Class #749

Basic Reformer Breakdown 3

10 min - Class


This class is the third class in a series which breaks down the Basic Reformer into easy short segments covering everything from the warm up exercises to the cool down exercises of a basic Reformer program.

This particular class focuses on the Stomach Massage.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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All right, so we're done with our leg circles and fraud and we're going to take 'em off. And you can either do your stretch or you can just take them off. But we're looking at going in...


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These beginner lessons are excellent! Perfect for beginners but probably would be good for intermediates to check their positions! The only improvement I can think of would be a picture of exactly how your feet should be placed on the bar for each exercise. It is difficult to understand with just words!
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So far I think this is helpful for me as a level 1. Unfortunately the instructor is instructing the individual on the reformer and not really addressing the viewers at home. It is hard to follow her when she is giving specific body positions to her student and not explaining what she is doing to the home audience. I am afraid I am not getting all I can for correct beginner body position from the instructor.
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I am so happy I found these Basic Reformer Breakdown classes. As a teacher preparing for the exam I need to review the basics and LOVE Monica's cueing! Everyone should get back to basics from time to time. Thank you so much!!!
Thank you Oksana! Please let me know if there is anything you'd specifically like to see:) Monica
Thank you for the elbow point.

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