Class #746

Basic Reformer Breakdown 5

20 min - Class


This 20 minute session takes you through a Basic Reformer without skipping a beat. Starting off on the Reformer can be pretty intimidating. Or on the flip side, too static and you never really get the fluidity benefit Pilates has to offer. Join Monica in a fluid Reformer reviewing all the basic principles to help you get on your way. Build a solid foundation in your Pilates technique and the lean, strong physique you're working so hard for.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay. Well let's get started. Go ahead and line your body a little bit at an angle and just bring your mind to your body. You're concentrating, your stomach's pulling in and up. Let yo...


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As always, excellent cueing and awareness to the exercises. Loved the short box review....lots of work. Thank you Monica!
really great cueing!
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Perfect basic reformer. Great teaching. Love this session.
Loved the cue of pulling throughout this session. Thank you!
Nice class. Would have like to have seen a little more back extension.
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I love this routine and the cueing with emphasis on lengthening is wonderful!
Thank you Everyone! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!:)
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I enjoyed your cueing work. It reminded how important the lengthening cue can be for participants. Thanks.
Thank you Samantha!

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