Class 799: Dance-ilates Intro

10 min
What You'll Need:
Mat, Table Chair
This introduction to Dance-ilates is for anyone who wants to take Jillian's Dance-ilates class here on PA. Jillian prepares you by explaining the foot positions, dance terms, hand movements and the yoga references that will appear in the full class. Take this class just once and you are sure to enjoy the body, mind and spirit of the full Dance-ilates class. To take the full class click here Class ID 837
Sep 19, 2012
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Comments on this Video

Great intro for the class, now I'm really ready :)
Thanx !!
4 years ago

I love this intro class. Thanks a lot .
4 years ago

I was excited at first because the instructor was doing a good job explaining the movements while referring to the "dance" that was about to happen....well, it never did...I was waiting to finally incorporate what she was saying into her dance....only to realize that it was not in this video....
2 years ago

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