Class #76

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


In this class, Kristi takes both herself and you through an intermediate workout. The workout begins with a short warm up on the Reformer carriage, followed by a typical, though short, BASI Pilates® intermediate lesson utilizing the block system™. The class flows through the foot and leg work, The Hundred, Coordination, Hip Work series, Short Spine, Knee stretches, Long stretch, Kneeling lunge, Side overs on the box and Pulling straps. All of our Reformer Classes are designed for our students with Reformers at home. A solid understanding of your equipment is critical for safety and ongoing training with a Pilates Professional is recommended.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


We begin class with the reformer set on a light spring. Maybe I'm on a balanced body, so I'm going to use one red spring. Um, I'll get to that in just a moment. But for now, standing with your feet ap...


This was a real solid class! Thank you!
I really enjoyed your class this morning. Thanks! Great cueing on intentions and quality. It's easy to forget at home.
I love the purity of the movement!
Thank you!
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More and more Kristi fan! I will try this class with my intermediate students this week! Thanks for sharing! :)
Thank you Frederico! I hope your class went well too!
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Great class as always-thank you!

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