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Traditional Full-Body Mat

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Monica teaches a traditional Mat class that gives you a total body workout. She takes you from the floor to standing, while using the Magic Circle, so you connect to your powerhouse. Monica also adds a special twist to the Teaser to give you a great challenge!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Mar 19, 2013
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Cool, don't you guys come to the front of your map? Good. All right. And let's start off with the magic circle in your hands. I'll pass it to you. Good, nice. Polaski stance a couple inches between the toes, heels together. Good. We're going to have a nice fast moving mat and enjoy some of my standing things afterwards. So let's bring our weight forward to the kind of rock back and forth.

Make sure it's more on the ball of your foot than on your heels. Fill your powerhouse. Pull up from your arches up through your inner thighs, up through your pelvic floor, all the way up to your sternum. And then bring your arms up at shoulder height. And when you squeeze the magic circle, you want it between the heels of your hands. Good. And you're going to slowly bend the elbows and little bit. Lift the elbow.

Good so that your have nice ballerina arms and they're lifted just a little longer in the hold. Good. And just a little bit more forward with the upper back. Good. Press a circle. As you pull your belly in more, holding it tight. Go ahead and put one foot in front of the other and you're gonna lower yourself down to the mat. Really scooping in the belly, keeping it up. Nice. All right. And now you're going to lie down on the Mat and make sure you're in the center length of the Mat. I'm going to start off with your hundred.

Bend the knees into your chest. Place a circle between your ankles. Yup. So I'm gonna put it right there and we're going to have to start from turning out from those hips. And you're gonna bring your stomach into, bring your head up long arms and start pumping. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Wonderful. This is a great angle to start it off. We might be able to challenge ourselves in a little bit, but I want you to just really feel the outer thighs warm up.

Feel the inner thighs warm up as you're squeezing. Try to feel your arch pulling up and your inner thighs engaged in all your energy going up through your pelvic floor and your powerhouse. It's about 40 we're gonna do about 60 more squeezing. Nice. Scooped in. Now I want you to keep pumping, but bend your knees in. So Benjamin, good and I want you to think about turning your legs out in your hips right now. And next time exhale.

I want you to extend them as low and long as you can. Keeping your back flat. Yes, and pulling your ribs in just a bit more to curl. Yas. Beautiful. Give me one more at this level. Big Breath. Big exhale, scooping in. Exhale as long as you can, and bend the knees in and relax your head and neck. Good. Take the circle away and put it between your hands for the roll up.

Long legs on the Mat. Good against between the heels of your hands, but your elbows are slightly bent right up above your shoulders and the elbows are a little bit turned up. [inaudible] to engage the back of the arm as well. Pull the belly in, depress your circle. Bring the head up between your arms and keep pressing the circle as you roll up and reach for your feet. Good and a circle here. Squeeze it and pull it back with your strong stomach. One bone at a time there and ice and reach it back.

As you relax and arms come up, squeeze it powerhouse in and roll up one bone at a time. Relax a circle as you stretch forward and rolling back. Watch your elbow soft and about. Beautiful. Rolling back, add, stretch back and four more. We've have arms squeeze, roll up. Reach forward here at ankles, pulling back. Squeeze in the circle, rolling back one bone and tie. Relaxed. As you go back in three arms. Squeeze. Watching those elbows. It's so tough and the more we squeeze with our elbows, the less we see definition in our upper arm and we don't always want to see that. Two more arms up. Squeeze and curling up. One bone at a time.

Nice stretching and inhale, rolling back. A little softer still in that elbow. Last one, and we were thinking of the rollover as the next exercise today, reaching forward and rapping and squeezing those legs as you're rolling back. Really engaging in one boat at a time and reach the arms back to finish that exercise. Good. Bend the knees into your chest, extend the legs up and place the circle between your ankles again. And we're going to have the legs nice and turned out long up to the ceiling. Good. Squeeze the circle and roll over until your feet.

Touch the floor if you can. Good. Stay there and flex the feet. But relax a circle. Tough Combo. And you're going to roll down one bone at a time. So on the way down right now you're relaxing the circle and we're gonna squeeze a circle and go over beautiful. And then flex the foot.

But relax as you lengthen your upper back down your middle, back down your lower back. Last one like this and squeeze a circle in over. Good and flex. But relax the circle and rolling down and lengthening your rights. I just a bit more. Good job. And now keep the feet flex in the circle.

Relax as you go over. Reversing it. Good. Touching the floor if you can. And in squeeze like crazy. That circle on the way down. How's that feel? Flex the feet and over. Good. And turning out the hips and squeezing. Rolling down long, long, long last time. We're going to flex and go over squeeze and really keep those sizes close to your chest as you can and join a really good stretch. Nice job. Good. All right.

Bend the knees into your chest. Take the circle away and we're going to straighten the left leg on the mat, but keep the and bend the right knee into your chest for single leg circles. We'll add just a stretch here. We're going to put the circle right on the ball of the foot and hold it good. And extend the leg right up to the ceiling, holding it wherever you want and just try to even out your hip.

So your right one's hiked up a bit, right? So we're going to keep pushing it long and make our box nice and square and it should just feel like a really good stretch. And if you can bring your leg any closer to you now while keeping the hips square and then I want to see that leg. Of course that high when you're doing your legs circles. Good job. Just a bit more there and nice and pulling it towards you. How's that feel?

Good. All right. Now you're going to put the circle by your side, Rebecca. I'm going to have this lego go right down the middle of your body. Good. And we're going to start up by your nose. Cross the body around and lift and cross. Then you can leave the circle there. You don't have to hold. There we go. Good.

Cross around and up. Cross around and up. Last time. Cross around and hold. Reverse reach long through that side. Good. Make that right side length and a little bit more for me. Good. And down, up and down. Crossing it up and two around lift and one more and then that knee in and give it a stretch. Nice. But that like down, grab your circle again and do the left leg for a stretch. Great. Turning out that hip and lengthening at. Nice. That one's easier for you, Huh? Yeah. Not For this one. Over here.

So you're going to keep trying to link, especially opening up that needle at that knee joint. Take it good. And now we're going to put the circle away and we're going to do left like so. Reaching up to the ceiling. Cross the body around, up, crossing us. Hide your nose and shoulders. You can and crusts around. Lift and crusts around up and one more.

Cross around and reversed. Reach long through that side. There you go. Linked and through the back line. Good and three around, up and around. Put all the way up. One more. Really important to get it up that sit and hug in that knee. Good. Put that leg down. Nice job. And I want you to roll up to a seated position. Good.

And I want you to just stay right there. Normally we do rolling like a ball. We're going to get there in a second, but we're going to go ahead and just bend the right knee into your chest, sitting up as tall as you can and do a little short box tree here. So you're gonna extend up and bend. And the goal is to try to sit up as tall as you can, not shrinking as you straighten it and then hold it up and walk up to your ankle and then keep the leg there and reach over. And imagine your stomach and go on that thigh. Your chest can go to that knee, your head can go to that toe. Good. And now roll back in waistband, bringing the leg back with you until it's about 90 degree.

Leave it there and walk down and roll down into the mat. Good. It's very challenging. And then head up and then you're going to roll up while pressing his leg down into the mat. Knife and stretching forward. And two more. Rolling back. We're going to keep this like down the middle of your body. [inaudible] and down you go. Nice.

And head lifts and the back of the thigh presses down and come up. And one more time reaching that leg long away. As you roll down and head comes up and you're going to press that leg and good enough grab you're gonna pick the apple off the tree, grab the toes. Good. And lift your chest up and grow as tall as you can. Nice. And we're going to switch legs, bringing that leg down and left knee. Perfect.

Grow tall as that leg goes up. Bed and lifting the sternum and bed and last one up and I'll walk up that leg. Good and straight. Lengthen your spine forward. Like reach out of your lower back, stretch out of it, reach and then roll back with your waist span as you left leg. Right, like reaches away. Good. Now walk down down you though. Good. So that left right legs reaching out, head up and rolling up as you reach away all the way forward and stretch forward and down.

Good. And that's it. And then head comes up and the light can come a little forward too. That's right. And stretching forward. And one more time finding kind of the right angle of difficulty for you. Obviously straight up to the ceiling would be the most challenging, but if the leg needs to be a little more forward, that's perfect too.

And all the way forward. Stretch over that leg for the last time and then grab the toes and watch that knee from rolling in or hyperextending good. And lift up through the sternum. Good. All right. Lower that leg down. And let's take our circle with us for rolling like a ball. We're going to lift your bottom forward. Good.

I should have a circle for me too. Sorry. Yes, we're actually going to put it between your inner thighs. So right here [inaudible] and then you're going to balance with your hands right there. Good and scoop. Scoop, scoop. Try to bring your shoulder, your forehead almost to that circle. Yep. Big Stretch. So your lower back's not gonna move, but you're gonna work really hard to round your upper back all the way over until your head touches that circle. All right. Pressing from your hips and you're going to inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up and balance. Good. Really massage that lower back is you roll down, massage through it.

Massage on the way up. Fabulous. That's what we're talking about. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Good. And inhale. Allow your neck and head to go back for me. There you go. Two more. You could go roll back to your shoulders a little more. That's it. And one more time. Inhale, roll back. And exhale bad's always good to balance you.

And you're going to rest your feet down. And we're going to do m series of five. So go ahead and take the circle away. Keep it close by. Lift your bottom back to middle of the mat. Go ahead. We're gonna bring your right knee into your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee, and lift the left leg up. So it's up at a four, a little bit higher, not quite on the um, floor. And now pull your belly in a roll away from me, keeping your knee on your chest.

Take your right knee with you. Lie All the way down. Yup, Yup. And stop there. And now switch and switch. Nice. And really try to go straight out to a point. Don't lift up behind above my arm for you. Yes. So you really squeeze as you go out. That's it.

Gorgeous at right and left. And scrapping that out. Asylum or yes. And one more set. Let's do a Rye, rock the shoulders, a little more and left. And now grab your circle and place it between your ankles. You can rest your head why you do this?

Because the head neck gets a little tedious and the double leg stretch it just as with the circle. So bend the knees in hands. We are gonna go on the ankles. Good. And now reach your arms up to the ceiling and then circle your arms back to those ankles. Perfect in how nice and long and exhale you got it. Wrapping and squeezing as you go out. And can you hold that circle tight as you come in. So start engaging it there.

That's it. And pull in tight. Give me three more. Engage in those outer thighs. Yes. So you can scoop more away from those strong legs. One last one, reaching and around. Great. Rest your neck and head is your circle. Goes to the side. Single straight leg. So right leg up, left leg full. Still up off the mat though.

And switch, right, good. And left and right and left thinking right and left. Good, like you're really cemented into the mat here. Rooted, deep down, and I think you can lengthen your legs more. Reach a longer to the ceiling, longer out to Maria. That's it. Reaching good and left. One more set right and left. And bend the knees and rest while you grab your circle. Place it between your ankles for double straight leg. The legs are 90 degrees.

Hand over, hand behind your head and pull up. Good. Squeeze that circle as it goes down. Relax it as it comes up. Yep. Squeeze. Relax. One more. [inaudible] we use. Rolling Alex. Let's reverse it. Relax it and squeezes your belly. Pulls it up.

Relax. Squeeze with those are ties. Important. Relax. Last one. Squeeze in. Good. Now bend the knees. Stay up with the head and shoulders. Don't move your knees. Don't move your circle. Twist your left elbow to your knee. Good. Stay high as you come center and pause right there with your upper body.

Straighten your legs out at a 45 degree angle. Pulling back in from your stomach. Good. Right and come center. Hold out of her body there to reach out with those legs. Pull it in. Just one more. Set, no movement in that circle. Go Up, up, up, come center. Reach out long. You didn't do it. Last one. Digging deep and crowds and center last extension. Long from that.

Lower back and relax your neck and take the circle in your hands. Good job. We're going to sit on up and your circle is going to go between your hands with our single um, but our spine stretch forward. We're going to do the same but they were gonna press 'em two on the way they out and then we'll reverse it. So relax those legs. Elbows a little bit, lifted and bent. Press the circles you hold in your belly and extend forward. Retreat. Treat, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, relaxing on the way up, rolling up one boat at a time.

Good powerhouse and bottom lifts in squeeze. As you exhale down, ribs in a little more. There you go. Reaching, reaching, reaching, and inhale. Roll it up, stacking up that spine. Good. Now let's try keeping it relaxed on the way down and head down. And just extend as if you're just doing a regular spine stretch forward and now squeeze it and feel how your stomach works extra hard to pull your body up now. Good. And one more exhale. This is a stretch. Flex your fee.

Make sure you're getting all that benefit from your body and in squeeze it as you roll up, even lifting off your seat and relax. Good. And now you're going to change your body by pulling back your body weight and then allowing those legs to just float up and put the circle between your ankles and then hold on the outside of your ankles and catch your breath. Good job, right? And now it's really nice. You don't want to press too hard, but it's nice to give you a little bit of hip involvement there so that you're not just like all over the place from here to here on rock and enrolling. So open like rock or we're going to roll back and then roll right on that. Finding your balance and in with the ears. You roll back, always emptying your lungs as you come forward on a roll in with the air so that you can pull your ribs in and really squeezing your out of your lungs. Good. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, squeezing out and keep using your belly to lift your sternum up.

Good and round your back as you roll back. Exhale, lift. One more time, a little quicker on the ups. So you roll back, but quickly up, up, up, up, up. Good. Leave the legs there and just roll away from them. Good. And then bring your legs slowly up towards the ceiling and your head down to the mat. Go ahead, squeeze a circle. Benjamin is for justice second. So though, there we go. All right.

Straighten the legs up and now think of your bottom hip. They of your hips. Outer thighs squeeze tight. And we're going to start corkscrew with your whole body up. So squeeze and lift up all the way. Try to read the circle right over your beautiful eyes. There we go.

And now we're going to roll down our back and circle to the right around and circling up. There you go. Hold it up, Maria. Up, up, up, up with doll is good. And roll down through the spine. Go into the left around and lift and let that circle be more help than hard. Come in down. Really feel how your bottom should be working to help with this. Not your feet, no feet squeezing, reaching out around and up and rolling down. Keeping that circle tight around and Ollie up and last set.

Rolling down all the way around, scooping in and lift and last time length in the spine. Think of tower and lift and now roll straight down. And then we're going to get rid of our circle. As we sit up, we're going to sit up for saw. It's going to be down by our side feed. Our Flex and arms are shul out from our shoulders, twisting tall to the right. Good. And now exhale, reaching. Good. Exhale, exhale, exhale, lifting from your stomach. Inhale up, twist to your left, and exhale down in how? Lifting from your belly.

Good twist and exhale. Nice, Nice, Nice. Inhaling up, twist to your left and pull back that right hip on a little more. There you go. And up. Give me one more set. Twisting to your right. You can add the magic circle here and up. I thought today we're just going to leave it out of this one and twisting and exhale and coming up. Good.

Alright. Relax your arms stand. And we're going to lie on your stomach, but Marie, I'm going to have your head this way so everyone lie on your stomach. Flipping over and we're going to do neck rule keeping your um, circle somewhat close. So neck roll. Your hands are going to be underneath your shoulders, possibly a couple inches forward, a couple inches out. If your back's feeling stiff and I want those hips still squeezing like crazy, supporting your long lower body, pull your belly in and up and start pulling up your head and your chest and come up into a nice back bed with a lot of space between each vertebra. Look over your right shoulder, circle the head down to your chest, around your left and look forward. Good look left.

Circle the head down around and forward, and now come down onto your belly, onto your ribs and length in each vertebra away as you come down. We'll do that one more time. Try Squeeze your legs together and your bottom. Pull the belly in and up and start coming up really long spine. Almost like you're pulling the map behind you and your chest forward. Look left. Circle the head down around to your right and look forward. Look right, circle down around to your left and look forward and start coming down as a pool that map behind you. Good. All right, now you're going to take the circle in your hands and you're going to be up on your elbows.

Pressing the circle flat on the mat between your hands, Roman to place it all the way down, Voila. And then the elbows out a little wider. Good. So that's going to give you nice opposition to really lift in the sternum. Good. Press your hips together, long legs and kind of lift both legs up without taking it in your lower back. Very important. It's in your hamstrings and glutes.

And now we're going to kick with the right heel, bringing in one, two, and left two and right. Two and left. Two good support your lower back. And you want to use the hamstring so much that you're trying to kick your head with your foot. Lift that thigh and he really get that dying Gluck going. Yeah. One more set. Right to left too. Nice job. And that's enough of those. Okay. Place a circle between your ankles.

So you're just gonna lie down your head and chest and then bring your feet to you and put it between your ankles. There you go. All right, so you gotta have your thinking cap on. Now what do you think? Can we have our thinking cap on? We're going to put your hands right behind your shoulder blades, right? Facial cheek on the mat. Yeah, there you go. Hands up a little higher. There we go.

I want you to get a good stretch. All right, so why want straight legs right now? Straight, straight, straight. And you're going to lift the circle up with straight legs. How high can you get it then? Once you can't go any higher, squeeze that circle into your bottom by bending the knees. Keep your thighs up that high off the mat as you extend. And then lower the circle as you lift up your head and chest with your arms.

Lengthening behind you for a nice stretch. Good switch cheeks. Bend your elbows. Good squeeze. Lift as high with straight legs as you can. Pull it in evenly to your bottom. Extend with your thighs lifted and lower down. Extend the arms as you lift into a back bend. Good. Where's your backbend?

Did you do it already? Oh, okay. And now we're gonna hold on. Stay down. And we're going to straighten your legs and lift with straight Lexi on there. And now squeeze the circle in once to your bottom. Bend your knees. There you go. Straighten your legs back out. Lower it down and arm, straighten the leg. One more time. Switching chick. Squeeze. Lift up as high as you can.

Then bring bending the knees. Good. And then lifting stores you extend. You just need to bring it in once. That's all right. And then lifting. Ah, it's a little different. And that's enough of that. Take the circle away, round your back and sit on your heels for a nice back stretch. Good. And we're going to flip back onto our bottoms and you're going to face each other again with your feet in para in parallel, hip width apart. Take the circle and it's now going to go between, your feet are going to be flex and it's going to go right here also. Yes, exactly. But point your toes right up to the ceiling. Yeah, there you go. Hello. It's a little tough to avoid.

This is definitely an advanced technique because you're not squeezing it with your feet. You're squeezing it all the way from here and really reaching out. Okay, so we're gonna start with your hands by your side. I like right here. They're gonna slide that down back on your legs as you roll down. So you're just going to allow your hands just slide with you. Good. And then inhale, head up, squeeze that circle, and then curl up one bone at a time. Good.

So that you get really used to as kiss your knees roll up to a tall back. And then from your bottom. Squeeze that circle, reach that circle away from you as you roll down. Great. Place the hand over hand behind your head and your elbows can come in as much as you want, but press that circle and then roll up. Push those heels away. You got it. And rolling up. Nice. Oh, the way forward in. Did you kiss your knees already? And Inhale, rolling up and press in. Reach, reach, reach, reach. Good. And right back up in with the air.

And exhale, press and lengthen. Yes. And down in, I have my already up and pulling in and really, let me see that little stretch right through there. Yes. And two more. Squeeze right back up. That's it. And push your heels away from your seat. Lot of distance right there. One more time, right back up for me.

Exhaling. Yeah. Squeezing all the way up. Inhaling up and press from your outer thighs. Push away. Linkedin, Linkedin, linkedin. Great job. All right, we're going to do sidekicks. So take the circle away and you're going to face this way. I'm sorry. Keep your circle with you though. And I'm, you're gonna lie with your right elbow out, good on the back line and you can bring your feet forward too. That almost the front edge. Not quite though.

Now we'll place it between your ankles again. Good. Now very important that this pads stay one on top of the other, not behind or in front or not towards you or so that really keeps you balanced. Okay? And we're gonna relax actually both fee, that's it. And turn this one out as much as you can. Good. Pull your stomach in and you're going to squeeze down and hold it for five counts. Squeeze. Hold two, three, four, five and release pulling in.

And this hip still has the length in chest that yeah, and release and pull it in and squeeze down two, three, four, five and release. Okay. Now you're going to press it down slightly. Do you prefer to have your arm down, Rebecca? Or can you have it this way too? Oh right. Okay. So you're going to modify it that way then for your hand, you're gonna rock this back and you just keep a little pressure on the mat. And let this leg come away, bend it, and you're going to slip it inside. There you go.

And now you're gonna push down with the front bottom leg and rock it back and slip this one inside as well. How's that? Yeah. Long Pants. Get in the way and bend this leg and put it inside. So we've been squeezed in a circle like crazy. It's time to stretch it. So turn out both legs. Pull your stomach in and use that outer thigh to really stretch it to three, four, five and release Polen in turning out those legs and use that outer thigh and glue to reach. Stretch and straighten out that circle and release.

One more time, pulling in and strong [inaudible] and at least we're going to bend the top leg, put it on top, press down little rocket back. Slip the bottom one underneath again, and then put it back over. So graceful. Yes. All right, I'm going to slip it back right there. Good. So turn out those legs. All right. Step one, pull your belly in. Step two, squeeze a circle. Step three. Use Your right obliques to lift that circle up as high as you can.

And again, pull in belly, squeeze together, and then lift and down. Last time, belly squeeze and then lift. And then keep it lifted and roll onto your belly. Making a small pillow for your head. Very good with your hands. Good long legs, nice and lifted. Obviously engaged. 20 pumps with the circle. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10 more thinking of length. Now, long leg that have those hips instead of short contracted muscles.

Beautiful job. Keep that circle up. Roll onto your other side. Good. So now you're, we'll have our backs to us. Great. Good. Turning out both legs and bring your legs a little more forward. There you go. Good. And keeping those pads. Nice and statue. Wonderful. Squeeze down for five, four, three, two, one release.

Make sure you're not feeling it in knee and this pad's a little more forward so you got to keep it back here at turning out that leg. A little more. Bowling in and squeeze down. Yeah. Aha. Now we're getting the right muscle. Darn. And release. Your survivor is going to have to take a little break and we're going to have to get that outer thigh and galoot. There we go. And release. So now we're going to press down rocket back. Bend the bottom leg, slip it inside.

Good rocket back. Bend the top leg and put it inside. Good. Both legs turned out stomach in. Is that better? And we're going to start Jan, release and pull your belly in and strong chin release. One more time. There should be no question about this muscle. It's your outer thigh on fire and really spend the top leg. Put it on top, press down, roll back, bend the bottom line. Good.

And then there you go. Turn out both. And here's our three step. Pull your belly in. One, squeeze down two. And those left obliques are lifting your legs and down. I'm very impressed with this. When you guys make it look easy, pulling your belly, squeeze and obliques. Lift up those legs and last time belly in.

Oh bleak. Squeeze. And then obliques. Good job. And now lower it down. We're going to lie onto your back and you're going to bend the knees into your chest. So just get back squared off. You can see we're going to have the circle between her ankles again, but if you need to take it away, that's fine for a moment. There you go. Just enjoy stretching those knees into your chest. Good. So we're going to, we're into teasers, so we're going to extend the legs up to the ceiling first.

Go ahead, reach your arms back. Good. Relaxing those feet, good scoop in your belly and try to keep it scooping in away from your wrapping and squeezing thighs as your legs lower down to a 45 degree angle. Your back might lose the mat a little bit. As long as you're pulling in, that's fine. And you're gonna use your arms. You're going to roll up and touch your toes almost. And then keep squeezing the circle as you roll away from it. Beautiful. Two more squeezing and pulling it up. Nice control.

If you can lift your arms up away from your legs and roll back with your arms up. Yes, one more time. Scooping it up on this when we transitioned into teaser two. So if I was looking at your upper body, I wouldn't know you're doing anything. You're going to lower the legs and squeeze him up and down and stomach. Good. One more. Good.

And now you're going to lift your arms up and roll arms and legs down. Good. And now we're going to come up for teaser three up with those legs using the outer thighs a little more to lift and arms lift and rolling away. And two more scooping it in. Come on up. That one got Yah. And arms up and [inaudible]. Anyway, one more time coming on up. Good.

And arms lift and rolling away. Take a little breather as you bend your knees into your chest and grab your circle so that we can have some fun with our teaser here. All in the eye of the beholder, right? All right, so now you're going to do 'em, a little twist with the teaser. Little not literally, but a twist on the traditional teaser. So bring the legs up at a 45, uh, up 19 and lower and reach your arms back. Good. All right.

Lower the legs so that 45 degree angle and come on up and reach for your feet. So come up into your teaser. Good. And now you're going to go ahead and try to bend the knees and put the legs inside the circle. Take your time and bend the knees scooping in your stomach. Obviously input, try to put them on top. Wow. And then band and put them inside at the same time and then bend and put them underneath.

And then arms lift and roll everything down. Good. Take a little second. Come back on up for one more time. Bandon. Inside. Don't think about too much bend than on top. Oh, bed, dotted side. We're all an oh, she's good. There we go.

Arms lift and lengthen out. Ah, all right. Sit on up for seal. Make sure you're at the front of your mat. It's always important to throw something in there that just keeps you humble, right? Just keeps you humble. Knees up a little bit and clap your feet. One, two, three, massage that lower back and exhale God and in with the air and exhale forward. Okay. Um, in with the air and exhale and inhaling and exhale your last one. You're going to try to let go of your feet when you're back here.

Cross your ankles and roll to a standing position while on all the way up. Great job. And now we're going to grab your eye note turn. Actually walk straight back, both of you. Thank you. I'm going to do our pushups and you go ahead and modify it for your hands. We'll start off with the Palati stance in arms lift to the ceiling.

Try not to push your bottom back behind your feet as you roll off an imaginary wall. You can bend your knees if you need to and then walk out into a pushup position. Our elbows are going to bend straight back by our sides and we're going to bend them down, up one, down, up to down, up three, down, up for one more and start walking back to our feet again. Keep your bottom more over your feet as you roll up, extending your arms up to the ceiling and we'll do one more set of five and rolling off that imaginary wall and going down and walking out to that push up position. Good hands, a little more forward for you. There you go.

And down up one could open those collarbones with the ribs in if you can't too. There we go. I like how those look now four and five and from your powerhouse, lift up your hips. Walk back to your feet. Good. And roll up to a standing position. Keeping your weight more on the ball of your feet. Very nice.

Very good awareness. Go ahead and walk forward and grab your magic circle. We're going to do some standing work. I should grab a circle, but for starters, go ahead and stand hip with the part facing this way. So we're going to place it between your ankles, legs, or feet are a little turned out. Okay. So you want the weight evenly on the feet, not too far back, all that good stuff, and you want to pull in and just be nice and tall. Okay?

We're going to slowly shift our weight to our left foot, making sure that we don't push out that left hip. So we're going to slowly change the way so that we're right foot is no longer on the floor. Keep your bottom under, you don't have it behind you. Good. And we're gonna hold, squeeze it in for five counts squeezing and we're going to pull in for one, two, three, four, five and release. It's a little bit better to have a slight valet arm and squeezing in one, two, three, four, five release, kind of like a standing side kick series or the muscles and pulling in and squeezing in two, three, four, five release. Nice job. And we're going to bring the right foot forward. Okay, good. And we're going to step on it. Sometimes we, you lose your circle, so feel free to adjust.

But basically one foot should almost be in front of the other and a little turned out now. So shift that weight to the front and try to keep your hips square, okay. And the back foot is going to start coming up and you're using your hamstring and glute to pull that circle in. Two, three, four, five and release almost pressing your hips forward at the same time. Two, three, four, five release and a nice lift in your body. Okay, don't get short Jessie because you're squeezing it. Release. Now you're going to rock back on that back leg and that front foot and I just lost my circle is going to be the one squeezing in now. So we're going to have weight on the back leg, even hips, stomach in and app.

And we're going to squeeze again from the back of the leg and the glue to pull in. Two, three, four, five release. Stomach's always in and up. Ad Release and one more time. School wheezing and release. And now we're going to put it back to the side and the left foot is going to need to squeeze. How we doing? Good. Alright.

Nice Valley. I'm scooping in and keeping your hips under you as you slowly come over and squeezing in and hold two, three, four, five and release. Everything's wrapping in, squeezing your powerhouses, lifting and release. And one more time pulling in and squeeze. Great. And now we're going to slowly bring that left foot forward and I'm losing my circle. So bringing it forward. There we go.

Just try and give you guys a little break. Really. All right, arms up and we're going to win our weight again on that front foot. Rebecca's always already one step ahead of me. They're very important to not have the hips. So behind you try to keep in mind are you and nice and squared and squeezing in two, three, four, five release and pull it in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five release and pulling it in. Squeeze, two, three, four, five release. And now we're going to put that back foot down and that front leg is gonna squeeze in, keeping your bottom under your stomach, in and up and squeezing in two, three, four, five release.

Hoping our hips are square, pulling in. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five and release. One more. Pulling in. Squeeze, two, three, four, five, release. All right, now take it in your hands, God, and go ahead and face each other. Go ahead and I want you to go ahead and have Palani stance. Nice weight, a little more on the ball of your foot and hold the circle down and little slight bend in the elbow. Good. Little more forward with your way and little lower with a circle. And we're gonna squeeze it for five counts here. Squeeze two, three, four, five, release am pulling it in. Schoolies two, three, hold it, no pumping, release. And one more. Pulling in. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. Bring it up to shoulder height.

Pull it in a little higher. Those elbow. There you go. And squeeze. Two, three, four, five. Release and pull in. Squeeze posture. Super important. Chest is up. Release. One more time. Your thighs are still working. Bottom, still squeezing. Really spring it up to a little higher angle. Pull in in school. Wheeze. Two, three, four, five. Release. Try to turn up the elbows a little bit and pulling it in. Squeeze, two, three, four, five release, and last time pulling it in. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. Now we're going to do an eight count pump, so when you hit four you'll be directly up at shoulder height, eight as high as you can. Alright, let's see. We're going to pump it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Again, what you're trying not to do is rock back your upper body as you go up. Make sure that steady and down. Five, six, seven, eight up this third or fourth, Maria, seven eight and down. Two, three, four.

What I love about the magic circle is you can squeeze it as little or you can really work those arms and down. Five, six, seven. Now we're going to put it behind us. Good, and most important thing is you're still in that same beautiful diagonal. Nothing's bending back. Watch your shoulders, soften the elbows, and it's more of you're in your imagination. You're not going to squeeze it much. We're going to pull in in school east two, three, four, five. Watch those elbows and pull it in.

Squeeze lifting your sternum, keeping those collarbones open and one more time pulling in it. Schooling. Good. And now give me your circles and we'll finish with a nice stretch. We're going to face this way off the mat. Good legs, a little wider than shoulder height and you're going to pull your belly in and you're going to slowly use your powerhouse. Arise up onto the ball of your feet, foot. Turn towards the ocean. With your feet coming with you, lower your heels, bend the front leg and reach for the back ankle. Reach behind that leg as you circle your arms up, always from your powerhouse lifting until you're on the ball of your foot again, and turn this time all the way around, all the way I keep going, going. And then lower your heels. Once you're facing the ocean, bend the front leg and stretch. This is your ending.

Enjoy it. You do not need a stress out of that and make sure it reach your arms up. Start circling back up onto the ball. One more. Each side at turning. Lower the heels, bend the front leg, reach for that back leg, enjoy it. So there's one ending that Romana would give us a lot. And then reaching behind.

I'm sure dancers know all about it, but since I'm more of a athlete, it's new, was newer to me. Bend the front leg, reach for that back. That's your last one. Reach behind and then lifting onto the ball of your feet. Lower your heels, reach through your legs, stretch good. He'll tell your in until they're in Pilati stance.

Roll up through your spine, arms. Reach up to the ceiling, palms out in hows. You push the earth away, lifting through your stomach and exhale and you're all done. Nice work, ladies. Good job.


Perfect timing, balanced workout, instructions very clear. Overall great class for a morning workout. Thank you
Thank you. Wonderful, complete workout.
Monica Wilson
So glad!:)
Thank you Monica, i love your classes!
Monica Wilson
Thanks! If you ever want to see/do something specific, please let me know:)
Thank you for the reminder on the wonders of the ring! Especially loved the emphasis on squeezing & relaxing on the ring, teaser treat, standing ring work, and the ending butterfly-ish stretch. Thank you - can't wait to share
Pretty advanced
Traditional pilates makes me feel more secure for how to perform the exercises; which movement is going to be the next and with clarity of your cueing ,sessions flow so easily...thank you Monica 

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