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Mat Exercise Breakdown 8

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In this installment of Monica's Mat Work breakdown Series she teaches the Teaser and the Seal. Learn how to ease your way into doing better and more effective Teasers through Monica's clear cueing and good ideas. After that you'll transition into the seal. With Monica's direction you are likely to find much more detail in the seal than you thought there was!
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So we just finished, um, the net, the sidekicks, and we shaked out our legs. And now we're going to go into teasers. Okay. So teasers, um, you can start doing, cause they are the, one of the exercises that you add for um, the intermediate series. You could start doing them a whole different way. So let's go ahead and sit up. Good. And the knees are bent. Great. And we're going to start as a roll back. Okay. And actually to get into that roll back, I'm going to have you get onto your hands and knees to do some cutbacks real fast. Her. Perfect. Good.

So knees are about hip width apart and the hands are right under your shoulders. Awesome. Okay. So I want you to lift up your head and let your back hang. And this is what we call an arched back, right? So we're going to like detail a c curve, like there's no tomorrow right now. So you, between your ears is your first vertebra and then it goes all the way down to your tailbone. Okay?

So we're going to start by bringing your chin to your chest and round your back up. So if you bring your chin to your chest, it's a lot easier to pull up your chest and have this nice round back, right? And we're going to lift up our head and go to an arched back. If you lift your head away from your chest, it's really hard to round your back. It's much easier to open your chest as well as open those ribs up, right? And let your organs hang out. So let's bring our chin to our chest, pool our chest up into our upper back. So we call this an upper seeker. So I even want more pushing. Oh, thank you. Push that opposition.

Those ribs are pulled deep into here. Okay. And also our naval gets to fight gravity and pull right up into our lower back, stretching our lower back. Right. Go ahead and lift your head and switch. So your head's up. Chest Open, ribs open. Naval, not as much connected to our back, unless you're a superstar like you, but, and then our hip bones are kind of fallen down to our knees and our tailbone is up and you're a happy dog wagging your tail, right? Yeah. And so now we're gonna bring our head to our chest and do the opposite. Good. And we got our chest pulled up. Our ribs in our naval, Lynne and our hipbones are now being pulled up by our belly button away from the floor and our tailbone.

It says if our spine continue to a tail, and it's not just hanging down, but almost pulling your tail through your legs. And this is a seat curb. Okay? Where your shoulders are at the same level as your hips and your whole spine is curving in between. So the opposite is head up, stick everything out. And now using your powerhouse. Let's curl into a c curve, head to your chest, pull your chest up, ribs in, navel in beautiful c curve. Hipbones pulling away from those thighs and tailbone hanging down.

Go ahead and sit back like that. Excuse me, but pull it [inaudible]. There we go. Good. So now go ahead and sit down. Just turn around onto your bottom. Why that's so important is because it's going to be instrumental on the yard. This exercise or teaser building up to the teaser as well as on seal. So hands underneath your knees, knees together, feet together. Good.

Press your legs together. Cause in teaser you want them pressing together as well as lengthening out. [inaudible]. Okay. Instead of like digging in and now give me that beautiful c curve your head to your chest. Their shoulders are going to stay directly over the hips, which is so hard because we'd like to just fall back with it. You're going to keep them right over there.

You're going to pull the chest and the ribs in the navel. In Tucson, you're gonna pull your hip bones away from those thighs and your tailbone is going to curl under. Yeah. And now we're going to roll down your lower back. You're gonna roll down your waistband. Good. Slide your hands back when you need to roll down your bra strap until you roll out through the neck. And your head. Inhale, lift your head up and now leave all of this here and just lift up your upper back. Then leave the waist down there and lift up your bra strap and pull back into our c curve, which you didn't push out this. Go ahead and Redo. You didn't do that right or use your upper back.

You stayed in a c curve, which was awesome. One more time. Squeeze your bottom length in your legs away without straightening them. Just imagine them. Good and we'll all the way down through the neck. Inhale, lift your head up and come up into a c curve. Very difficult. Stay here. Extend your right leg, keeping the thighs together, and do the same thing. A little less arms in your workout. Roll down like a little less tension.

That's all but perfect arms. Inhale, lift. Those ribs are in. Exhale, scoop into a c curve and do it again. Pull away so the teaser is starts off as a c curve. Inhale and later on it gets more into a s extended spine. Stay there. From here.

You're holding your legs so those legs can easy as a pie switch and roll away from that left leg. Inhale, lift the head up. Ribs are in navels in hipbones are away from the a hunt and again, and pulling back. Good. We always initiate it from the bottom of our box. Inhale up. Exhale. Keep the bottom of our box as far away as you can and now we can extend both legs so easily. Good. And now roll away. Inhale, lift your head up and exhale up. Trying to roll up into a c curve.

Sliding up all the way. Good. And one more. Rolling back. Good. And I want you to stay there and I'm actually going to get up onto here, so I want you to rest your thighs on to me. If you came to an instructor, I would teach you like this and I would make you, I would pull you up. So you inhale head up so that you can pull your stomach in as much as you can and you can really feel that connection. That's really hard to do by yourself at home. And then pull your navel and you pull me down now. Yeah, less arms, more stomach. Good, doesn't it?

So that's your teaser until you can work up out. You can also put your feet on a wall and do it. And now go ahead and come up. And then will I am looking at this and XL. I know I can do this. Good, good. And now take a breath and exhale. Rolling away. Good. And hugging those knees. Good. So that's teaser one, what we call teaser one. Okay.

I'm going to have you do two things. I'm going to have you turned that into a straighter spine and then I'm going to have you transition it also into seals. So we're going to extend the legs up, extend the arms back, lower the legs in a [inaudible] position. What his stance to a 45 degree angle. Your stomach's going to want to push out. Your back's not going to want to make contact, but you're going to try to pull in and now lift your head up to lift your just your head to look at your belly and now bring your arms forward. And scoop in to that c curve. You got it. Hold good.

Can You keep this scoop but use your belly to lift in and up to lift your sternum and open your collar bones. Fantastic. Bring your head back to your chest and curl away. That was beautiful. Good. I'm going to make you transition to seal now. So you're going to bring your head up and exhale, scoop up. You're coming into a c curve and all those legs are supported here.

This time you're not going as come to a straight back. Keep your seat curve. Draw your knees towards you apart. Enhance under your ankles. Good. A little bit higher on your ankle and hand fingers all together pointing towards each other. There we go. Good. Great. Relaxing here. Scooping in. Awesome. How you doing? Yeah, so that's the transition to seal. Okay. And it should look, be as controlled from teaser into seal.

You can also start it from here, but a lot of people will throw their lower back into it to yank up their legs. So I just wanted to emphasize that you should be scooped in. Okay. And we're trying to keep our shoulders right over our hips, curled forward in that c curve. And here's the goal is to clap an inch off the floor in front of you. One, two, three, and an [inaudible] off the floor behind you. Straighten the legs or do to do that, you're going to let them be free. Okay?

But I'm going to have you rest your feet down for a second and good. Oh yeah. You probably even need a little more room. Let's skip forward there. Yeah, go. Good. Glad. Glad you're conscious about not rolling off the mat. All right. Okay. So when you are going to go back and clap the feet an inch off the floor behind you, now go ahead and put your hands into your hands a feet.

I want this picture to be exactly the same upside down. In other words, when your neck and head are on the mat, these ribs are super thin and so is your belly. You're not like this trying to get your bottom up off of your, uh, off the mat. If you're like that, then your neck is gonna break and your head's going to be broken. So when you roll back the back of your shoulder blades, the bottom of your shoulder blades have to stay on the mat and your dairy aes. What has to work to lift it? Okay? Okay, so we're going to roll back and we're going to do a little freeze frame. Good.

Now you're keeping this as low to the mat as you can, and using your belly and your bottom to get over. Allow the legs to relax a little and clap as close to the mat as you can. Great. Perfect. Do you even got like two inches deeper in your belly? That was awesome. Yeah. Keep your head to your chest to press your bra strap down to roll up.

Great. And clap an inch off on floor so you, so it allows you to be a little freer to one, two, three, rolling through here first. Super Supportive. One, two, three. Good. Up, clap. Two, three. Rolling back, clap. Two, three. Good. Yeah. If you can go back. You also want to think about your thighs and your hips, that they're not like ant to lunch and Loosey Goosey, but they're kind of like strong clapping and back. Not Strong feet, but you know there's some activity in those thighs. Beautiful. One more time.

Good and forward and rest down your feet. Nice job. Okay. Yeah. Good.


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Aha! So many points to know! Wow,thanks so much Monica. I was kind of on the right track for the build up to teaser. More new tools in my Pilates box!
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Thank you for all these wonderful tips!
Thanks ladies! Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in seeing something else in particular broken down:)
Hi Monica, any chance you can break down high scissors & high by circle?
swan dive ?? thanks..
Wow, wow, wow. Fantastic instruction - I get it! Thanks, Monica!

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