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Full-Body Reformer

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Join Erika Quest as she instructs two students through a full-body Reformer workout. Erika uses the Overball (small ball) for the first half of the workout, transitions into Kneeling Arm Work, sometimes referred to as the Swakate series and tops off the workout with Back Extension on the Long Box. The entire session moves seamlessly from one exercise to the next. A very full-body workout indeed!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Overball

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Aug 20, 2012
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Hi everyone. Welcome to PyLadies anytime. My name is Eric AQuESTT and I'm here to give both Bridgette and Meredith a reformer workout. Today we're going to be using a small stability ball. This is just a child's play ball. If you have one around, great. You can also use a myriad of different other ones that balanced body cells or other companies sell out there that are about this shape and this size. Uh, you can certainly also feel free to fully omit this from the workout during the seated portion where they have these in their back.

What I would say to you is perhaps add an arc barrel to the reformer or something of that nature so that you'd get the same effect. Okay, so ladies, let's go ahead and come around your reformer, Meredith for me and have a seat and I want your tush kind of slightly forward of that dead center bullseye of the reformer and your feet are going to be down on the floor and we're going to take these small balls and we're going to put them in between your knees. So that means the feet are probably going to be a little bit wider than hip width distance apart, and you're sitting up really nice and tall here right now. So I want you to just start to take some nice breath into the body and just see how that feels and think about your feet and make sure that you're really connected into your feet and that you're thinking about your big toe, your little toe, and your heel as your tripod of support. Here. From here I'm going to have you lift your arms up and on an inhale you're going to flex the risks and open the chest and stretch out that owner nerve should feel really nice. Now on an exhale you're going to be didn't begin to flex the spine, so curl the spine round, hug a big beach ball and roll backwards.

Good scooping and Halloween. Beautiful again, coming up, flex those risks, stretching out that owner nerve and exhale, scoop and haul low rounding, pulling that pubic bone in towards the navel. Inhale again, flex those risks and open. Good and exhale. Tuck the pelvis and pull good, nice active movements. With the arms here. As you go, feeling that nice rhythm now and exhale, pull the tummy into the spine. Good. Last three here. Inhale, sit up, tall, open, spread that chest and exhale. You Go. Good. Three to five on that. Small stability at all times with the knees. You don't need to be at a 10 we're just trying to really connect to into your mid line here. Last two, filex and open. Good, and exhale. Tuck that pelvis and squeeze. Great, and last one here.

Open that chest and exhale. Good. Come on. Back up to the sitting position, palms of the hands face up. Let's take a look at your rotation just to check in on your system here, some spine twist sitting. So inhale, prepare and exhale. You twist and twist a little further. Inhale back to center and exhale. Go again.

Now remember your hip, stay nice and square and stable facing forward and you're just rotating around that the racich spine here. Inhale and exhale. Letting the cervical spine follow the movement pattern here and exhale, twist, twist further. Great. Last four, last three. Great. Really feel that spiraling up out of the head and around the spine here. And last one. Great. And then from here I want you to telephone your arm.

So I want you to take your palm of the hand, bring it up to the ear, and you're going to inhale. Just start to stretch over taking a nice lateral flection. Exhale, come up and over with that elbow, reaching back out to the t, go to the other side, telephone the hands, and then up and over. Think about point of opposition as that hip reaching down into the carriage. Exhale, back to center. One more. Each side, telephone the hand.

Take that extra bonus nerves, stretch and exhale up and over. Good. Reaching out to the tee. Last one here. Inhale. Good and exhale. Great. So from here, relax your arms down by the sides. I'm going to have you spin and face your foot bar. We have you set up for your foot work here.

So that's three reds and a blue spring here. So which is a little over medium. You're going to come on up to the seated position. And I want you to bring your Tush as close to the edge of the reformer as possible without of course falling into the spring. Well, take your small stability ball and bring it into the low back region. And I'm going to say here that there's the cantilever factor here. So you want to be mindful of your spinal column link. So the longer you are, the more cantilevered off the back of the ball you're going to be.

And the more challenging it's going to be for not only your abdominal wall but for your lower back. So just be mindful of that. If you have to make any adjustments, that's fine. So from here I'm going to have you reach your arms forward and we're just going to start some abdominal warmup. On an inhale, you can be into lean back into that ball, taking the arms up overhead into a nice reach position. Good and exhale. You deepen into those abs. Come back up to your starting position.

But stay in contact with that small stability ball. Again, inhale, you lean back. You always want that biofeedback here and exhale back to your starting position. Arms come forward. Good. Again, inhale, lean back, take the arms overhead and exhale back to that starting position. Great. Just two more. Inhale, lengthening out the front body here and exhale through the center. Great, and last one here. Inhale. Good and exhale. Great. So now we're going to start a little bit of backstroking.

So on an inhale, take the right arm up overhead, look at those fingers as you make a nice big circle all the way around and come back to your starting position. Beautiful. So from here, left arm goes, and what I want you to think about here is nice active movements with the arms. The hips are nice and square and inhale and exhale around. Great other side. Inhale and exhale. Great. Just for more. Inhale, reaching back, exhale around. Good. Last three. Beautiful. And exhale last two.

Yes, and think about that nice length through the arm here and last one here and around. Now finishing out with something that we felt just a little bit earlier. You're going to inhale. Take that nerve stretch again. As you lean back, go over that blue ball a little bit and exhale, come in, hug that tree. Good. Again, inhale and exhale. You pull. Allow that hugging portion for you to really connect into the midline of the body. Pull those ads in. Good. Last three here. We'll go to six of these and exhale. Nicely done. Last two. Shoulders are low and exhale. Good, and last one here. Inhale and exhale, pull in. Great, so do me a favor. Take your small ball out from your lower back.

You can go ahead and lie down onto your reformers. Bring your heels up onto the foot bar a little bit wider than hip with distance apart, and take your small ball and put it into your knees. Yes. Now from here, what I want you to think about, go a little higher here. There we go. What I want you to think about here is not squeezing to a 10 so I want you to be on a scale of one to five or one to 10 about a three to five at all times. This is going to allow for you to really connect into your lower abdominals, your midline at large. And I want you to keep a nice neutral pelvis.

So the sequencing is going to apply to all three foot work positions. So take an inhale to prepare on an exhale, push the carriage all the way up to the top. Good. And then inhale, pull and drag that carriage all the way down to the bottom. Good. Again, exhale, push away, and really focus on that breath being the initiator of the movement pattern. Exhale, you press good. And inhale, you pull two more. Exhale. Great. And inhale down, and last one. And now from here, I want you to pull three quarters of the way down to the stopper and we're going to call this floor one. Okay. So I want you to hold this nice isometric position.

So just a tiny bit lower Meredith, that's perfect. And then from here, we're at handbags. So I want you to push up one inch and you're going to go to floor two. So you're at housewares at floor too, right? Holding this nice isometric position. One more inch. You're going to go to floor three. Good.

And just a little lower for me Meredith, cause we don't want to go all the way up. Good. One more inch to floor, four good proceeds and then one last inch, but you're not all the way at the top to full extension in the knee floor. Five is at the top and that's shoes. Good. Then you're going to pull back down to three quarters of the way to the stopper. Exactly. And we're going to do 10 of those little pulses between floors one and two.

So up and down. Nine good. Really heating up those quads. Connect in with the mid line. Pelvis is nice and stable. Good. Five, four, three, two. Push all the way up to the top and flush out the quads. Great. Perfect. Inhale, pull the carriage back down. Second position you're going to slide down onto your toes, keeping the small ball in between the knees. Now of course we want you to press up onto your toes and have nice stable ankles here. So no dropping of those heels.

Take an inhale to prepare and out through the big toe. And the toe next to it, you're going to exhale. Push all the way up to extension. Inhale, pull and drag down. Remember your an active movements here. Exhale, push away. Arms are nice and relaxed. Don't let those shoulder rests collapsed down on your spine. Good. Last two, and exhale. You press check in on your system. Are you waiting each foot equally good. So from here, three quarters of the way down please.

To floor one good one inch up the floor to hold it. Good. One inch up to floor. Three, two more floors, one inch up to floor. Four beautiful. One lap dish the floor, five almost two extension. Great. All the way back down. Three quarters of the way, 10 lap pulses, 10 good. Nine and eight good.

Seven six m five. Beautiful. Four three to flush out the quads all the way up to the top. Great. So let's break this up into some calf raises. Inhale, reach both heels under the foot bar. Exhale, weighting the big toe and the toe next to it, press up. So again, we're going for full flection in both directions. Exhale, you press. So inhale, Dorsey flex. Exhale, plantar flex. Really taking that nice stretch through the ankles.

Make sure that you're waiting each foot equally here. You don't want to be cheating on one side of the body. Good. Let's go for six more. Six. Oh, I'll help you here. Welcome last by. Press up. Good. Four and press good.

Three and press last two. Good. And last one here. Press hold there. Bend your knees, draw the carriage all the way back down to the stopper. So we're going to use these guys in just a moment. I'll take them from you for now and we're going to go into a v position of the feed. So as with on your toes parallel, I want you to slightly elevated up onto those toes. The heels are kissed together as if you were really holding onto your winning lottery ticket numbers. That's a Bridgette cue, I think.

So take an inhale to on an exhale, nit the rib cage together. Push your carriage all the way up and squeeze. Get your quads to fire. Inhale, pull down, checking on your pelvis. Is it nice and neutral here? Make sure that the Asi and the pubis are still flat facing the ceiling. Good. Last three. Nice.

Last two, and schoolies. So remember this is your final footwork position for this sequencing. So really challenge yourself three quarters of the way down to floor one. So hold it. Good. Feel that little shake. That's what we want. Push up one inch. Good and hold it. Push up.

One more inch. There's floor three. Good, beautiful. Push up. One more inch to floor for good leg should be nice and warm. Now one last [inaudible] floor. Five. Great. Come all the way to three quarters of the way. 10 last pulses, 10 control, nine and eight. Good. Make them small. Seven and six. Chase that burn. Four, three, two and all the way up to the top and squeeze. Great.

Bring the carriage all the way down. We're going to break this up with a little bit of unilateral work and we're not going to do anything fancy, so I'm going to pull you guys back by one red springs. We're going to go to reds and a blue. We're not going to do anything fancy as far as the footwork concern is concerned, but we're going to change it up for the brain here by holding onto that ball. So just take your small ball and bring it against the belly.

Palms of the hands are pressing into it. You want some nice active pressure so that you can activate the arms here. Take your right heel only and bring it up onto the foot bar. Hip Width, distance apart. Parallel. The left leg is going to hold in the tabletop position. So holding right here from here, take an inhale to prepare. Exhale.

As you push away, you're going to extend your ball up to the ceiling and your leg to the ceiling. So reach there is your movement pattern. Inhale, pull the ball down, bend the knees, exhale, go again. So nothing fancy except confusing. The neurotransmitter is a little bit so pushing out and reaching. Good and inhale, pull down. Good. This is four, so let's go to 10 so halfway there with five exhale, push in, reach. Beautiful.

Think about pointed toe is really a stream of water coming out through the top. Last three and that your power washing the ceiling of the studio, creating that nice link through the do the leg. Good. And last one here and exhale. Push away. Good. So let's switch over to that left heel. Lifting the right leg into the tabletop position.

Same exact movement pattern with the arm and now the right leg. So inhale, prepare, exhale, push away, reach to the ceiling. Good. Inhale, pull down. And exhale. You go again. Great. Keep that Nice. Three depression, three to five pressure on the palms of the hands at all times here. Good. So here we go. For Four. I think I'm on cow. Wow. And here's a vibe. I'm trying my hardest to do that. Then five more. So we're going to 10 again and last for good pastes.

You guys keep this pace. It's really nice. Last three, good. Last two, beautiful. And one more. And then we're going to switch over to your toes. So we'll finish your footwork here. Doing right, set of toes and then left. Set a toes. So the right set comes down, left leg holds in tabletop.

The left leg is going to do exactly what it was doing before you're going to now take your ball and bring it out to the tee and hold it in your right hand. You're going to transfer the ball on an exhale. As you push out, will reach the ball to the ceiling, transfer it to the left hand, and then bend both knees and come back out to the T. Good again. Exhale, you reach and inhale. Beautiful. So now we've just changed the meridian here with the arms. Feels a little bit different. Good. Excellent. Here's five. So let's do five more of these.

Good. Last four. Nice job controlling your carriages or mind you want to really keep that carriage dragging out through mud and pulling down through my last two. Good, and last one here. Fantastic. So let's switch you out to your left set of toes and the right knee lifts and you're going to start with the ball in the left hand. So take an inhale to prepare. Remember that ankle is nice and stable. Exhale, push away as you reach. Good and inhale great.

And reach nice and exhale. Reach again. Think about this big toe on the leg that reaches up as really power washing the ceiling. Good. I think that's five. So let's do five more. Did I to get it right? I think so. Woo. Last. I can't believe it's actually working, but then again, we're early on so who knows what's going to happen. Lots too. Good.

And last one here. Fantastic. So you can just hold on teared 'em small balls for just a second. And then from here, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to pull you back onto a hip work. So I'm going to pull you back onto a red and a blue spring and we're going to take your feet and put them into the large loops and we're going to take that small ball and bring it into the ankle region. So I'll help you if you need it. So let me, so push away Bridgette. Okay, you got it, Meredith. Great.

And so then when you get your feet nicely into the loops, you want to go ahead and take the small ball and bring it into probably right above the ankles in lower calf area. Exactly. Excellent. So I'm going to give you a little disclaimer going through this sequence. The inner thighs are going to heat up pretty quickly here. So what I want you to be mindful of is that you don't need a hold or pop this ball.

You want to kind of be a consistent three to five squeeze on it at all times. And we're going to start with basic extension. So on an inhale, the legs are going to lift up to where your sweet spot is with your pelvis. What does that mean? It means your pelvis is neutral. Exhale or recruit the hamstrings in the gluteals. As you press back down, making sure that the lower abs are stabilizing here. Good. Again, inhale to the top, taking that nice functional link down the back body and then exhale, press down. Good. And again, I want you to make sure that you're checking in on your body here.

Are you weighting each sole of the foot equally good? Is the pelvis nice and stable or are you slightly to starting the tip into a posterior tilt? If you are just trying to be mindful of that. Think about your breathing pattern here. That exhale really initiates the movement. I don't necessarily need you to be bracing for a punch with your ass, but certainly keep that core nice and engaged and contained. Good.

Last three in this position, those inner thighs should be starting to heat up. And as they do start to heat up, the temptation of the hip flexors comes in. So just watch out for those guys to be overused and keep it in the inner thighs. Good. And last one here, and exhale, press down. Now I want to go into a forward bicycle. So you're going to come down, you're going to inhale, bend your knees straight underneath those straps.

Here's your tight rope walk from table top to the ceiling. I want you to try to not move that carriage and then go again. Good Bridgette. Exhale, press down. Nice, good. And then bend and good Meredith. And then you reach up and exhale, hamstrings. Go press good. And Ben, how are they gonna devise? Feeling?

Starting to get warm. Okay, good. And exhale, press down. Good. So let's just go for eight of these. So this is for yes and exhale press. We'll go for four more. Are Your arms relaxed? Are Your fingers reaching long towards the edge of the carriage to keep the shoulders out of the equation?

Are you still recruiting the core so that you're not compressing the spine? Good. And last one here, and of course what goes in one direction has to reverse. So lather, rinse, repeat. Let's lift up. Then those knees into tabletop, keeping parallel. Exhale, push out. Good. Again, lifting, bend those knees and Exhale, push away. Great. Good Bridgette lifting. Then great. And exhale. You press. You're almost halfway there. So one more to before.

Bend those knees. Now, again, friendly reminder. Where are you at with that? Blue Stability Ball. Are you still at a three to five or are you slacking on it a little bit by now? Good. Last three. I don't know. That might've been nine. I may have. May Have a may not win the lottery after this.

Session two with my counting. Good bend and your reach. Good. And last one here. Excellent. Bend and reach out. Great. I'm going to take these guys from you for just a moment and allow for you to have a little bit of a stretch. So go into a v position of the feet and bend the knees into a nice deep frog and hug the knees towards the chest.

All come around and drop your headrests for you. So lift your beautiful hair so it doesn't get stuck. And we have one more thing to do. Thanks, Meredith. With this guy in between the legs, we're going to do a variation on long spinal. Okay, so let's go ahead and put these guys back into a right above the ankles.

And don't worry, we won't do a thousand of these, so go ahead and open those legs. Good. From here, it's really long spinal. The only differences is that you're not going to open the legs at the top, so you're going to hold onto the stability ball at all times. From here, we're in a neutral pelvis. On an inhale, you're going to hinge, hinge, hinge, find that Nice 90 degree angle as much as you can. Tight rope walk. Again, try not to move the carriage as you exhale. Roll up onto the shoulder girdle. Good. Inhale, pause at the top and exhale. Bone by bone, by bone, by bone. You lie it down on to your territory. Good. Press through to your starting position again. Inhale, you hinge. Exhale, curl that pelvis under. Tuck the pelvis, roll up. Gorgeous. Holding at the top for a moment. Pause, taking.

Inhale. Exhale. You roll down, tucking that pelvis, trying to relax the glutes as you come down and roll through that spine, pressing through. Good. You can do three more. You got this. Inhale, you hinge. Exhale, Tuck the pelvis and roll up. Good. Inhale, pause, and exhale. You roll all the way down. Good bone by bone. Really finding each and every vertebrae here. Good. Last two.

I know you don't want me to lose my count now and exhale, roll up. Good. Inhale, pause, and exhale. Roll and articulate all the way down. Beauty full and you got one more and then you get a stretch for your reward.

So inhale, you hinge. Exhale, curl the pelvis under. Roll up, up, up, up, up. Yes, fine. That high point. That's your, they inhale, pause and exhale. You roll down good. And once you get to the bottom, I take your stability ball from you. You can take your left foot out of the strap and put your right foot on your foot bar and just take a nice hamstring stretch here. So go ahead and reach, yeah, reach that, uh, opposite leg up. You're going to need your strap, your other strap in just a moment.

So you'll want to keep it close and take that functional link that works for you. So try and keep the tailbone as anchored as you can. And then I want you to actually tip the pinky toe up towards the ceiling and let that leg just fall over the midline slightly going down and getting that Nice Elio tibial stretch, trying to keep that hip seated and anchored into that reformer carriage as much as you possibly can. Good. And then coming back up to the top, you are going to go ahead and switch sides with the strap. So whichever one best way you see fit, go ahead and insert the opposite foot. Take the other guy out. Yes. Good. Take that hamstring stretch to starts and I will hook you up back here because we're going to not need this for just a moment.

Okay? Yes. Getting that nice functional elongation. I'll, these ladies are very flexible, so whatever is functional for you is great. And then pinky toe comes up to the ceiling. Let that leg just slightly hinge over the body. Take that lovely iliotibial stretch all the way down the side of the leg.

[inaudible] find that point of opposition of that hip reaching into the carriage. Great breathing into the stretches and go ahead and release and we'll replace that strap back behind you again. And I'm going to have you come on up to the seated position. We need to actually add a piece of grip to your carriages. So some of that warm up work that we did with the small ball in your lower back is going to come into play here.

We're going to put you on a low bar and you're going to take a piece of grip and put it onto your carriage so that you don't slide. And I'm actually putting on two red springs for this. So let's go ahead and put your grip on. Yeah. And the grip is really here, just so, or the sticky pad is really here, just so that you don't slide. Okay?

So I want you to set yourself up as we did in warm up with your tissues, close down to the edge of the um, carriage as you can. But without, of course, falling into the spring box, you're going to take your best position with that stability ball. Again, of course, this is going to get intense really fast. So make sure that you choose what best position fits you and your spinal column, and then you're gonna take your toes and bring them up onto this low bar position with the heels glued together. So in thinking about this, I was thinking about variations on the stomach massage, right? So from here you're going to reach your arms out forward, and we're going to add in a movement pattern along with this. All right. So from here we're going to go ahead and start with some reaching. So on an exhale, you're going to push your carriage to straight legs and begin to lean back on your ball and reach back. Good. And then on an inhale, you're going to bend your knees and draw all the way forward. Good. Again, exhale, you reach. Great and inhale.

Yes you are. Yes. So you want to take that front body length as you exhale, go back. Good. And inhale, come back to your starting position. Good. Last three, and exhale and inhale back in. Beautiful. Last too. Finding that lovely length in that point of opposition being your toes and your fingertips as you exhale, push away. Good. And inhale. Now from here we're just gonna do some side reaching. So we're going to open your door, keep your hip stable. As you exhale, push away. You're gonna open one arm and look at those fingers.

So side reach in here. Good. Inhale and exhale to the other side. Open and look beautiful. And exhale. Push away and reach and inhale. Pull in. Good. Nicely done. Last four here. Again, keeping those hips as stable and as square as you can.

The temptation is for that pelvis to move a little bit last too good. And last one here, he'll stay kissed together. Beautiful. So now we're going to change it up a little bit for the brain in the body. It's going to get a little bit more intense, really fast. K, so don't worry, we're not going to do 85 of them. Bring the fingers, interlace them back behind the head, and we're going to add in a basic chest lifts. So this is going to feel a little bit difference and we're going to change the movement pattern. So on an inhale, you're gonna stretch over your stability ball with your upper body.

So be in this a lie back. Don't move your carriage yet. Just stretch back on an exhale. Use your abs to lift up and now press your carriage out. Schoolies again. Inhale, bend those knees, lie back. Beautiful. Exhale, use those abs and squeeze. You feel it?

Cores working. Yes, and they are good on. Exhale, arcane up and schoolies just 45 more. Just kidding. Last three, exhale you with good laughs too in the, we're taking this straight into rotation. So everything stays the same. You're just gonna rotate and this is gonna throw your brain off and your body a little bit. So inhale, bend those knees, lie back. Exhale, push away and rotate armpit towards opposite hip bone. Yes. Again, inhale back to center. Pull your gerunds down, exhale to the other side. So let's be even, we'll do six of these total. So here we go. Exhale, you go. Good. And inhale supporting that and that. Lengthening the front body. Good. Last two, inhale and exhale. Nicely done. Last one here.

Inhale. And just because I'm a tiny bit mean, you can take a little break while I drop you down to a spring and we're going to do a single leg variation. So I want you to take your right heel. We'll try, actually I read in a blue, I'm going to correct that and say a red and a blue. If it's too heavy, we'll pull back on it. Like if you're sliding too much, take your right heel and bring it up on that low bar parallel. Yes. Take your left leg lifted into the table. Top Position. Good. Find your balance. Got It. I'm so happy I have pro's doing this.

Fingers in our lace back behind the head from here. Do what you just did. Don't move the lower torso yet. Inhale, just stretch back. Yes. On an exhale, you're gonna lift, push away, and reach on a diagonal. Beautiful. Inhale, bend, lengthen back. And exhale, lift and reach. There's two. Let's go for four. And exhale, lift and reach. So I'm really just giving you a baseline.

You can see all of the options that you can play with here. Good. And of course what goes on. One side has to go on the other. So let's switch you over. Thank you for the bonus. Repetition. Bridget, I'm from here. Left heel comes down, right leg lifts. You're going to hit a hill again. Stretch back. Exhale, arcane up. And give me a nice teaser position with that leg. Good. Three more.

Inhale and exhale, lift and reach. Great. Last two and go. And last one. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Take a break. Woo. Alright, so you are done with these small balls for the rest of your workout. So come on up to the standing position.

And we will get you guys set for some arm work. So I'm going to set you up in a modified kneeling stance. We'll go into some unilateral arm work here. We're gonna go one blue spring. This may feel maybe a little bit heavy, but we only have a yellow here.

So we'll see what happens. Okay, so come on around your reformers. I think I'll have 'em Meredith, you start facing this direction and Bridgette, you start facing this direction. I want you to start with your left knee, right straight up against the front edge here. Almost like you're going to start for an arms kneeling side. Yes. So then what we're going to do with Meredith, your left leg and breezy, your right leg, you're gonna lift and put your foot out onto the edge of your carriage.

So you want your knee up to the ceiling. Flatfooted exactly. So this position is going to vary for depending on the libor length of the leg and also number two, the level of external rotation that you can get through your hip. So let it slide you a little further forward, Meredith. So that that knee is stacked above the ankle. Great. And then go ahead and grab on your front strap from here, which you're going to start in your left arm, Meredith and your right arm.

You're going to take that arm out and give me a little bit of a hug. A tree. Oh, that's good. Yes. So we want to start with a little bit of tension. The right arm, a Bridgette and the left arm. Meredith is going to reach a straight out. Now we're going to go rotation as well as arm work. So on an exhale, I want you to spiral up and out of that spine as you rotate palm of the hand down and reach. So reach all the way over. And this arms gonna stay right there. Good. Inhale, bend the elbow, and exhale. Go again. Rotate. So Meredith, let's have you stay here with this arm. So bring me that guy there. Good.

Inhale and exhale, rotate, reach. That's gorgeous. Perfect. That's all right. And exhale. Gosh. So essentially you're trying to marry those palms of the hands at the end of the repetition, reaching long through the fingers. And I'm tricking you because I know that free arm that's not quite working is still getting work. Last two and then the only thing we're going to shift here is the angle and the trajectory of your right arm, a Meredith and your left arm Bridgette.

So last one here. Inhale and exhale. You go from here, come back to your starting position and I just want you to take your arc and draw it down. Now you're going to scoop underneath your naval, so it's kind of like a single arm offering. Exhale, scoop under an reach, palm of the hand up. Good and inhale, lower down. Exhale you go again. Of course, lower torso stabilization is definitely on fire right now. And working. Inhale and exhale you go. That abdominal wall is always recruiting the movement pattern. Exhale, you use those ads and reach. Good. Beautiful. This is for, we'll take this to eight if we can make it last four. Exhale, scoop and reach. Last three. Beautiful Scoop and reach.

Last too. You have two more arm work sequences in the confines of this position and then I promise we'll move to the other side. So from here, the good news is is that arm gets a break. So you're going to switch your strap to your other hand. So we're all familiar with cross arm pull, right? But we're gonna actually do a subtle variation here.

So I want you to take your arm that doesn't have the strap in, reach it out really nice and strong. Take that other arm and pull the palm of the hand up towards the ceiling. Nice strong wrist here. And I want you to challenge your proprioception. So look at your non strap arm first. And on an exhale I want you to scoop under as you allow the head to shift and reach and look out. Good. So lovely warrior strong position.

Look at these beautiful women warriors. Inhale, you come under and I tell you scoop and reach. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Go again. Nice. And inhale under. Good. So finding that nice spot where you pause with that elbow and then you reach up. Good. Let's do three more. So inhale and exhale. You Go.

Good. Last two and scoop under and reach. And last one here. Scoop under and reach. The good news is we're going to take you out of that stance.

You can go ahead and put this knee into a side kneeling stance and make sure that you're nice and hip with distance apart with it. And then from here, Meredith, stay in the right hand and Bridgette, stay in the left hand. We're going to go into that deltoid reach position and add in a little bit of lateral flection. So on an exhale, you're going to do what you do with deltoid reach. Reach straight up, keeping this lat, reaching down in opposition. And now exhale, look over and laterally flex. Looking down at that hands towards the springboks. Inhale, come back, draw back down. Good. And exhale, go again. As you're reaching up through these fingers, reach down through that knee and opposition. Good. And inhale and draw down. Good. Exhale, reach up and laterally. Flex over, opening the intercostals.

Inhale. Good. Last three, and exhale, reach. Good over. And inhale. Last two, exhale, go and reach. Nicely done. And last one here. And then we're going to do everything on the other side.

Got a love unilateral work, right? Good job. Excellent. So go ahead and turn around face the other direction. So picking up that strap, and again, we want to set you up into that externally rotated hip position. So the one knee is flush up against your shoulder rests, and then the opposite opposite leg comes out as close to where you were with the other leg. Take your front strap, it's going to stay in that hand or the hand that's closest to the shoulder blocks. And from here you're going to start with that nice rotation. So palm of the hand facing down here, you're gonna exhale, begin to twist and spiral around that spine and reach good.

Again, think of that lift through the spine, up and out of the top of the crown ahead as you spiral around and reach. Good. Inhale. And yes, there has to be a little rotation here and you're going to feel that pelvis undulate a little bit as well, which is fine. And exhale, you go. Good, beautiful, nice flowing into my hand. Exhale. Good. Last two. Inhale and exhale, rotate and reach, and last one here and exhale. Great. So again, staying in that hand were just challenging the trajectory you're going to scoop under the navel. That opposite arm still reaches out nice and strong through those fingertips.

And exhale, scoop under single arm offering. Palm of the hand up. Good. Inhale, come under and exhale. Go Against Scoop Henry. Itch. Nice and Exhale, Scoop Henry. Good. So keep this guy facing up for me. Exhale, scoop to me. Good. That's gorgeous. Good. Inhale last three and exhale. Great.

Make sure that you're real using those abdominals here. Stabilizing with the lower torso. I know those legs are feeling it as well. Last one here and then we'll switch hands. Great. So switch that strap to your other hand and a good and give me that nice strong arm out to the side. Palm of the hand faces up and you're going to exhale, scoop under that naval. And remember you want the appropriate receptors or the cervical spine to go with this. So find that challenge through your visceral visual cortex. Good.

Inhale under and exhale. Go again, scoop and reach. Good. I think we did six on the other side. So let's do six here and exhale. Great. So great balance challenge for you here. Great for your neurotransmitter's. Really Nice active movements through those arms. Last two, and exhale, scoop and reach. And last one watching that the upper trapezius doesn't get too involved.

Great. So now, nice kneeling side stance. So you want to put that other knee down, stack it right underneath your hips and keep the strap in the hand that's closest to the shoulder. Brock blocks. Bring it straight up next to the face, into some deltoid. Reach with a lateral flection. Exhale, reach up, keeping that opposite lat or that same side lot down as you reach it over through your fingers. Looking down. Good. Inhale back up and draw the hand back down. Gorgeous. Exhale you reach. Remember you're arking up and over. You are not crunching.

Good and inhale and exhale. You go reach up and over. Good, beautiful. And inhale three more. Find these intercostals. Open them up. Good and inhale. Last two. Reaching up and arguing over hip reaches down with those fingers reaching over.

And last one here. You reach our king over. Good. Excellent job. You can go ahead and take that strap, replaced it on to your little hook there. We're going to come on up to standing. I want to drop your foot bars actually all the way down because we're going to go and finish with some back extension before we roll you down. So we'll go all the way to the low position and I'm gonna have you stay on a blue here. So lets put a long box on and you're going to be facing your risers and you'll see why we're going to stay on a blue spring.

So you want your chest hanging over the front of this box rather than probably the um, these IFAD process here. So just right on the edge of that, um, xy Floyd process and you're going to go ahead and grab onto the tape so you can lift your straps up and grab onto the tape. And what I want you to do here is actually open the arms and flex forward with the upper body. So just relax down here for a second. Take that nice moment of flection and I actually want you to open your legs here slightly as well. So we do an exercise in the supine position that feels like a snow angel, right where you're lifting in deflection here.

I want you to do the same type of exercise, but your lifting into back extension. So on an exhale, you're going to begin to lift the upper body in tobacco extension. As you lift the arms up, squeeze the legs together and draw the pinkies to the thighs. Beautiful. Inhale, you open the arms and the legs and flex forward. Beautiful Meredith. And exhale you go again, lifting and squeezing. Great. And inhale you open, flex forward.

Now make sure that you're really pushing the pubic bone in towards that box so that you're not using, overusing your lower back. So give me a little bit more pubic bone in Bridgette. There you go. And exhale, go bed are much better. And inhale, flex forward and reach. Good. Last three and up. Good. Nicely done. Remember, this is the last exercise, ladies, to stay with me. Last two.

You want to really extrapolate every ounce of every workout of every repetition. Good. And you lift great from here, lower down, reach forward. Now let's do a little bit of unilateral. All I want you to do is close the legs together and you're going to do the exact same thing with the upper body. So I want your right arm to go first. So you're going to start to look to the right with the head first. So look to the right as you lift up and squeeze down. Good.

So we'll get some slack in that left arm. So just reach it forward. There'll be slapped. Good. Inhale, you're going to come forward and exhale to the other side. Yes. So we want you to really kind of connect to that bottom rib with the top hip here. Beautiful. Inhale forward and exhale. You Go. Great. Again, all of the same principles apply here. You're really keeping that pubic bone pushing into that. Um, that box here to support your lower back, keeping the lumbar spine nicely decompressed as you're really accentuating that mid thoracic spine. Good. And inhale, let's do two more.

And then for good measure just to reorganize you. We'll do one last repetition with both arms. Good. Last one here unilaterally. So exhale and inhale and then reach forward. Flex down, and exhale. Just give me one polling straps, one here. So exhale, just reorganized, squeeze those thighs. Good. And inhale, lower down and reach forward. You can go ahead and replace your straps on your hook.

Come on up to the standing position, so slide on off your boxes. Good. And you just want to stand here and just think about how hard you've worked over the last 45 50 minutes or so or so. Feeder about hip width, distance apart, parallel. Good. Take an inhale to prepare and we're going to actually lift the arms up over the head. On an exhale, begin to dive down with your fingertips, pulling the tummy into the spine. Rolling down. I want you to stay down at the bottom for just a moment.

If you can take a moment here for you to really relax, release and reorganize the spine here. Release any undue tension that you may have taken on the inhale. Take a nice deep breath of gratitude into the spinal column. Exhale, blow out any negativity, negative thoughts through the mind, through the body, and pull the tummy into the spine as you begin to roll up one vertebra at a time. Restocking with more length in between. The next crown of the head is the last thing to the reach the ceiling. One last thing to do. Fingers in our lace back pines your lower back. Exhale, reach your fingers to the floor as you open your chest slightly up towards the ceiling. Good, and you're all done. Way to go.


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WoW !!!! Thank You for an Amazing class :)
Impeccable cueing & great flow ~ loved the modified kneeling arm work
3 people like this.
Loved the creativity of this workout - both with the use of the ball and the kneeling arm sequence!!
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It was a great fast moving workout. I love using the balls for my mat classes, this adds another level to the reformer work. Thank you!
7 people like this.
Amazing and well-thought out class. One of the best and very innovative. Clear cues. Perfect counting (some classes the instructors lose track leaving us uneven). Right amount of talk. Great use of 45 min. Please do more classes.
Thank you Erika!
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Outstanding class. One of the best I've seen here. Cueing was impeccable. Straightforward and precise. Easy to follow while still being challenging. I will definitely try your side arms series and love all the work with the ball! Thank you. Would love to see more from you!
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Hi all! Thank you so very kindly for your thoughtful and lovely comments. I am so honored to be a part of Pilates Anytime and hope to bring you more sessions soon. Much love, Erika
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Such a wonderful class - I love Erika's energy!! Can't wait to do this one again :)
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Awesome! Thank you!
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