals. So this is the final exercise.

Today seal is similar to open like rocker and to rolling like a ball that we're going to roll, but we learned that our feet get to move a lot more and you remember when we saw nine but we're going to work with you today. So bring your bottom a little more forward. Good. And the knees are open, stomach scooped and the arms go down between both legs and then they slide under your ankles. Lift your ankles to your hands. Go that. Pull the eight feet up towards you and said yeah, instead of you to your feet, lift up your feet. There we go. All right. All right, so they're about an inch off the floor here and they're going to try, their goal is to just roll back with you and be about an inch off the floor behind you. So hold that position and let's see if I can get Jennifer to do it. So we're going to keep your chin to your chest, but roll through your back and go ahead and allow the legs to come relax them. That's it. So that they go back to, this is great.

And then she rolls up here. Good. And let's all work together. Inhale, roll back. XL Woolen. You can pull on those ankles and that's fine. Inhale, roll back. Always rolling through. Exhale, roll up. Yeah. Inhales. Roll through the small of your back. Exhale. If those heads ever come away, then you're going to draw your lower back. Two more. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll one last time in the air. It's gonna be your best one. I can feel it.

Exhale, hold, hold that scoop. Don't lower the feet because I want to see that everything stays here. The scoop stays in. And while you're there, can you just clap your feet three times? That's why we get to, it's going to be called seal. Lower your feet down and you're all done today. Great job guys. Nice work. Strong work.


This is a great beginning to a class. Thank you. Wonderful. We often forget the simple exercises as instructors, when in reality this is what we need to focus on - building blocks of fundamentals. Love the wall series, and use it often for sore backs, to encourage upright standing, and is especially beneficial to sedentary clients. thanks again, enjoyed taking this as a student
I would love to see Monica teach reformer.
iv been doing the progression every two days taking another class, or should i take the same class a few times b4 i move on to the next one. im at 6/10 at the moment???
I really enjoyed this class. Finally, I was able to do all the exercises properly (hopefully) without having to take a break or lowering my head. I feel so energized after these 40 minutes!
Great class!! I'm really enjoying these progressive exercises. Wonderful work, Monica!!!
This is a great series! I’m learning how to better my movements and loving it. I have a question, I have arthritis is my right knee. What do you suggest to do when my knee will slightly lock when I’m doing the single leg stretch. I feel like I’m not stretching out that side completely. 

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