Class #750

Basic Reformer Breakdown 4

10 min - Class


This class is the fourth class in a series Monica calls Basic Reformer Breakdown.
This 10 minute video describes the particulars of the Short Box series from how to pick up the box to the details of the exercises performed in this series.
These segments are to be done in the exact order they are presented. The healthy individual should not omit any exercises to obtain the Pilates' benefits. Once you are well versed in these segments and feel comfortable on the reformer, you are able to move forward at attempting a Basic Reformer at a moderate pace. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Okay, so let's learn about the short box and how to properly set it up. Let's go ahead and lower down your bar. Great. Leave the pad there. We're going to use it for later. You want to...


This is not working. It stops and starts.
Bummer. We'll get right on it and try to get it to work for you.
June ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with this video stopping. I recommend using the alternate video player and trying a lower setting. You can change your video player here. After you save the changes, you can go back to the video and play it. I find the medium setting works best for me.
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I followed the site's excellent & clear instructions to close everything else running on my computer and all went smoothly! I just LOVE Pilates Anytime! It is a truly great site! Let's have more for beginners and people with bad back and recovering from injuries who have Reformers!!!!! Many thanks and hugs from the East Coast!!!
I will keep that in mind for my January taping:)
Thank you Dr June Reinisch! We really appreciate you coming back to let us know everything worked out and are thrilled that you are happy with the site. We are always hoping to offer more and with clear instructions no matter what aspect of the site you're dealing with. Thank you for the feedback!
Brilliant tutorial for the Tree which has really helped my technique!
Your classes help me understand a lot, thank you!

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