Class #748

Basic Reformer Breakdown 2

10 min - Class


This is the second class out of a series of seven classes in which Monica Wilson breaks down the main components of a basic Reformer workout. This segment details the Frog and Leg Circles
What You'll Need: Reformer

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All right, so you just did your warmup and now we're ready to go into the frog and leg circles and let's learn how we properly set it up on a grads machine. It's a little different. On...


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I love your cueing Monica, you´re an awesome teacher!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :0)
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I know you addressed her legs are never straight because this client has a tendency to hyperextend her knees but I think it should be mentioned that legs are ideally straight and also I think even though it's stated a flat back is safer it is not anatomically correct and isn't safer forcing it out of its natural lumbar curve
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Too much time spent changing reformer settings. However, Monica is a great instructor.

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