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Rachel Taylor Segel joins Pilates Anytime with this advanced 40-minute Mat Class. Set your Mat down and get ready for a ride as you experience the energy and expertise of this distinguished instructor. You already know the exercises but with Rachel's cues you are sure to experience them, and yourself in completely new ways. Welcome, Rachel!
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Jul 09, 2012
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So here we go. You're going to stand at the front edge of your mats. You have the right foot in front of the left, right hand on top of the left hand. You're looking at each other. Okay, well you can do that too if you wish. Or you can have them straight out. Either way, you're going to bend your ankles, knees, and hips as much as humanly possible so that you squatting down. Keep your back heel down as best you can, and curl your tail to roll through, putting the hands behind the head. Knees bend and lay down on your back. Bringing the knees apart to your shoulders. Heels together. Head is up.

Head and shoulders are up, right? And so we're going to do the footwork and we'll do five of each. Inhale, press out. Exhale, bend home. So think about being on reformer. Inhale and exhale, hot. Good. And as you pull your heels away, it's as if you have a, a theraband to your tailbone. So you're pulling your tailbone last one and exhale. Bird on a purse. So knees together, bird on a perch, and he'll stretch.

It's like your heels lead out, right? Even though your toes are curled, your heels go, they pull your tailbone, they pull on your ribs, they pull on your lungs. When the knees come in, they squeeze the air out. So bring your knees to your eyebrows, even above your eyebrows to your forehead. Very fabulous. Last one, come in and flex your toes and ankles way out and do five more and x. And when you breathe in up into your rib cage, you keep you keep your belly deep in, low down. Exhale. Inhale. One more time. Go out and stay out there. Point your feet, your feet.

Now when you point in flex, think about it being a spine. So you're articulating your spine like in spine stretch, except it's just your feet out. And one more point and bring your arms around to your sides and start your hundred. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. We'll do four more. Right? And after all those standing exercises, your legs could probably be a little lower and squeezed together, feet strong. And the pump of that arm is pulling the blood through the body.

Bend the knees on the exhale and hug them in. Very nice. We're going to do the roll up. So slide your legs down the Mat. Take your arms up above your head. Legs are together and they can be pointed or flex, but they're together and strong.

So you're going to bring both so you can have your arms up para perpendicular to the floor too. If you want to Andy and inhale, bring the arms up the head up, curl up and roll up. Exhale forward over the legs. Roll it back in with the air and expo the air. Nice. And again. Inhale, let the ears be by the elbows, curl band and round over. Exhale. Undulate your spine back down. Very beautiful. And again, let's come up on an inhale. Only inhale, rise up and reach forward. Exhale, roll back down and laid out. Nicely done and enough.

Very good enough. Good. Now we're going to do the rolling over. So your arms are down by your side. You Jack, nicer legs over your face. If you can bring them to the floor, you do. You open them hip with flex your feet and you roll your spine vertebra by Vertebra, away from that strong shoulder girdle. You bring your legs together just past you and come again.

Flex the feet, opening them against an exhale. Open the spine as you roll down, feel the Tummy Taut as you bring those legs away. Inhale, third time in this direction. Open shoulder with flex like crazy. Roll away from feeling fingertips, palms, elbows, and shoulders. Reverse your legs up and over. Inhale, bring the leather legs together. Flex the sole so much that your low back yawns.

Exhale it down. Very nice man. Open and again together and flex. Exhale, rule away. Good. Leave your neck long and easy. Jaw. Easy. Last one. Everybody inhale up and over. When you come together with your legs and you roll your spine longer than you have, bro, leave the right leg up and bring the left leg to the mat. We're gonna do single leg circle crossing of the body to the left.

Crossover down around. Exhale, center in with the air. Exhale, use that leg to stir your belly. Feel your belly draw on your lungs. One more. Reverse it down around and exhale. Good. Come home with a vengeance. Feel that leg. Push the air from you.

Open your mouth and let the air leave you. Feel your shirt change. Last one. I think we did too many. And split your leg right leg down. Left. Flick up. Beautiful. Circle to the other side. Crossover down around an exhale. Let your inhale snake up your spine and fill out your cage. Exhale, hot, firm. Good.

Reverse it down around an exhale. See if you could make your circles a bigger cause. They get closer to your other strong foot. Fabulous. Everyone. One more hot. Exhale. Bend the knee. Hold onto it and curl up. Put your hands on the mat next to your sits. Curl all the way up. Good.

Put your hands on the mat and lift your butt. Sits bones to heels. We're gonna do rolling like a ball. Take hold of your ankles. One. If you can cross your hand over your other risks, you should at bootcamp. That's fine too. The blades. Inhale, roll back. Exhale forward. Good. Inhale back. Fill your blades.

Go down your back as you curl your tail up, hamstrings coming up a little faster back. Exhale, forward. Inhale, back last one forward. Nicely done. Put your hands by your hips. Lift your hips deep down and straighten your legs all the way with control behind roll back down, right knee to the shoulder. And we're going to just single leg stress change left and right and exhale right and inhale for two and exhale. Very beautiful. Send your straight like out like a spear.

Straight to where you want it to go. Easy. Now bring both these in. Exhaling three times, four times, double leg. Stretch, elbows by ear. Circle around. Exhale, hot and fall. [inaudible] good. Your eyes are looking at your Tommy. Especially. Wear your shirt like meat ends. One more time. Be Greedy. Get in each other's way. Very nice. Both legs up for the scissors.

Take hold of your right calf with both hands. Pick it up over your forehead. Once. Go further. Twice. Switch once, twice and right twice and left twice. Good as you split your legs up out of your hip. Pull it up right and breathe out as both legs. Finish the last set and come up together. Hands behind the head.

We've been here before. Inhale, lower the legs and look at your tummy and stretch it taught. Exhale home. Inhale, hot. Exhale. So the breath comes up into the cage anchoring. You exhale. One more only so good everyone. And now we're going to do elbow to knee. Left elbow spins around and to the right knee and switch. Good.

And as you change and switch, breathe, send your spear like leg out there and bring the ribs up. Make your lungs twist in your rib cage. And last set. Very great. Alright, come this sitting up. Open the legs in a v fee. Flex elbows up by ears. Inhale your breath for spine stretch. Exhale, curl over. Crown towards war. You stack it up. Exhale it over.

Curl Ben and Ram. Miss no vertebrae. Leave no vertebrae on. Uh, what's the words behind? Inhale up last one down. Hot. Exhale, Chin to throw crown. Good. Now put your hands on your shins. Bend your knees and rock back to your sacred for open. Like rocker, feet extent, narrow feet pointed to the blades. Inhale, rock back to the blades. Exhale forward. Very good. Push your legs forward. If you fell forward, I'd be happier than if you had a hard time getting up. Yes, yes, yes.

Nice. Bring those legs forward. Yep. Now bring them together. Thank you Wendy. Bring them together and do one together. Inhale back, exhale forward. Come forward and stay. Keep your legs where they are. Arms open to the sides. Get an each other's way and tickle your neighbor and Chris.

Cross your legs in Hilbert Criss crossing. Exhale, stretch those arms way out, right. Hold on. And then bring your heels together. Hands by your hips. Lay your spine down in Jack Knife, over and up. Goodness. Everybody feel okay because their heads are not on the mat. Let's come down again. Scooch down a little bit and let's do that part again.

All right, so you finished your crisscrosses crosses, your arms are out to the side, then you put your hands by your hips and you jack knife over and up, legs together. And we're going to do the corkscrew to the right. So twist your tummy to the right. Reach your legs to the right and circle down around in with the air. Exhale at home. Nicely done to the left. Watch your belly twist, twist it. Yeah.

So when your belly twists your vertebrate twist. So look at it, twist it. One more set. Inhale and exhale. Hot and full. Lift those hamstrings in souls. Twist it to the other side. Enjoy the length deep in the belly. Exhale up to the top. Roll right on the middle row right down the middle and come sitting up for saw.

Legs out into V, arms out to the side, feet flexed. Inhale to the right. Exhale, reach the palm. Faces the floor, a little finger to toe. Inhale stacks you up with two to the left and exhale, reach. Good. Bend some new spot in your spine. Tummy lifts you, twists you as you reach your left little finger for your child. Bring those left ribs all the way to your right thigh. Come on, inhale up to it's you. Same thing on the other side, right ribs to left that. Come on, twist them around. Twist Mary, t E. Beautiful.

Inhale up and that's enough legs together. Bring them all the way around behind you and we're going to do swan long legs together. Feet pointed, palms down under your shoulders or a little wider if you like, but Alba's up off the mat, back by your back pockets. Inhale, eyes, nose, chin, and chest forward two times. Fill your belly, lift up and as you lower down, exhale systematically, fully and feel your belly deeply pulling up into your spine. And again, nicely done, Amy. Inhale up. Exhale, pull. The belly is not only your arms, it's like your tummy is holding your spine. Third Time we're going to die. Try and aim for four whole dives. Inhale up and go. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale and inhale legs together ish. And Inhale Tommy Institute back on your heels though. So excellent.

Stretch your arms way out in front of you. Take a nice deep breath into your low back and then pull your tummy in and come forward for single leg kick and double leg kick. So you're on your Spinx position or knuckles together. Either one. I don't care as long as you're pressing down hard into the mat, which lifts your belly up and you bend your right knee and you kick once and twice, switch left and twice and right legs together if at all possible and no budging. So as you kick all that hamstring inner thigh is held in the pelvis and your powerhouse. So if you feel your arms and elbows budging on the mat, reach your pelvis away from your waist down to your legs and like you have a savings account in your pelvis.

Hold all that beautiful last set and left and exhale deep enough down on your right cheek class for one hand in the other and try and pull the elbows to the mat. Exhale, three kicks of your legs together. Two, three shins down and inhale. Go forward with your sternum as you lay down systematic. Exhale two, three and in two and shange. Good. And when you go down, I want you to pay more attention to it. Then the up, the up parts, the fun, easy part. Yeah, two last one. Stay there for a moment. Breathe out and in.

And in a Tommy and sits you back on your heels to the child's pose. One more time for one deep breath. Then you stack your spine up. Bring your feet out in front of you for the neck pole. So in net pool, just like the roll up, try and keep your legs even though they're hip width apart exactly where you place them now so you can look at them on the mat. They should not come back with you as you roll backwards to make it very clear.

So you have your head in your hands pressing kind of nestling into your palms. Your legs are powerful. If you had a strap, you'd rip it, pushing your legs outwardly nice. You tip on your sits bones, back eyes downish and you roll. Keeping those feet way forward. Exhaling getting the spine far from and you start right again. Inhale, curl round, crown two knees. Exhale. Sit up tall, flex feet and put hamstrings down. Now keep those legs where they are and move away from them.

Gorgeous. One more. Only inhale, curl. Exhale, roll round over. And Ben, Tommy stacks you up taller than ever. And when you lay down, lay down longer than ever cause we're going to do scissors and bicycles. So take that tummy away from your thighs, away from your souls. Reach it out. Beautiful. Aaron, reach it out. That is so good. Everybody. Bring your arms by your side legs together.

Scoot down the Mat if your head has moved and we'll jack, we'll knife over and up and then place your hands as high up your back as possible on your rib cage if you can do it all fingers facing sits bones. Take your elbows and squeezing in to make a strong stance and then take both legs and split them up and away from one another. Once go further twice. Switch once, twice. Switch once, twice. Switch. Good. Look at your tummy and feel you can do it with yes with just kicks. It's down. If you like knights, everyone look at your tummy and watch it lengthen.

It should pick your leg up and hold your leg as you change into basically reaching that leg for the mat. You should hardly be able to see your pubic bone. Stretch that leg away from your face over to the other person opposite you. Put the right foot down or one foot down, but the opposite foot down. Change your hands so your f all your fingers are on the outside of your waist and the heel of your hand, even your thumb on the outside, but the heel of your hand is at your waist, so you're arching your body up high.

If that is too much or you've just put your arms down by your side, we're going to take four kicks with the right leg so you slide your right leg down the mat, heels down and point up. Flex the foot and down. Point kick up, flex down. Good. Go all the way to the mat. Stretch what you also work. Bring it down, bend the knee and plant the foot. Stand on it. Other leg stretched down, left flex and pole. Point and lift. Good. Now you're looking down your chest at your belly. You're looking down there and seeing the long taught slope.

Very beautiful. Bend that knee. Plant the foot. Bring the arms down, a roll from throat through rib, through waste, through pelvis, all the way down. As soon as your tail hits, curl your head up and come sitting up. Long legs together in front of you. Feet. Flex powerfully, arms out to the side for the spine. Twist. Inhale, front twist to the right. Exhale and two. Inhale, center. Exhale one and two. Inhale, center. Exhale. I love that.

Thank you. Inhale Center. Exhale, hot, good. And how center. So wherever your arms are, pull them into your body and let them twist your spine. Very nice. Last set. And then we're moving into jackknife. You finish your left, you come center, you bring your hands by your hips and your arms should be able to be straight. Scoot forward on your mat that when you Jack Knife, you have Matt behind you and then curl your tail with your pointed feet and go over and up. Ailing. Roll Down X.

Exhale, feel had. You see your torso is over and up. Twice. More. Inhale, good fingertips, palms, wrists, elbows, everything down on the Maddix. Hell and down. And third and last time. Inhale. Over and up. Exhale, milk down. Keep your feet high, bring the spine down, but the feet up.

Bend your knees to your chest and turn over onto your left side facing this way. And we'll just say kicks. So this way. So you're on your left side. Yes. Is that okay with everyone? Make sure you get to kick each other in the Tush.

Bring your feet forward on the front edge of your mat and your hips are on the back. Lift your right leg and kick it forward once. Go further. Twice back once and twice. And let's go altogether. Bring the legs together. Sorry man. To bring your legs together. Let's start it again so everyone's together. Put your right hand on the mat if you wish. Lift your right leg and here we go.

Front one, two. Exhale back two. Inhale, front, front. Exhale, back, back. Inhale, lift the belly. Exhale, lengthen the belly. Inhale, breathe the breath up. Exhale, breathe it out. One more. Don't let it budge you legs together. Turn out your top leg, pointed up, flex it, and squeeze it down. Nice. Reach it out of your hip. When you rise it up, reverse your foot, flex up, point it and pull it out of your waist. Very beautiful. Flex up pointed and pull it out of your arm pit. Keep your hip really long. Very nice. Goodness.

Bring your both legs together. Lay Your right arm down, put your head on it and squeeze your inner thighs together and lift both legs up and both legs down and both legs up and down tummy and keep them in front of you. Very nice. Keep them up and stay up. Turn over carefully onto your bellies for the grasshopper. Forehead on hands and legs. Clap together. Good in house. Yep. And if you like your hands under your hips, you may do that as well. Less tension in the calf and the toes. More inner thighs and outer hips.

Less budging around in the head and shoulders. More belly on both the exhale and the N. Nicely done. Bring your legs down to the Mat. Good. So we can still face the same direction, but we'll go over onto our other side. So we started on our left. Now we're on our right.

That's enough. Yeah, but we'll still face this way. Don't think is that a good idea? So you don't have to show it. You don't have to stick your butt in the camera's face. Bring your hips to the back edge if you would [inaudible] and when you're, and so your head is in your hand and your left hand is on the mat and draw both arms into your shoulders so that you feel your upper body, very helm.

Lift your top leg and we're going to do eight kicks, wants to the front one and two. Exhale back and two. Inhale Front. Exhale back. Good tickler. Inhale Front. Exhale back. Right. So your belly, lift up, feel it, grow taut, feel it contract, feel it. Length and very nice. We do one more hot exhale legs together and make sure your top leg is turned out. Point and kick up to the side. Flex and squeezed down. Good. The higher up, the more turnout you can get.

So when you come down your left heel, she come in front of your right ankle so you're rotating in. That helps. Your knee is facing up. Reverse your foot. Flex up, point down. Flex up. Point down. Neck is easy. Breath is full. Very nice. Everybody. Last one. Squeeze those legs together and come sitting up facing your feet. I'm thinking maybe Oh, double legs. You're right, stank.

You squeeze the legs together and rise up and exhale down. Good head is resting on your arm. Legs are like one and you're using your waist. Tummy in to lift them. Beautifully done and lower down. Nice everybody.

Now we're going to do teaser, so come, so come sitting up, feet facing each other if you would. Straight legs together, free pointed, and very straight arms. So you have to rise tall to come. Uh, to accommodate your straight arms here, you're going to curl your tail through. Rock back to your sacred, lift your feet I heights and reach your hands for them. Joe Used to put a dollar bill on the shelf and say if you can get, you can keep it. Exhale to your blades. Inhale, rise up and try and touch your toes. Come on, curl and bend. Exhale below that to go down. Inhale, rise up and reach. Stay there and lift your elbows to your ears.

Now on an inhale, lower the legs. Exhale, lift him. Stay upstairs. Stay up, reach up. Even if you have to lift your shoulders a little, lift your waist. Very good. We'll do one time. Lay the body and the legs down and out and coming back up. Reach for your toes. That's it. In a sweep your arms around behind you.

Put your hands down or your forearms if that's how you like. And we'll do hip circles to the right one around an exhale at home to the left. Good. Make sure your hips are moving on your spa by [inaudible] and the last time. Very good. And then sweep those legs behind you for swimming. Swimming.

Yep. Stretch what you can tract it. Pull your ribs and your pelvis apart. Gently let your arms elbows up higher than ears. Then go in with the air. Eyes up forward, chest up, leg time, knees straights. Turn in just a little bit and bring your legs closer.

And when you exhale to the mat. Exhale every atom feeling your belly pull in from the map and the elbows for the controls. Pushups. Flex your feet onto the mat. Legs together, ash. Yep. Pull your belly in and lift your hamstrings and tummy up off the mat into a plane. Mm.

Good. Right leg lifts and points. Left. Heel lowers and lifts and return your right foot. Reverse it. Left leg lifts and points. Lower the other heel and lift it and replace your left foot again. Up lower lift and replace. Good. When you lower lift, stretch your Tommy, not just your calf.

So we resist taking your shoulders with you. Beautifully done. Last one. Good. If you can bring your left hand to your right hand and then big arms circle up through the star all the way around, behind you till you're facing upwards. Put your left right hand on the mat. Hips to the sky, fingers facing. Well, fingers facing backwards, but that's okay. All right, so hit step everybody issues your last big arm for a moment.

Right leg kicks up and down. Left leg up and down. Look down your chest at your tummy, pull that leg up from your gut. Come on. That's it. You can bend a knee if you wish. Last one. So it's even easy neck and sit your hips down. Good facing that way.

We're going to come up kneeling. So you're kneeling with your hips, with your knees, hip width apart, hands behind your head. Tommy pulls in. K , here we go. Onto the side lying ones. So you gonna Bring your left hand on the Mat, right? And you're going to go all the way down and lift your right leg parallel to the floor. Hand behind the head, and you're going to kick your leg forward. Keep your left Shin really powerful on the mat. Exhale to the back.

Inhale to the front. Exhale to the back. Stay down strongly. You're doing great. Exhale to the back. Bend knee. Lift your belly up to stand on Bush. Shins. Hands both behind the head. Take a deep breath. Put the right hand down.

Lift the left leg up parallel to the floor. Strong right shoulder and armpit and kick for her and it fell back. Good. Lift the belly. Stir at it out. Inhale front, exhale back. We'll do one more. Inhale front and exhale back. Bend that knee lifted and then place it on the mat. Hip width apart, and sit down on your left hip. Stretch your both legs out to the side with the top leg foot down in front for the side bend.

Bring your left hand under your armpit so that your arm is close to you, but your legs are far away. So legs are pretty straight [inaudible] and they're going to squeeze together. As you exhale, you're going to rise up lifting your hips into a side plank, strong shoulders, right arm on your thigh. As you inhale, you're going to lower gently and turn your head and look at your right hand as it palms up. As you exhale, lift your hips and your ribs all the way over. Take your arm above your head. One more time, lower the hips towards the Mat, turn your head to the right and look at your hand, and then lift.

Squeezing the inner thigh, pushing down, left hand, left, right foot, and then lower down as if it's the easiest lightest thing to do. Very good. And turn. Sweep your legs around to other side and we'll do the other shoulder. Okay, so you keep your right hand under your shoulder, not far from it, but underneath like mermaid. Um, bring it just a little bit closer to you and stretch your legs out further. I had a girl. Okay, so as you exhale, you rise up.

And if I looked at you on a photograph, I would say, oh, they're just leaning on them, waiting for the bus. And as you inhale, you lower your hips. Turn your head left and look at your hand as you exhale, squeeze the inner thighs together. Push the hand and feet down and arch your spine open. Resist on arking it as you lower down, inhaling. And as you exhale, push your feet, squeeze your inner thighs and lift and open. Push the hand to the floor, away from you.

Come down light as a feather. Gorgeous. Everybody. That was so beautiful. Okay, now bring your knees to the first side. You're on your left hand once again and in this position you have your right foot planted on the floor, [inaudible] and your left leg is underneath you. Left hand is here, you're gonna rise up and twist, straightening both legs and twisting the right ribs to the left thigh. Curl the tail to your belly button and come down lightly.

Lowering the hips and shoulders square forward and repeat it in with the air. Breathe into places you haven't had a chance to find because this exercise gives you the opportunity. Keep that arm reaching as you curl your tail through. Arrived shoulders square with hips facing front and enough other side. Flip your feet to the other side. Plant that left foot in a place where you know you can keep it.

Lift your right knee just a little bit so your belly has already engaged both sides. Left arm is going to lift over the head and thread a needle right under your armpit. Keep twisting and twisting and twisting. Even as you crawl your tail to come under you. Keep that left arm resisting returning to its original position as you lower down. Again. One more in with the air. Bring those left ribs all the way around. Exhale, roll down.

Breathe out every atom of air and flip your knees to the right one more on the arm, arms one. How are you doing? Are you, are you warmed up? Are you centered? Oh No. Okay. You gotta be my, my own personal challenge them one. Bring your hips closer to your left hand and then stretch your legs further away from you. Right? So when you go up into your lefts, uh, twists cause exercise. So stretch them out even further. Yup.

And put this one in front. Exactly. You're gonna go up into the star. So your squeeze your inner thighs together. Lift your hips in. Your right arm is gonna come up in a star shape. Legs together though. Sorry. Handy legs together. But arms up. Here you go, right? So you're going to thread that arm through. Inhaling, you can break your hips a little bit and bring the right ribs through. Exhaling. Inhale, return to your star shape, and then arch your back and look up to the sky.

Exhaling return. And we're going to lower the hip and change the other side. Good. So bring your feet to the side. Make sure that your hand is under your shoulder, or very close anyway. Pull the tummy in, but lengthen the legs and you're going to stand firmly, especially on the left leg, squeezing the inner thighs together, Tommy. And as you exhale, both arms in opposition to one another. Right out of the center of you.

Start this twisting in your spine. As you inhale, fill your lungs up. As you exhale, return to your star shape. As you inhale, arch your back and look at the ceiling. Nicely done. Return to your star shape and exhale lower with control, gorgeous. Turn and facing each other. Once again, long legs turned out for boomerang, right leg on top of left seat pointed, especially the bottom foot. Straight arms by your sides, right? So when your arms are straight, you have to grow taller and you want that length and scope of the belly. So you're going to curl your tail and Jack Knife over your body.

When you get over there, open and close your legs changing position. Exhale up into the teaser. Keep your legs as you swim your arms around. Take hold and lift just like you do in rowing's on the reformer. Round your spine, crown towards knees. Open your hands with control. Big Wings.

Way Out to your foot. Sit up tall. Before you roll back, sit up really tall. Hands by your side. Start again. Curl the tail and flip over. Legs bumped up. Good forward into your exhaled teaser. Keep it open, the arms down, and then up, which bends your head and your shoulders and your upper back. Sweep your arms around and we're going to go into seal. Bend the knees and take hold of your ankles. Clap two, three. Inhale back, clap, clap, clap. Exhale, front.

Inhale back. Don't work hard. Smile and take deep breaths. Fill your back up like it were a pillow. Fill it up like a air mattress. We're going to go back one more time and turn into the crab. So as you go back on your shoulders, take your hands to the outside of your feet.

[inaudible] and roll up and over. Watch one. If you haven't done it before, gently press your head to the mat now. Get your souls up to your sits bones if you can. Elbows high and wide even more. So to roll back even more nice. Christie over change feet. Yep. And bring the souls to the city.

Elbows high and wide and control the belly. That is so excellent. We'll do one more in with the air all at back. Change the feet. Exhale the air up and oh over with great control. Put your hands on the mat under your shoulders and stretch your legs back behind you. Laying on your tummy for the rocking knee band and take hold of the tops of your feet.

Good and open like you're like you have a alligator. Your spine is an alligator and as you straighten your knees and you press your feet far from your buttocks, you're going to stretch your spine open in biggest you're on. It takes you into the rocking. Inhale and exhale. Don't work hard. Enjoy it. Open and stretch the thighs. Stretch the spine. Big.

Exhale and gently let go of your feet and Tammy and sets you back on your heels for one moment and then roll up and bring yourself two thirds of the way forward down your mat. Maybe your feet will touch your neighbor across the way. So come sitting up for the control balance. Okay, so you've got your feet almost. There'll be off the mat so that when you go back you'll, you are in control. Thank you. So the arms are long and straight, which gives you a tall, straight spine.

Here's your left Jack Knife. So you curl your tail, reach the legs up and over onto your shoulders. Lift them as high as you can with a strong shoulder girdle. Now take one at a time or both at the same time. Arms around behind your head on the mat. If you can do it when they're down there, split your legs and take. If you can your one hand, you're one ankle with both hands and pull it towards you.

As you lift the opposite leg in a split Tommy and changes your legs and you pull one down and split the other one. You are all looking fabulous. It's great split. Look at your belly and make those legs change like every side kicks they are. You've done so far such that the belly is why you change. Good lift. Nice.

Finish it off so both legs are up and then you're going to roll and stand up at the very end of your mat the way you began the class. So you roll down, cross your ankles and [inaudible]. Uh, however I know they're in. Good. Turn around and face the other end of your mat and we will do a police pushup. Good everyone, you're such troopers. You're doing fabulous. I know it's warm. You're in Polaris v the arms rides, elbows two ears up the side of the body.

Curl over. Reach your hands to the floor and small steps. Walk you fourth, keeping your hips dead. Center between your legs and your shoulders. Very strong legs together as you bend your elbows. One sense straightened doesn't have to be huge, has to be grounded through your feet and hands. Third and last time, squeeze the legs together. That is great.

Curl your head and your upper spine in between your arms. Walking small hands, steps back to your feet, nose to knee. If you can do it, Tommy and rolls you up. Remember how when you lifted your 10 toes, you had that arch that supported you? Big Toes reaching for one another.

Bring the arms up even until a little arch if you wish. Yes. O open out to the side. Exhaling and congratulate your stuff that you did that [inaudible] thank you everyone. Yeah.


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Great class and great cues!
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Rachel is so great to learn from. Can we get more?
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Nicely done and enough! Thank you
Yes Andy~ I can guarantee you two more classes from Rachel (with an open invitation for more) and the same for her sister Amy, who in my opinion is equally talented. Thank you for your feedback.
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Rachel and Amy are my favorite teachers. Thank you for adding their classes to your inventory!!!
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What an awesome class! Her cues are so precise-there were so many times she'd say to relax certain areas and when I did I would feel the exercise so much deeper; it was if she were here watching me! Nothing but the best on PA, everytime!
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One of the few classes on PA where I actually found the instructions confusing and had to watch the screen closely...I would have thought is was only me but I saw studio students a little perplexed a few times tool Teacher's voice was upbeat and her energy was fun lovin'.
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hmm... conflicted...some cues great, some confusing (agree with Joni). Didn't like the gasping for air cue.
Appreciated seeing a different way of doing some of the exercises and transitions..thank you to everyone in the class.
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Loved it. It was short and very challenging. Feel like i
I got a great workout! Also loved that there wasnt a lot of explaining of excersises.... Great flow!
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