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Seamless Mat Flow

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From start to finish, Lisa Hubbard guides you through class with smooth transitions and insightful cues. As you move along, you'll find your body is well prepared for the exercises that follow, leaving you with a sense of deep connection and flow. You might even be surprised at how fast this class zooms by given how much you'll accomplish.
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Aug 22, 2012
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Good evening, everybody. Welcome. I'm Lisa Hubbard. I will be leading you into your mat class tonight. We're going to begin standing with the feet hip distance apart, parallel toes facing forward. We're going to just do a little bit of a wakening with the soles of the feet. So we're going to lift the toes off the mat, spread them out wide, and then place and back down onto your mat. Let's do that again.

Lift the toes up, open the toes out, wide spreading. And then let's articulate down the baby toe, the fourth toe, third toe, second toe, and then your big toe. Good. Let's do that again. One more time. Up Spread and then lower. Good. All the way down. We're going to shift the weight forward center and then back a little. Let the, let the balls of the feet come off and then four.

So we're just going to sway and back. Whoa. And again, inhale and just sway. Exhale, center yourself. Now let's go as one unit to the right. So the weight will be on one side and then center and the left. We're just gonna Swipe. It feels good. And over lengthening through the crown of the head and pause in the center.

Go forward and around. So just all round, keep everything together and pause. Reverse going around the other way. Working through the feet. Yeah, and center. Good. Bring your abdominals in length into the spine. We're going to take a breath in. Drop the chin to the chest, and you're going to roll forward. Bending at the knees, rounding your lumbar spine, rounding your low back, releasing ahead.

Shake your head. No. Take a breath. Inhale. Press your heels down into the mat as you roll up simultaneously. Extend the leg so you're straightening the knees. As you roll up. Open the chest. He elongate through your spine again. Lateral breath. Inhale. Exhale, release down, bending at the knees.

Curve your spine forward. Good. Placing your hands at your shins or on your mat. Take a breath again and roll it up slowly. Opening your chest. The legs extent we'll do. Let's go to the right. Rotate. Change my mind. Going to the right. We're going to roll forward.

Bending at the knees. Go down to the side. Now pause here. Straighten your legs. Bend your knees and roll up extending your knees as you articulate back. Good. Go to the opposite side and curl your spine. Bending at the knees, relax your shoulders. Good. Extend the legs. Inhale, bend the knees and roll it up to a sitting or standing position. Good.

We're going to walk forward into the map and we're going to come to a sitting position. So bend down and go ahead and start with the knees together and hands underneath your thighs, knees together, feet together. Lift your chest and get, um, elongate through your spine. So I want you to have a sense of drawing in the greater toe. Canters your hip bones inwards. Roll back. Exhale, pause here in hell. So you really want to scoop. And then exhale, curl and lift. Open the chest, watching the ribs and sternum Xcel reaching the knees away as you lower.

Inhale and exhale, draw back. Articulate the sacrum low back, mid back, and lengthen all the way up. Good. Two more axial back, scooping down. Good. Inhale and round forward. Try not to force up and lift your chest. Good again. Last time. Exhale. Inhale here.

Scoop and roll it back up to a sitting position. Great job. Palms forward. Let's separate the feet. Take an inhale. We're going to scoot forward just a little bit so we have enough space to roll down onto our mat. We're going to roll down, lengthening the fingertips away as you lengthen your spine. Good, lower all the way into your mat. Taking your arms overhead, draw your feet in slightly towards your, your sitting bones. Legs are parallel. We're going to go into the pelvic curl with the arms. Exhale, the arms reached down at your side, pressing the hands into the mat. Open the chest. Good. Get a little higher with your hips.

Inhale and then articulate down in printing your spine, lengthening the arms all the way overhead. Good, and again, exhale, scoop the abdominals in and peel your spine off the mat. Sorry, a little bit higher here. Good. Reach the knees away as you lower floating the arms all the way overhead, lengthening back. Good again. Inhale, pelvic floor transfers. Your core abdominals are working. Press find the hamstrings. The inner thighs are engaged. Inhale and then roll it down. Taking your arms all the way back. Good again. Let's do two more. Inhale. Exhale, scoop in.

Roll. Pressing the hands into the mat. Open your chest course at your ribs. Inward. Good. Inhale here and length and down in printing. Sequentially. Arms all the way back. Great job. Let's do one more exhale. Press the feet into the mat. Pause here.

We're going to lift without moving your hips. You're going to lift right heel up. Lower it down. Ooh, a little cramp and left up. So you want to maintain the stability in the pelvis. Lifting alternating, right lower and left lower. Good. One more set, right lower left, lower. Pull your heels in just a tiny bit towards you.

Make sure that the knees are not splaying. We're going to do the left, left lift and lower right. Good. Lower. Stabilizing the hips again. Two more sets and lift. You should feel this in the calves and hamstrings and inner thighs. One more time and lower. Good. Now let's lift up both. Press down, stabilization of the hips and abdominals and pelvis.

Two more here. Lower last one, lift lower. The heels. Float the arms overhead. As you imprint your spine, taking your arms all the way back, open your arms into a t position. Take your knees and your feet together. Rotate your waist over to the right. Inhale, stacking your left foot on top of the right. Exhale, bring it to center and again, inhale over to the left. Open your chest, XL the obliques. Draw the knees back to the center and inhale over.

This feels just wonderful. Exhale, center. One more time like this. Inhaling, open the chest length and got some little adjustments there. Exhale and center, right leg, 90 degrees, left leg, 90 degrees. We're going to take it over to the right pause here. Exhale, engage the obliques. Take it center rotating to the left.

Inhale, open the chest. Exhale, imprinter spine into the mat. Again, inhale over massaging the sacrum and last time over. Inhale and bring it back to the center. Exhale, hug your knees in towards your chest. Just rock it forward and back. Good. Nice. Placing the feet onto the mat. We're going to circle the arms out. Interlacing the fingers behind the head. We're going to lift up. Chest up.

Exhale, draw the right knee in. Good. Inhale back. Let's do five each side. Exhale, so we're gonna stay on the right. Inhale. Lower Xcel is a like floats up, maintaining your neutral pelvis. Inhale and last two curl up. Inhale, lower last one. Exhale in health, the left again, XL five on the left length in a way, and curl it up, cradling the back of your head and three and inhale down last to exhale. Inhale, lower one Moore. Exhale up.

Inhale lower. Now. Exhale. Extend the ride like on a diagonal in hell. Bend it again. Lengthening the abdominals. Inhale, bend, reach it out. Three. Inhale, lower and last to extend the knee fully. Inhale, one more. Exhale out. Inhale, lower everything. We'll alternate left lengthening out. Exhale, bend it to 90 length in a way in hell. Lower.

Extend the leg on a diagonal and come down last to exhale, keeping the pelvis square and up and bend everything. Lower. Good work. You guys. Legs, table, talk. Inhale, lift your head, neck, and chest. Exhale. Lengthen the toes down towards your mat. Exhale. Sorry. Inhale up. Excuse me. I want an exhalation on the way down.

Inhale, pull it up. Great. And again, three more. Tapping the toes. The main thing is that you draw the abdominals in as the knees lower and last time, and inhale up. Pause here. Let's alternate. Exhale, pulling the right knee in in hill and we'll switch. Maintaining the neutral pelvis, tapping the toe on the mat and exhale and inhale on the exchange.

Lengthen through the crown of the head, going up and over, and now let's add a rotation. Going to the right rotating one. Stabilize your hips. Keep the chest nice and high as you rotate to the center. Good shoulders relaxed down the back, and one more each side. Exhale, I'm feeling this, and exhale. Take it center.

Grab a hold of underneath your thighs. Curl up to a sitting position. Place your feet open your chest. Inhale, round your back. Exhale. Good. Again, inhale, open your chest. Nice upper back extension. Exhale, curve. Good. Two more. Inhale, open. Exhale, curl.

This feels great. Inhale, open, and exhale round. Take your knees and your feet together. Hold onto the ankles. We're going, oh, go into 'em. Rolling like a ball. We'll keep the knees together. Squeeze, wrap around. We're going to roll back. Inhale, exhale and balance. Good again. Inhale back. Exhale, curve. Great. And inhale back, keeping the heels towards your sitting bones. Good. Wrapping around with the inner thighs and the hamstring connection.

And two more rocking back. Maintaining your shape. XL and rock in hell. Beautifully done. Girls XL. Hold good. Now we're going to lift the legs up. Reach your arms. Ah, this feels great. Extend your legs. Hold onto your legs because I need to. And Bend. Inhale, extend out. Ben's good. And one more. Extend out. Lift. Bend your knees.

Lower down. Palms up. We're going to go back. Interlace your fingers here for the single leg. Stretch XL. Good. Good. Too. Nice to, where did you five like this? Good. Beautiful form ladies. Good drawing.

The abdominals in and inner thighs are squeezing inward and now we're going to go in up bend in a good, sorry. It's more like kind of like you're treading water. Bend the knee, extended switch. Good. And one more. And in bend your knees take a break. Inhale. Ah, that felt great. Good. We're going to lift the chest up and we're going to rotate for the uh, crisscross. Rotate, inhale and exhale. Good. Stabilize your hips. Drawing in the abdominals.

Good knee is 90 and let's pick up the pace. Exhale a little bit quicker. What? Good. This feels really great. And again, we could do this all day. Let's do one more like this. We're going to add the choreography of the leg. We're going to rotate, extend, switch, good and alternating. Lengthen. One more each side.

Up and bend. Release arms at your side. Good feet on the mat. Open your shoulders. Let's bridge up. Let's hinge up. Stretching out the abdominals. Good. Lift up a little higher, little higher. Interlace your fingers. Good. Now go into onto your shoulders and lift up a little bit higher.

Open the chest. Good. Pause here. Take a breath in. Release your arms and we're going to articulate down upper, mid, low back and find neutral. Take your legs table top right like first left leg. Extend the legs out. Inhale 90 we're going to go into our rollover. Exhale, reach the legs over the head. Legs are parallel. Flex. Separate your leg, shoulder with lower your legs. It's to the mat, and then you in print your spine scooping the abdominals in all the way. Hips go down, point your toes, circle the legs together.

Inhale 90 going over. Exhale, legs are parallel. Flex. Separate the legs. Lower the feet to the floor. Roll down, keeping your FYS close to your chest with control. Keeping your head on the mat. Circle it together. Two more. Inhale, exhale over. Select separate. Lower the feet and roll. Good in printer's spine point and around. One more. Inhale.

Exhale up and over. Good. Flex separate, and we're going to roll down one piece at a time. Point and circle together. Bend your knees and hug it in. Good. Just rock the knees. Forward and back. Great job. Place a feet onto the mat. Arms sweep up overhead. We're going to go into a modified roll up, so we're going to keep the knees bent to begin with. Lift your arms, head and chest. Inhale, press the legs out. Exhale.

Good. Inhale here. Now we're gonna roll back. Exhale, you can bend your knees or keep your leg straight. I like to do both and length and back. Inhale the arms, head and chest. Exhale, curl and extend the legs. Keep your seeker lengthen through the crown of the head and feel that wrapping. Good. And again, roll back and float your arms all the way overhead. Don't let the ribs pop off the floor. And again, two more. Inhale, arms, head and chest. Exhale, draw in.

Good shoulders away from the ears. Lengthen through the crown of the head and back, reaching energy through your arms. Good, and again, inhale, look forward. You're pausing. Arms are parallel to the floor and roll up. Good. Let's do one more. Inhale, roll it back. Exhale, floating the arms all the way back. Last one. Reached the arms, head and chest. Exhale up and over. Good. Release forward into a little fold forward. Fold. Roll up to a sitting position. Take your hands behind your head.

We're going to lengthen through the spine. Flex the feet. We're going to exhale, rotate to the right spine, twist and inhale and exhale to the left. Inhale, good and spiral up. Up, up, up. Good. Inhale, center, spiral, creating space in the body. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale up. Good. Inhale, beautiful. And again to the left. Twist, twist, twist, and inhale. Now we're going to do it with two breaths. Let's go twice.

One to center. Exhale, exhale in. Good, good. Rotate, rotate, center length and lengthen up. Rotate. One more, right? Good. Center and left and center. Release your arms. Beautiful. Good. Open your legs out. I'm going to sit back a little bit.

Lift up here. If your hamstrings are feeling a little tired today, you can bend the knees. Legs are active. Engage. I want you to feel the grit, like keep saying this today. Greater truck. Canters inward. We're going to go, so we elevate. We really create some space here. Let's take the hands out the sides and we're going to roll forward. So you're articulating away from an imaginary wall. Roll down, slide your hands towards your ankles. Inhale here. Now roll up to a sitting position. Nice and easy. Open your chest. Good. Inhale, draw the chin down towards a chest.

Fold forward. Going into this spine stretch, hand. Slide against, towards your ankles. Good. Now we're going to inhale. Come onto, excuse me, lengthen into a flat back. Open your chest, soften the ribs. Good release, and roll it up. Good again. Inhale, let's do two. More like that. Chin down, chest curving forward. Lengthen. Good notes. Start from the sacrum. Low back, mid, upper, all the way through the crown of the head. Release and roll it up one more. And Chin to the chest. Curl forward.

Pause here. Articulate onto that diagonal. Okay. Release and roll it all the way up to a sitting position. Lift the arms out to a tee. Good. Well, a little bit closer in, right to the shoulder. We're going to spiral up. Rotate to the right. Good.

We're going to hinge forward towards the right baby toe or left. And now we're going to open. Take your back hand and I want you to open your chest. Spiral open even more. Oh, you're so welcome. And release. Reach out and lift up. That's the solid part. And rotate.

So we're going to lift, creating space. Exhale, hinge forward. Now take your back, arm and scoop and now open your chest spiral. Looking out at the hand. Good length and out and up. Hold. And then lift in spiral center. Beautiful. And again, I love this one. Rotate. Inhale, go forward. Open. Inhale here, release out. Lift up and center again. Spiral rotation.

Reach forward, hinges open and spiral. Take your hand back. Good. Come out and up and center. One more time. Each side and rotate, twist, go forward. Take your hand out. Open your shoulder, open your shoulder, reach, twist, come back up and center. Last one to the left or opposite side. Reach out.

Good spiral. Feels great coming up and center. Great job. Bend your knees, scoot forward slightly. We're going to do an open leg rocker here. Preps, so go up with one leg and the other. Pull against your thighs and I want you to start from the base.

Think Pelvic floor, the base of your sacred and elevate upward. Good. We're going to curl back. Round. Inhale, exhale, find that cradle and then articulate up. Good. Curl back. You'll fall back. Inhale, exhale, curl and lift. Articulate, grow. Good. Again. Inhale back. We're going to do four. Exhale, girl and lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Good. Beautiful. And one more like this. Curl back. Inhaling. Exhale, curl, lift. Pause here.

Extend one leg and now the other. Pull yourself forward and I find a balance. Good. Now we're going to roll back X. Inhale. Excuse me, tucking. Rolling. Exhale, curl. Articulate through the spine and find the balance. Good.

Roll back. Inhale, exhale. Up. Lift, articulate. Take your time. Open your chest. Two more. Inhale, scoop back. Exhale, coming up. Good. Find every bone in the body. Good, and one more. Inhale back curve. Now draw in.

Find your balance. Good. Take your legs together. Reach your arms. Lower down for the teaser. Reach, arms overhead. Let's just do two. Inhale, roll. You're still articulating hole. Don't fly the arms up. They just slowly good and lower down. Exhaling, reaching. One more. Inhale and roll it up. Exhale, lift your arms nice and high and pull it in all the way back. Bend your knees and release. Hug it in. Great work.

Good job you guys. Let's take the legs down. Feet down. Excuse me. Extend your left leg down onto the mat, right, like tabletop and extend the like. Flex the foot. We're going to circle the leg six times towards the midline. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, stabilize your hips. Exhale. Let's do two more. Inhale and exhale. Pause at the top. Reverse. Inhale up. Exhale, and it goes down and up and down and up.

One more and pause. Point your foot, bend your knees, slide the leg down the mat and we'll do the other side. Bend the left leg, extend up. Flex. We're going to go towards the midline and six one circling. Stabilizing the leg, swings down and lifts up. Stabilize your pelvis. Imagine a bowl of water and reverse and inhale. Exhale, circle three more.

Up and up. One more and hold point. Bend and slide the leg down. Good. Let's roll onto face this direction. Onto your side. Trying to navigate the microphone. I think I'll just put it behind me. Yeah. Okay. That works. Meredith is approached telling me how to wear this thing.

Okay. We're going to lie on your side. Extend your arm out. I like to bend my elbow. Um, just because my head, I feel like it dangles, so I'm going to bend my elbow. If you feel that way too. Then please do. We're going to lengthen through the hips, extend the legs, scoop in slightly. We're going to go up. Let's go down. Let's go. Flex up. Point down. Flex up, point down.

So the breath pattern will be exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Good. Draw up the inner thigh. Inhale, reach out and up and up. Flex point. Good. Articulating through the feet. And inhale one more up. Stay up top like squeeze your booty up and down. One.

Draw it in to keep the bottom leg up. Three good. Four and five. Let's do 10. Squeeze down, resist up, press good. And one more. Up and down. Externally, rotate point. Top leg goes up slightly. And we're going to just kiss the heel and lift. Good.

Reach it out. Nice. Hips are beautifully. Square ladies. Nice work. This is not easy. And again, and one more. Oh yeah. And hold. Let's and scissor. Keep it small. Just keep it the, the width of your mat. Think about pulling up, stretching back, pulling up, stretching back and last time and release. Good work. All right, let's bend the bottom knee.

Press up onto the elbow and forearm. Okay. Sorry. All right. We're going to do, let's take this like a 90 degree angle. Um, we're going to kick the leg forward, but you're going to look behind you one too. And I'll look behind back two. Good. Exhale. And we're gonna do five like this.

Good back. Keep your pelvis or keep your, um, spine in neutral. One more and back and reach. Now look forward. We are going to single it and bring it back. Good reach. Keep the leg on the same plane. You're flexing the foot and pointing it, squeezing back. Good.

And one more. And pause. They're going to flex the foot. You're gonna reach back. Lift back, lift. Good back. Lift and up. Good. One more. And now pause. Reverse. Go up one little circles to the accents on the up and up.

Okay. You didn't make it a little or you know they get small. Now let's do it. Reach it out. We're going to pulse up for eight to reaching. Squeeze. Good. Who? Lengthening through the leg? Good. And rest. Bend your knee. Spin around work. Yeah, we need to stretch that out. Okay. All the way down. Legs are together. You can bend your arm if you'd like. Square your hips, open your chest and you're going to take it up. Flexing and point to lower.

Good and inhale and good. Inhale and lower. Good. I'm not doing my feet up and pouring. I'm looking at all you and and point. Good. Lift and lower. Flex. Good and lower. Two more reaching.

Make sure they hips don't roll back and lower. Good. Now what did we do? Oh yes. Top leg. Stay up top, like squeezing and going up and down and to press. Make sure that the ribs are coming in core. Sitting in towards the midline. Good. Two more here. Up. Good and pause.

Accidentally rotate and point top. Lay goes up slightly. Then the bottom leg and two. Good. Three. Nice. Four. You're going to feel that everywhere I promise. And last one and release. Huh? Okay. Scissors paused.

Externally rotated. I need a little break. Thanks. And go one. Keep it small. Good. Keep it on the same plane. We want to try to keep it even drawing in, lengthening the leg back, supporting with the abdominals. Slight external rotation. And one more back and front.

Bring it together and release. Oh, good. Okay. Up on the elbows and forearm. So we're going to kick forward, lift the leg and go pulse, pulse and reach back. Ooh, I heard an adjustment. Five of these. That was nice. Reach back. Squeeze the booty as you reach two more forward, back, forward. Good back. Good center singles, lift. Good support with the obliques, shoulders, lats, legs on the same plain neutral spine.

You want to make sure you're not rounding as you come forward or arching as you go back last time and good. Now we do our circles. We go forward too. Up accent on up, working that gluten, mead to more and revert. Oh, hold on. I'm getting ahead of myself because it's burning and reversing. Going up. Good. Reaching it out. Lift up.

Good and up and pause here. Little pulses out. Reach out. Good. Press into the mat. Good ribs or in leg is really straightened. Knee is fully extended and little lifts, little baby lifts and rest. Good lie on your back. We're going to stretch that out. Good work. You guys will lie on your back.

We're going to cross the leg over. Go ahead and just keep the opposite foot on the floor if you'd like. Whatever feels good. Let's flex the foot and press the hip. Open the knee away and rocket side to side.

Good. Giving it a moment to let go and then we'll alternate to the opposite side on cross and take the leg up, flex your foot, press the knee out, find your neutral position. Good. And then we'll do a little rocking. Should feel nice opening that hip, the back of the booty and rest. Good on wine. We're going to turn over onto our stomachs. Okay. All right, so let's start with the basic back. The hands are going to be at your side, forehead on your mat.

I'm going to check my alignment. Good legs are in the center. You all look Nice for head is on the Mat. We're going to take a breath. Inhale, lift the head, neck and chest, basic back. Open your shoulders. Good, and then articulate down. So we'll go. Inhale up. Exhale to lower. Good sequentially.

Peeling up off the mat. I actually learned from my friend Christie and in Hila and exhale low. Good. Inhale, articulate up. Hold it here. Circle your arms around to the front. Palms face each other. Press it back. Good. Inhale, reaching the arms forward. Press back, lift a little higher. Good. Inhale, forward, lengthening. Exhale, press and get a little higher. One more. Inhale, float the arms and exhale back.

Lower everything all the way down the mat. Good work. Good. Hands out your shoulders, elbows and forearms are on the mat. We're going to come into the swan so we're going to go. Not The fullest one. No worries. Inhale, lift your head and chest. Now we're going to go little swan now extend your arms. Good.

Roll the shoulders back and then reach yourself. Forward lowering. Pending the elbows and articulate depth. Let's do five and head. Neck and chest. Chest opens. Use Your abdominals. Extend the arms, lift good. Reach forward, lengthening the legs away from the body as you lower. Inhale as you come up. Okay, good.

This feels fantastic and who lengthen to lower creating space in the body. No crunching and in hill. Up Pad, neck and chest. Shoulders are set. Good, and one more. Lower the body all the way and coming up, peeling up, open the chest, reversing the articulation. Belly button, ribs, chest and head. Nicely done. Good. I'm thinking we'll do single leg kick, so on the elbows and you can interlace your fingers or you can keep your palms flat into the mat, but have a sense of pulling yourself kind of out and up.

Forward like you can pull. Literally drag yourself for it. All right, lift the knees off the Mat. We're going to go kick the right knee in one, two and let's inhale back. Exhale. We're going to kind of break it down. Left one to extend. Let's do four sets. Yeah. Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale. Third set. Good. And last set. Boo. Boom. Extend. Pulse.

Pulse extent. Now double time. Ready. We're going to lift and we're going to start with the right. Ready and go. One more set. Last exhale de en. De Extend the legs and lower all the way down. Great work. Okay. Last back extension.

Hands on the mat for head resting on the hands. We're going to lengthen the right leg up. Okay. Lift the left leg, lower the right and left. Alternate. Left leg lifts, right leg lower than the left. Excuse me.

And the right to the right. One more. Set each side. Lengthening, reaching it out. Good. Was that our last set? Okay, good. Now we're going to lift both legs and we're going to swim just with the legs. Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee guide, swimming, breathing, good. Lift up and release. Extend your arms, lift your right arm and left leg.

Inhale and lower left arm, right, like good. You can rest the opposite hand into the floor and lower. Good, right arm and left leg. Inhale up and exhale lower. One more. Inhale and exhale. Now lift all four limbs, lift and lower. Super woman and again, inhale and exhale.

Two more. Inhale and exhale. Last one. And release hard work. Hands Underneath your shoulders. Curl back onto your heels. Open your knees, rest your thighs into the mat. Oh, rest your rib cage onto your thighs rather, and take a big breath in. Walk your hands over to one side. Give yourself a little stretch. Bring it back to the center. Reach out opposite side, crossing over. Inhale here.

Bring it back to the center. Good. Let's roll up onto our hands and knees. Ladies, would you spin around to face me so I can see your pretty faces? Good. Okay. We're going to go into a little cat stretch. Good. I broke a sweat. That's a rarity for me. Okay. Oh really? Oh No. Oh, I think it was a back x. Okay.

It needs right underneath the hip joints. You're in a neutral pelvis position. Your ribs are core setting. You have your internal Zipper, vertical and horizontal, so we're going to start neutral. Spiral your arms around. You have a great firm foundation here. We're going to round our spine into Kat stretch. Exhaling, inhale, articulate through a neutral position, and then exhale.

Give me a little more of an upper back extension with a slight low back extension, lumbar extension, and curl XL. Now we're going to move fluidly. Exhale and inhale arch. Exhale, curl. The movement is initiated from the abdominals. You're stabilizing with your shoulders. Curl it. Exhale.

Good. Inhale, arch, barge, arch. Good. And two more. Rounding the low back forehead towards the pubic bone. Inhale, open the chest. Good. And let's do one more. Rounding and arching. Open your chest. Good. Press back, reach your hands forward.

Now we're going to go kind of into a kneeling long stretch. You're going to round forward curl Ford. So you're, you're going over your ponds now your rounded here. And now I want you to push back into an arch. Scoop your abs in, go forward. And then when you can't stabilize, the shoulders are going to go back. Yes.

Now start with the pelvis moving from the center. Good. Now lengthen the tailbone back and you're not going to go too far. Forward. Curve. Let me see. Just right over there. And now lengthen the tail back. Arching back, rounding. Let's do one more.

Okay. And then you're gonna start with the tailbone. Reach it back. Inhale, roll up to a sitting position. Exhale, open your chest. Good. How much time do we have? I don't even know. Let's do a little lunch position. Right foot, front, left foot, front spine to, let's make sure it's at a 90 degree angle. Just flex that back foot and reach. Give yourself a little, if you have knee injuries, this is not a good position for you and length and back.

Flexing the front foot and find the hamstring stretch. This feels good. After you've been in the car, come forward and lift. Good. You can eliminate this whole thing if you want. Just keeping it down cause you might get a cramp in your hamstring, which happens to me all the time and extend back. It was the rocking on the box and alternate to the other side. Good work.

Great job. Okay. Other side, little hip flexor. Stretch Open. Oh feels good. And hands down, flexing the front foot. Lengthen through the back and forward. [inaudible] oh and one more. Oh yeah, forgot about that. I wonder why. Probably cause I need it and extent XL back. Good. And bring it in. Nice job. Okay, sit back.

Let's Tuck our toes under. Let's go into a little um, uh, plank. Excuse me. I changed my mind. Plank. We're going to stabilize. We're going to just do a set of arms. We're going to point our toes, plantar flex your feet. And you're going to go down partway and then you're going to straight. Good. I'm going to just something keep going in hell. Bent and Xcel. Exten so you want to support the body. Whoa.

She can go all the way. And again, two more and up and in hill. You girls are strong. And now lift your hips up. Heels down. Good. Now Bend your elbows to the side. Good. And press straight up. Good. I'm going to walk around because I might be out of the view in hell. So the hand, the head is going to go towards the hands. Little pyramid. Push, pushup, press and inhale to more bending. Beautiful Xcel extent.

And last time press it up. Pause here. Walk your hands back to your feet, bend your knees, keep the heels on the mat. Take an inhale and roll up to a standing position. Slowly good. Open your chest, rotate to the right and roll forward. Bending your knees here straight in your legs.

Bend knees and roll up to standing it simultaneously, extending the legs. Rotate the torso, Chin to the chest. Go forward, bending at the knees, hands down. Extend and start to roll it up. Open your chest, weight forward, weight sensor, weight back, forward center, lifting your toes slightly back. Bring it center. Good.

Go to the right center and left. One more time. Go ahead. And we're just going to circle around all the way. Good. And let's reverse. Go around. Good. You can even close your eyes. See how that changes it.

Center good. Lift your toe, spread them, and lower. Thank you so much.


2 people like this.
Thank you Lisa for this great morning workout! and it is really nice to see you back on PA! Hope to see more from you!
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Yes, Thank You Lisa for a wonderful class ! Perfect flow and cues
I also LOVE your Rhythm Pilates workout :)
2 people like this.
Exceptional, thanks! Im really getting spoiled here at PA! Wonderful!
3 people like this.
One of the few classes I've taken where I needed absolutely no modifications....(I've got a titatnium plate and 6 screws at cervical level) and my neck was beautifully supported the entire time. Thanks.
What "sold" me on trying the class was seeing Meredith, Deb and Kristi as your students. If they are "in" then so am I! <g>
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Fluid and seamless class. Energy flowed throughout class without abrupt stops along the way. Instructor was organized which helps a lot. Good cueing. I did it without cranking my neck to see the screen. That takes lots of talent to teach that way. Please come back.
1 person likes this.
great class....
I liked the variations on the side lying leg work! Thanks
Elsabe D
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I agree with Pele. Would lve to be able to cue in such a way that clients can just do it without the need to stretch their necks!
1 person likes this.
Great class. A little too advanced for me. How about level 1 or 1/2. Thanks Lisa and Kristy!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you everyone for your comments. I appreciate the positive feedback and glad that you didn't have to crank your necks to do the class, thank you!
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