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Mat Exercise Breakdown 9

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This segment focuses on the transition from the Seal to the Push Up. Get detailed instruction on placement and form of this challenging exercise.
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So we're going to pull into your c curve and balance. Good are right. And now we're going to do two more and transition into a standing up position where you could either walk away and be done or you could add those great arm works of the pushups, which will change down to the floor. All right, so we're going to clap two, three and we're going to roll back. Clap two, three. Good boy. And on this next one you're gonna let go of the feet. Cross him, roll all the way up, pushing into the mat, using your bottom and any with your arms up. Beautiful. Good. All right, let's hop down. Okay, so we just finished the seal and we're going to turn around so that we're facing, if we had a mat or mat and I want you to reach your arms up to the ceiling. Good. And I want you to imagine that you're against a wall.

So if you were against a wall, you wouldn't stick your bottom through the wall to get down to the mat. So I'm going to stand just for giggles a little bit behind you. And now I want you to do the peel down or the roll down. Good. So we're going to keep lifting in our powerhouse. And then our hands go to the floor.

Now some people aren't flexible enough for that and they'll have to bend their knees a little to get down there. Okay? But you were great. Now you have your box and I'm stopping you here because we're picking apart the pushup. And when you walk out into the pushup position, we don't want to wag our bottom of our box back and forth. We're trying to scoop in our belly and keep it solid. And now walk your hands out. Good till you're a straight piece of steel. Awesome.

Squeeze your bottom. More good bellies, lifting in and out the crown of your head, that mermaid tails lengthening. And now in Palazzo days, our elbows when they bend are going to scrape our ribs. So you're going to pull those elbows back and straight up for one and down up two and down three and down up four. Sorry, we're gonna do five and last one. And now as if you've had a sling around your belly. We're going to lift up and walk back to your feet and stay there. Bring your weight more onto the ball of your foot, soften those knees a little bit. Good. And start with the bottom of your box.

Your tailbone is going to go down. Keep the weight on the front of your feet, roll up through your spine, arms. Continue that length. We do one more set of five. Good. That's where the challenge comes in. You're going to pull in and up the fingertips, reaching forward, trying not to lock those knees or push your weight back too much. Keep it forward. Cause later on we'll do it. And on Relevate and Arab beske and all kinds of fun stuff and down and for five good. Four, hold it here.

And let's show what someone might normally look like. So they're just going to go down about two or no, sorry. Elbows just straight back. Two or three. Good and straight. Good. Do that one more time. Good. And now do the last one to the full. The full goal. Great. And up. Good.

Cause what rather someone keep perfect form but very small. And now keep the weight on the ball of your foot will up through your powerhouse and with your arms up and exhale with the palms facing out. Exhale, stay here. Now you're going to push the earth down as you inhale, lifting your belly in and up, and exhale here and you are all finished. Great job. Nice job. Great. Good.


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I love Monica´s way of teaching! She is my favourite!!!
I am a better teacher because of this ! Thank you Monica !
Me too Deborah!
Thanks ladies!!!
thank you! wonderful review :)
Hi Monica, another great video from you. I must be your greatest fan!

Is it possible to recommend some Pilates books for us that follow the same principles that you teach?

Thank you in advance!
Thanks, your videos help me very much.

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