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Meredith teaches a solid level 2 class. After a warm up Meredith incorporates intermediate exercises by first offering a modified version that allows you to focus on the objective of the exercise. Once the focus of the exercise is clear, the full version of the exercise is added in to maximize the challenge to the exercise. Creative stretches are filtered in throughout class to balance out the areas of the body that are emphasized.
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Feb 18, 2010
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All right, let's start on our backs tonight. So just um, sunset. Yeah, that's a pretty alright. So just a start with your feet all the way together for a moment. You knees and feet together. Feel as you do that the joints of the big toes, the ankle bones, the knee bones, all those bony landmarks lined up.

Start to breathe in and breathe out. Maybe taking just a couple of deep breaths and noticing what happens in the body, kind of just natural breasts. First feeling the chest rise and fall, and then putting your intention into trying to let the chest be relaxed as you breathe in and expand laterally into your rib cage. And maybe you'll feel your back broaden and your sideways narrow as you exhale. Moving on from there. You can continue practicing that breath cycle, but just start to inch your fingers.

Glide your hands down towards your heels and hopefully with that we get a little bit of an upper back contraction here. Open your feet, making a small V shape so your toes will separate away from one another and then open your heels out so that now that your feet are parallel again, and with that one big inhale again, and as you exhale, just subcontracting through the abdominals and allow the pelvis to rock upwards or the spine to flatten. Inhale, release the tailbone down. Exhale, do it again. So you're just drawing deeply into the abdominals, trying to press the spines so far into the mat. It could go through the floor and you'll release to a neutral spine position. Exhale, press the spine down. One more time trying to do so without too much.

You use of the leg muscles of the feet. Inhale, releasing back to a neutral spine position and we're starting our journey back upwards into the pelvic curl, so pressing the back flat first, the pubic bone or the tailbone leaves the floor, the pubic buttons going to lead the movement. Here we're rolling up onto the shoulders, inch by inch, bone by bone, feeling the knees reach out over the toes. Inhale at the top, maybe reposition or look for your upper back work again and XL as use first. Let your chest fall. Continue reaching the arms energetically as you round bone by bone through your spine, all the way down through that lower back area and into a neutral pelvis. Tailbone down, excelling to roll up again.

Feel a gentle engagement to the inner thigh muscle so that when you're at the top and you can look over the line of your body, the knees are lined up with the hip bones. Breathing at the top and breathe out as you roll down. So let's just continue that movement here in healing at the bottom and as we do a few more looking for what do you need? What is your body? What feels tight? What feels like it needs to loosen up a little bit?

Rounding down, exhale, using it or using the breath is what I mean by it. To manipulate the spine, to contract, to stretch out the spine two more times, two more times in the pelvic Curlex. How we roll at the top. You should see the pubic bone or feel the pubic bone is higher than your hip bones in your hold. Looking for a little bit of hamstring by dragging heels back towards the fingertips. Exhale, we roll down all the way down.

I'm looking for deep flection in the lower spy breathing. Last one. Exhale, two, Rola. Shifting the knees out over the feet, feeling a good sense of support through the middle and exhale, rolling down lightly placing each bone and looking for space between the vertebras. As you work through the spine from now, allow your arms to turn over your hands to turn over and then see if you can get that feeling to happen. All the way from the tops of the arms and the shoulder joint. Pick up the left leg. Engage for your abdominal so that when you pick up your other leg, the trunk stays stable. Inhale, we're going spine to a supine towards me, so bring both knees over towards me and exhale, come back to center.

Just rocking back and forth on the pelvis. So as we go away from me, that opposite hip has to come up off the ground right away and we come back to center. Not really much of a pause in center. It's just moving through that space. Exhaling back, looking for the shoulders, the neck, the head, all to be pretty stationary, allowing the movement to happen around the trunk. And can you as you continue this movement, look for death. [inaudible] one more time to the back of the room. Exhale, bring it home. Rotate towards the front again. As you exhale, keep the knees connected, but extend your top leg. DRI what?

Draw back through the center of your body. What was that word? Rebound in the knee and in here we go to the other side. Exhale, feel the toes. Reach out in space and knees stay aligned. Up the pelvis is nice and square. I bring it back to center and read. Then so fold and he's backs of the feet. Match. One more time around. As the toes reach up, the belly pulls deeper and we come back to center and bring it down.

Last time for the day. Inhale. Exhale. Growing the leg, but feeling the heaviness in the hip joint. Bring it back then the knee and place your feet down on the ground. Reach back behind your head, interlocking your fingers fully. Allow your Elvis to be in in your peripheral vision. And then as you exhale, lifting up into a chest lift. So we draw the ribs on the front of the body. We pull the abdominals and we're curling up off the shoulders. Inhale to pause.

Exhale, work your way down. So feel a sense of the ribs pulling away from the policy. Abdominal staying engaged in both ranges of motion. Exhale coming up again. Can you do your best to leave your head heavy in your hands and move from the trunk? Breathe in and breathe out to come down. [inaudible] one more time like this. Exhale and to lift up.

Looking for the low back. It's coming up high enough. In other words, for the low back to be flat. Breathe in and breathe out to come down. [inaudible] excellent. Going to lift up, feeling the hamstrings. Press down into the mat. Inhale this time, reach the hands behind the thighs. Gently hold onto your legs, but use your arms and your abs to curl yourself up a little bit higher. Keep that height. Then your body check for your tailbone to release down as much as it can or let go. Inhale, raise your arms up. Keep him straight, straight, straight, and exhale. Reach him back down. So as they go overhead, it's like pushing against a wall.

The shoulders reached down and then they press back down. One more time. One more full movement keeping the trunk lifted as the arms reach overhead, reach back down. This time. Inhale, raise the arms up, rebuild the elbows. Place the hands behind the head. Let the net go heavy and release your body. Yeah, breathing in at the bottom. Breathing out as you lift head, chest ribs in it and down through the front of the body. Inhale, reach behind the thighs. Exhale, pull yourself up a little bit higher.

Let go of the legs. Place one hand on top of the other. Come towards the front of the room. As you inhale, reaching over that top knee. Exhale, come back to center in. He'll go the other way. So maintaining the height in the center is paramount here. Keeping the shoulders down or heavy rotating this time through the upper body as the lower body stays as still as possible. This is our last one to the back of the room in here. Exhale, bring it back. Separate your arms. Reach back, hands behind the head.

Head heavy and bring it down. Coming right back up on the exhale. Inhale, reach back, hands behind the thighs. Exhale, curl a little higher. We're going to do that same rotational exercise this time with the hands behind the head, so we turned to the left. Lower body stays. Still. Inhale back to center off. Sorry I meant to say turn towards me, but just turn from side to side and you'll do an even number on both sides and try staying lifted as you travel through center.

Couple more. Back to center. Last one for the day. Back to center. Breathe in. Hold and breathe out. Come down, lift up your left leg. Lift up your right leg. Bring both arms over your shoulders, palms face away from your eyes, keeping your elbow. Straighten your shoulders down. Raise your arms overhead and keep the bottom of the rib cage down as far as you can. Inhale, hold. Exhale. Coming up into the a hundred you'll lift your head and chest.

Press the ribs into the mat. Decide here if you want to keep your knees bent or straighten them. It's absolutely up to you. Breathe in, pause and breathe out. One, two, three, four, five and then the arms are powerful. Okay, well pump comes from the back, from just underneath the armpits. The legs are pressing together. Tiny little squeeze in the glutes.

Can we make every exercise into, not just at whatever exercise is the focus or what the focus is, which in this case is of course our abs, but can we find work in our full body and I'll lay eggs and our back. [inaudible] three more. [inaudible] can I try to keep the body still as the arms pump too? [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah. Finished with an inhale. Exhale. Bend the knees.

Lift a little higher through your body. Keep lifting the upper body as the knees. Keep coming in. Lay down, place your feet down, stretch your legs out straight and bring your arms up over your shoulders. This time the palms face inwards. They again are gonna reach up overhead. Inhale, lift the Haddon chest, press the ribs into the mat. Then next Helen, curl through the spine. Breathing in at the top. You want shoulders over hips.

And as you exhale round down. So Jennifer, don't hold onto your hands at the top, so just keep them separate like they're pushing into a ball. Back of the head. Touches the arms. Travel overhead. Inhale, lift the head and chest. Tuck the pelvis a little bit to the back. Flattens. Use the legs, the inner thighs, the hamstrings, the glutes to make the movement feel seamless. Inhale, exhale, round down. Feeling the shoulders heavy, the legs reaching out in space again a little bit quicker. Now breathe in. No less precise. Can you fold from just underneath the ribs?

Can you get a little longer as you come up towards sitting and he'll hold. Exhale round down for three. Paul, that seems to be working pretty well and head down, arms up, and inhale and exhale. So the bottom position where you're lying on your back is definitely not arrest position. We want to work through all the ranges of motion, so although you are lying down on your back, your legs are still working, your abs are still working, your ribs are on the ground. Exhale to come and three to go. Rounding down here is four, three, two arms up. Inhale, lift, exhale, four. Nice job. Two good shoulders, Joe. And I don't know, I keep giving numbers and then forgetting about them, so I think I'll just stop doing that. Now, lift all the way up this time. Find that sense of long but round and stretch all the way forward over the legs.

You can hold on to your feet if you need a more of an intense stretch, flex your feet and then come up and bend your knees, keeping the knees together, finding a straight back. Reach your arms out in front of you. As you exhale, we're going to come halfway back for, I don't know, the hardest place to be in my mind is going to be about the bottom of the rib cage. But I'd like for everyone to find a place where they feel in control. Breathe in, hold and breathe out as you curl from again, under the ribs, it's a round, round, round shape. And then at the top we just sit up excelling as you talk back. So this is kind of, you might even want weights for this one to Paul. It's kinda like you're working into that no man's land place going down, going down. Inhale, start the exhale and bring it up. Rounding over the legs and sitting tall.

Going one more time like that. And then I'm gonna change it on you. Press the feet down. Feel the inner thighs, help you look for stability. Start your Xcel, rural or sofa. All right, and from here, find a place that you can maintain comfortably. Stay there. Take the arm that's closest to me and reach behind you. Look at it.

Exhale. Bring that arm back in. He'll talk to you. Take the opposite on back and exhale, bring it back. Push your legs into the ground. And here we turn. The front arm reaches in front and exhale, and inhale. We turn an exhale to come back. We're going one more time on either side.

Big reach and come back, and another big reach and come back. Roll down all the way. Straighten your left leg, bend your right knee and hug it in towards your body. With that, stretch the leg up towards the ceiling. Keep it either straight, if that's possible for you or slightly bend. Whatever works. Arms are down at your sides. These are the leg circles. We're going to cross the body for us. On the inhale, circle up and around.

Pause. Exhale. The next circle happens. So there's one circle for every breath, and exhale stirring the femur in the joint. One more time around, or one more breath cycle. So that'll be one more circle. Pause at the top. Go the other way. It's out our around, across and pull up. So although the legs certainly have to do some work, look for the feeling, trying to be as relaxed in your limbs as possible and pull the leg up with your abdominal muscles around, in, up, down, around, and up. This out. Last one down around. Do not bend your knee. Hold onto it with the other hand and twist.

So as you take your knee across your body, look to the opposite side and then bring it back to center. Stretch the right leg on the ground. Then the left knee, pull it up for us to hug it into the chest. Yes, and then as you straighten it, look for feeling of deepness in the, in the hip joint. The bone is kind of sinking in towards space. Here we go. Inhale, cross the body. Reach down around enough. Your circle should be as small or as large as you can.

Maintain stability in your body. That bottom leg serves as an anchor. The shoulders are well away from the ears of saw. Last one, pause at the top and swing it the other way. Reach across the body and pull in across the body in the belly button, pulls it down to allow the leg to come closer to the body. And one more. Full breath cycle. Two more circles. This is it.

Bend your knee. Hold onto the leg with your opposite hand. Bring it across the body to the opposite side. Turn your head to the opposite direction and bring it back. Bring both knees into the chest again. Put your hands on the tops of your knees. Push your knees into your hands. Start to lift your head.

So that action of reaching the legs away from the body will help you curl up off your shoulders. Once you get there, well away from the shoulder blades, you're good. Press your tailbone down. Just make sure your low back is flat. Let go. Inhale both toes down, arms overhead, back flat. Exhale, push the air through spaces. You drag the knees back on. Inhale, we reach down and exhale we pull back. So doesn't matter how far the thigh bones move away from the face. What matters is the stability is your back flat. So even if the legs move two inches, it's better than the back arching and and getting a lot of tension there.

The last two [inaudible] one more. Hold on to the tops of your knees. Again, use that to help you curl a little higher. The double leg stretch for five. It's inhale and exhale. Circle the arms around as the knees man in Hilo. So although that first ones maybe a little bit of a prep my mind, it's almost harder than this one. Two more to go last time. Bring your body, hug your knees into your chest. Don't rest. We're coming right back on. Lifting up. Once again, bring the hands down next to the thought hit.

Take the right toes towards the ground. Exhale the left to us so the legs pass by one another in space. You're challenging the contraction from all over the trunk, but especially just below the ribs to intensify that curl. If you need to, he can hold the back of the head to keep it up or for support or for comfort. You could also put your head down. This is it. Stop there. Bring both legs up. Hold onto the left knee.

Stretch the right leg out. Guide yourself up a little further. This is a single leg stretch. It's reach and reach and too you can push down onto the knee with the back to curl up higher. Three [inaudible] two [inaudible] both knees in head and chest down. Breathe in. Breathe out to come right back up. Okay, so we're going to start with the same leg changing movement. Hands behind the head. Take the leg [inaudible] for this away from me.

Down towards the mat. Turn to the leg in the air and then we turn across the other side. Five on both sides. Working from around the ribs. Here's another place where we're fighting for the lift and center. Last two here. One more.

Both knees in reach for your knees. Pull up a little bit higher. The criss cross, so it's the same legs as a single leg stretch. Stretch one leg out, turn to the leg in the air. Five, five, little faster. No loss of precision for here's three. Finding the back of that straight leg. Finding both inner thighs. This is it. One and one back to center.

Reach around your legs and just start to rock forward and back shoulder blades to hips, trying not to kick the legs into the hands, just massaging through the spine. And with that make your way all the way up. Make sure you have enough room to roll back. Or actually we're going straight into rolling like a ball. So for those of us who need to open up the position, for those of us who can close up the position, meaning holding onto your ankles, the elbows point out to the sides from here.

Try first to pull your spine towards your leg. So although that's not the position like really flattened out, push your chest towards your knees and then from there try to tuck the pelvis so you're rounding your lower back. Your chest will fall away from your thighs again. To theory, your abs now shifts slightly backwards so that the feet come up in your balance. And here's rolling like a ball. It's in Hilton. Go back just to the shoulders. Exhale to balance at the top. Wherever you put your position, that's the position, what you say.

Inhale back and exhale. And how about for more use of full breath and three and two. Then one, put your feet down on it, the ground. Open up your knees and scoot away from your feet just a little bit. Stretch forward over your legs. Okay, I'm all the way up. So we're going to do a spine stretch forward and modified with the legs like this. If you're unhappy with your legs like this, open him up, straighten him out. Uh, Helen, you might even just move your feet away from you a little bit and that should feel a little bit more comfortable. Okay. Everyone hands behind the head, guiding yourself with your hands. Grow tall through the spine so you maybe pull up on the head just a little bit to get taller. Inhale, as you exhale, let the head come down.

Feel the rib cage draw down first. Keep the low back a long as you bring your chest for it so it's like a little chest lifted in space, and then start to take it further from that place. Inhale, extend your spine on a long diagonal, keeping the abdominals in to support the spine. Exhale, we're going to stretch the legs overhead, feeling the arms light and space, the shoulder blades heavy and he'll re bend the elbows X. He'll take the body forward and all the way back up to a seated position as though you're rolling up against a wall. So here's our full body intention. Breathe in, push the feet together a little. Find the inner thighs. Exhale, fold forward, stretching through the back by focusing the work in the abdomen. Continue rounding. Take the stretch over. Inhale the spa abdominal.

Support the spine as you go out into extension. Continue focusing all over. Exhale, the arms stretch. They are light. Paulo, lift up your head just a little bit. That's better in heel revenge. Your Elvis. Exhale, you positioned yourself, Ryan, in my line of sight, you'll be sorry you did that. Maybe inhale again. We're going to more times. Exhale round up. Reach over from there. Inhale, send the chest towards the heels. Lengthen out long Jennifer.

Chin down just a little bit and lift your chest up with smidgen XLV arms on inhale. Rebend it's better. So you want your head right between your arms. Exhale, take it down and bring it up. You guys look good. Here's the last one. In healing at the top. Excellent. Hitting the ribcage together, reaching up to go over. Inhale, elongate the spine. Exhale. As you stretch your arms, can you feel your spine growing in the direction that your arms are reaching? In heel, the hands, elbows, rebound, pulling the elbows apart. As you place your hands behind your head. Exhale, take it down and bring it back up.

Keep the hands behind the head, heading into the spine. Twist, breathe in. Breathe out as you sit tall first and turn towards me. Inhale, come back to center. Getting taller and taller in both directions. In all directions. XL. Turn from the OBE leaks lifting up. Inhale, back to center. Jennifer, Jennifer, interlock your hands and put your head in and XL. Turn. Yeah, and he, he'll come back. Sometimes I envision, you know this old barbershop poles that have the blue and the red spiraling up. Think about that. So you're growing up.

Spine is getting taller and taller as you move through and heal back. I'm going to go one more time to the back and then change it just a little bit. It's better with the hands, Jennifer, and come back. Good modification, Lisa, turn towards me again. Take the hand furthest away from you. Bring it all across this leg. Lift, pull, twist a little more. Then without losing what you've created, bring the hand back behind the head or back where it was.

If it's in front of you, bring it back. Going over to the other side. Bring the hand around, lift, pull to a solidified. Bring the hand back, no movement away from that big deep work, and exhale to bring it home. Okay. Lower your arms straight in your left leg. Bring your right leg where it's comfortable.

I'm putting mine right up against my left thigh. Good. Make sure that the knee, the left knee is pointing straight up. Can be bent a little. That's okay. Just can't turn out. All right, and then with your OBE leaks and maybe with your arms a little bit, rotate your spine so that your chest reaches just over the knee and the ankle from that place. Walk forward. You're just reaching yourself down into a stretch. You can hold onto the foot, you can hold onto the ankle, you can do whatever you want there to help yourself intensify it with that. Wherever the left hand is, leave it. Let go with your right hand and reach further.

Then start to turn the right side of the body, the right ribcage first. The right chest starts to reach up towards the ceiling. The right arm is getting in somewhere, maybe in front of your right eye or maybe just near your right ear. Exhale, we're going to take it back forward, engage to the abdominals to get there and then release both hands and roll yourself that. Send the right leg out straight the left knee Benz makes sure the left the right knee is pointing straight up. Turn your body slightly so your chest points just in front of the knee, the ankle, and then just walk forward.

Perfect and enjoy that stretch for a moment and then leave the ride on where it is. Stretch the left leg left arm out a little further and let your spine move in that direction as well. Then search a, rotate the ribs, the left ribs up. Let the hand just go where it feels comfortable. Turn the waist. That's our intention. It's not about the arm. And then we'll refold Hmm.

And then roll up. Straighten that leg. Either straight legs or bent knees for a modified saw. Hands out just in front of us. Let's all just bend our knees for a moment. Palms together and we'll modify it a little bit. Push your point forward, the point of your hands forward and feel how your shoulders kind of rounded. Now with that, can you try to lengthen out the collarbones?

You'll feel your shoulders spread and they'll relax down on your back. Now if you're going to straighten your legs, now's the time to do it. We're going to inhale and turn towards me. Exhale to reach the spine forward, but keep that sense of long collarbones. Inhale, lengthen upwards so you're reaching up on the diagonal and exhale comes center in. We turn working from the obliques.

Feel the shoulders stay back as the spine lengthens forward. Inhale, get longer on the diagonal, sitting up on in rotation and XL back to center and a little bit quicker. Inhale to exhale, reach to inhale, lengthen up and M, two XL center and then in heel, big twist to exhale, reach, head down. Jen. Inhale, lengthen up. And now, and Xcel said, I last time. Turn. Enjoy it. It's a hard exercise, but there's was a lot to be found in it. Last one, reach down, lengthen out and come back to center.

Nice. Bling. Bring your hands behind you. I think if you are more happy on your fist, that works. I'm hands can face either inwards or outwards. We can keep our knees bent today. So first things first, push your hands or your fist into the mat and then pull your abs in. So contracting the back and the abs. Equally, can you try to lift up off your hands so there's some backward for you.

Joe, I might go a little bit further behind you with your hands. And here we go. We're going to pick up the hips. Gonna tuck the tailbone under. Start to lift the pelvis and as it you want to round up as much as you can first thing and a scoop, and then start to send the knees out over the toes. That'll allow your back to lengthen or straighten in healing up the top. Exhale, let the chest fall through.

Curling stays around as you can for as long as you can release the spine to straight and sit down. Okay, so we find it first. You're not even lifting your pelvis yet, but you're thinking about lifting off the hands. Then hover the hips, then start a pelvic curl. It's like a pelvic curl in space or roll out towards the feet or roll up towards the ceiling, I guess first. Then let the knees stretch out over the toes. Lift the chest, look up a little breathe in home. Feel as you start to drop your chest that your hips stay as high as they can.

Start to bring their ribs back through the arms. Release all the way back to a straight back. Still hovering. Jennifer. Push. Push away from the ground with your lats and sit down. One more time. Lift the lift, the hips go. So what I mean by that is in this position, and stop, go this way. That's it.

Now curl through the spine. So tilt your pelvis, Paul, this pelvis, pelvis, and then stretch your knees out towards Jo. Good. Now as you start to come back down, your chest falls, but you don't sink into your shoulders. Go keep lifting and lifting. I'm not not with your yes, for my hair. That's it. That's it? Yes. Excellent. Sit down. Good. Okay. And that's that. I want to, I'll turn and face me.

Light on onto your side or law, whatever arm you happen to be lying on. Bring your head down on top. I'm on the top thigh or down on, on the mat for support. Reach your legs away from your body. And with that I'll lift them up. So they're gonna lift, they're gonna hover up off the ground.

We're putting all our attention into our trunk and then we lower just a little and we lift up just still and we allow her to Slidell. How do we put all our attention right into that upper ribbon here? I don't. We live and we come down and we try to stay nice and settled through the neck. Nice and relaxed. Last three times.

Feel that the knees aren't shifting back and forth on one another. One more. Hold the legs up, pick your top leg up a little bit higher and then bring your bottom leg up to meet it. It's squeeze and Ooh, F O left. So although we are yes now intentionally focusing on the inner thighs, can you get a sense of pulling up on the lower obliques as that leg lifts up? Last three, two more. Okay, well and more both like stay lifted and then we're going to take them down to the ground.

Take your top leg and bring it around so it's on the mat in front of you. How long if that doesn't work for you, you can go behind it. It's not super important where it is, but it ideally it's going to be in front from there, pick up the bottom line, flex the foot and then see if you can reach it away from you. You might feel a little more space in your lower waist. With that, we're going to squeeze the leg up. We're not going down again. We're just going to go up higher. Four, eight and seven go.

There's always an energetic intention of a away and six, seven, eight, two more. And last one, hold it up. Take it to the back. Lower down a quarter of an inch and pull it up. So it's like you're making a D, a capital D back behind the pelvis, down and squeeze. Here's another time where we can actively decide on how much work we're getting in our center. Last two and one more. Hold it up. Go down the littlest bit. Back up and down, back and down. She'd feel tough.

Try to keep the leg up as high as you can through out. Here's five, six, check in with your upper shoulder. Is it trying to just squinch I think that's a step counting. Lowering down hard. Bend the knees. Come up onto your elbow. Pull up away from the arms so that you're solid through your lower waist and keep that bottom like bent.

I'm gonna take the top leg up and reach it away. As you reach away from you, you might, Jennifer, here's another place where you're going to be happier with your elbow. That way a little bit more. Yeah, just away from you see? See how much easier that is to find the lift. Okay, now we go that way and then we're going to bend. I think we can avoid each other. Windy, bicycle, the leg forward and then sweep straight back. As the leg goes back, the trunk stays stable. Then the knee swing it forward. Joe, lift up here. Yeah, bicycle, back and bend and a little quicker.

We were squeezed from the back of the leg. As you take your leg behind you in order to help keep your trunk stable, still reach back and reach back and last too, and keep focusing on that lift. If you, it helps me sometimes to kind of reach around and hold on, make sure I'm straight there. One more time. Did you kick each other? That's okay. Let's go the other way forward. Bend your knee, stay there, bring the whole thigh back and then start to stretch on the diagonal backwards and then swing it forward. Bend the whole thigh moves, stretch back, and it's not about going further. It's about going away forward. Then the thymus back stretch away. Paula's try to lift up out of your shoulder a little bit from your lower waist.

This can be done lying on your side if that would make you happier last two times, side bone, and then reach one more to go. Whole thigh moves and reach. Swing it forward, hold there. Turn the knee, the toes down, and just go up to three. It's like dropping and catching. Last three, two, one. Bend your knee, take it to the back. Take the arm that you're not reaching on her left's resting on and stretch it in the opposite direction.

Okay, and then just sit up. Cross that knee over the bottom leg. This can be done lying on your back. This one if, yeah, so that's a good stretch. If, if this position is uncomfortable for us, just hug that knee right up into your chest. In fact, let the hit leave the mat. So get the knee right up close and then work towards sitting down into it. And as you sit down into the hip, lift up out of the pelvis with the back with the abdominals, and take a couple of minutes.

Let's all pull our shoulders down and take our right ear towards our left shoulder. A little bit of a stretch to the neck. It will work with a straight lower leg as well. Joe, can you push your bottom leg out towards windy and that, that'd be better. And then head over to the other side. Okay. And then back to center. Take that leg and bring it around to the outside.

So the leg that was just on top is now bent parallel to my mat. The hand away from that leg is going to come up. Good, good, good? Yep. Yeah. Reach up, stretch over. Bring the right chest slightly for that. That top chest slightly forward. Start to reach out in front of you with that arm. Big circle around.

Let that hand come to the mat. Lift up onto both knees so you're pressing your hips forward. That free arms now is going to reach up into the air and then let it do two great big circles behind you. One, continue to press forward into the front of the hip with the back of the hip too. Let the arm come all the way overhead. Again, start to sit down through your hips. Read your way out in front of you. As soon as you can, let the opposite on the one that was just balancing you. Leave the mat following that, that first arm coming all the way up and then lets just swing ourselves over to the opposite side.

Lie down on your side fully, not your head on you on your arm. You would always bend your arm if that felt better to you. Legs are lined up in space, abs are working. And here we go. We were reaching the legs away from us first. That's what's gonna allow us to lift them up initially and then they're going down just a little and they're going up. Just so, so it's not a up, down thing.

So much as it's a keep the waste both sides of the waistline long and to see, use the legs as a lever to challenge that. Okay. Continue to feel they've done a little drawing backwards towards the spine. Last four tried to get a sense of if I relax into the movement, can I feel it more? Sometimes works always works.

Actually I think one more time. Hold the legs up. Take the top like just a little bit higher, higher than hip level and then bring the bottom leg up to meet it. It's up and up. Kinda quick ahead. Continue to focus on the abs and not the legs, although the legs now will start to feel last three, two more. One more. Keep the legs up, squeeze and lift them a little higher and then bring everything down.

Take the top leg and bring it in front. I forgot what was next. Flex the foot and lift the leg and again, reaching away from you again, putting your intention into your abdominals. It's just up and to then three and four. Oh no, my hip is cramping six it's better now. This is it. We're taking it into a capital D. go back, squeeze your glutes, go down and back up. So taking it behind the pelvis, down a little center, N, N here's, sorry, up, back down, lift for checkout.

The shoulders. Are they relaxed? Last two, one more. [inaudible] go the other way. Go down, back up. Can you make that circular motion with your hip or in your hip joint without anything else really being affected in the rest of the body? There is a challenge, which is five is six. Yes, seven. And here is our last one and rest. And just help yourself out. [inaudible] slide onto the elbow.

So if you put your elbow right up into your body real close, it's not going to give you anywhere to go away from so relatively far away. And then lift up away from it and then pull the shoulder down just a little bit. Like this way. Yup. Squeeze. Maybe at your shirt policy. If you can squeeze down where it's a little, you're better before. Yep. Here we go. Pick up your top leg. The bottom leg is bent, Jennifer. Now you're too far away. That's better. Okay. Here we go. We're going to have a bend bicycle. The leg forward. Engage you the back of the leg to swing the leg back. Joe, don't bend your knees. Tell well, how do I want to say this?

Keep your leg straight. Keep it straight. Reach it on the diagonal hold now bend it and then swing it forward and then sweep it back. All the while staying very stable in the trunk. Jennifer, I feel like you could do a better shoulder for me. I think I was right. Oh, I love to be right. It really makes me happy. This is the last three, the last two stretching away. As you take the leg back, the last one, hold of their back. Then swing that straight leg forward. Ben, bring your heel as close as you can to your hip.

Bring the whole thighbone back in. Then the leg extends. Bring the leg forward, Ben. Then heel to hip, thigh bone stretches back, and then reaching back on the diagonal. And here we go again. Bend CIBA, stretch, bend, stretch, last three. Just be careful as you take your leg back, Jen, that you don't arch too much. Here's the last one. Looking good. Looking good.

Keep that lift up away from the mat with a bottom rib. Hold it front. Rotate the knee down, the toes relaxed, and we just go down. Down. Thank you, Jennifer. You knew it didn't. Yeah, I like it. [inaudible] last three, last two. This is it, and how or were you two back? Take your top. I'm in. Reach it forward reaching oppositionally through chosen fingers.

Look for a stretch. Look for the pelvis, supple out from away from the ribs, and then come back. Then that top leg, if you wanted to go onto your back again like you did before, you could. You could straighten out the bottom leg, which would make this stretch a little bit easier. Good. All right, so hug the knee right up into the chest. It's okay for the hip to be up off the ground at this point. Then make sure that your body is squared to the leg and with that, try to keep the leg close as you settle down into both hips evenly. Let's say you could sit down more. You can still sit down more.

Go try to find your heel with your button. [inaudible] okay, so we're just breathing. We're lifting. Um, you know, you can pull on your leg all you want with your arms, but what's really going to give you a bigger stretches if you lift up with your back with your atoms. Ah, bring the head over to the right shoulder is reaching away from ears. Pick up the head, slide it over to the other side, heaviness through that opposite shoulder blade. Pick up the head, take that leg and cross it and bring it around to the side. So the shins parallel to the edge of the mat. The left arm's gonna reach out.

Or I guess I can't do lefts and rights, I've, but this arm, we're all there. Good lift first, then reach up to go over looking for that stretch to the side. Then send the chest forward. Slide the arm out in front of you. Bring it around in front. The opposite arm is gonna follow. Put that hand down. Planted.

Think shoulder stability. As you pick up your hits, press the pelvis forward, lift up, reach away from you first. And then two big circles, just too big. Circle around through that top shoulder. One more to go. Big circle around and you're reaching the room over ahead. We're gonna sit back down. That frame is going to start to swing forward as we can. We'll pick up the supporting arm, allow it to follow the free hub.

And once again, settling over into the side stretch. Lovely. All right, come on in. Come onto your hands and knees. So we're going to do some front support work if necessary for wrist problems or other unknown issues. You can come to your elbows. All right, so first thing's first, set the hands just underneath the shoulders. Lengthen the head forward, but pull the shoulders away from your ears.

Slide the right leg back into the mat. Extend and also energize that leg. Pull the abdominals in bias towards a little tuck of the pelvis and slide the left leg back to hold. And with that we're going to breathe in and breathe out. Feel here, the ribs expand and then narrowing the waist. Cinching the waist. As the ribs can tract in or we expand. Exhale, we can track [inaudible] three more breasts. Pretty powerful abdominal position. Actually, if you feel your low back, consider talking just a little bit more energizing the legs just a little bit more. Jennifer, pick your head up right there.

Lift your hips, pike your hips up. Press your heels down towards the mat and look there for a straight back. From there, come up onto the toes. Articulate by pressing the pelvis towards the forehead. So now you're a very round through your spine. Continue rounding forward.

So it's like an upside down roll up I guess. Come back to that first position. Yep. We're back in our planes who are going to keep the left leg on the mat and point the right toes. With that. We're just going to lift that right leg up and it's not about high, it's about finding the mat and reaching away cause it seems to be the theme for the day. They're reaching away. Jennifer, your hips are a little high. Last three two who put the foot in?

Lift the hips up, press the heels to the monopolar ribs in the yams and look for a stretch, but also try to pull up out of the the hands energetically. Lift onto your toes again, articulate the spine forward around pressing the hips forward. How's you hit the straight line? The head comes up in space. Point the left toes. Yep. You're a little bit low now. Apologists, fine. Front support or a plank. Good.

Reaching the leg up and down. Nice. Joe. Your hips and room slightly too high. That's perfect. Last two, one to go. Put your foot down. Bend your knees. Sit all the way back onto your heels. Reaching your arms out in front of you, holding there and then curling through the abdominal.

Press the pelvis and the chest. Close together as you roll back up. Okay. Lengthen out through the spine or straight in the back and sit back on your feet again. Feel your shoulders moving in the direction of the feet as you sit down and then rolling back up. We're coming to hands and knees so the cat stretch. The knees are just underneath the hips. The hands are just underneath the shoulders. The spine is long, and we're going to inhale here. [inaudible] as you exhale, start to move the pelvis. Try as much as you can to mobilize the lower back while keeping the upper back as still as you can.

The head will react to the spine rounding by dropping slightly in healing. As you stretch back, finding the neutral spine. Keep the pelvis still as you feel your shoulder blades reaching down in the chest. Reach out and forward. So it's a stretch like work-like for sure sensation, and he'll come back to neutral. Exhale, tuck the pelvis. Feel that range of motion stays relatively small so we can really focus on stretching out through the low back. Inhale back to center and exhale as the shoulders go gently downward.

The top of the head reaches forward and the upper back goes into upper back extension. You guys look great and he'll come back to neutral. Let's do one more exhale. Hips first inhale, bring it back. An exhale. Upper spine, keeping the pelvis stationary and will come back. All right. Um, so are we all okay on our risks for one more moment? Yup. Alright. Stretch the right leg straight out. Okay.

Take a moment and make sure that there's just a small or just a bias towards the tuck in the pelvis. We're going to pick that leg up, reaching it long behind us. So now we've just gotten into our hip extensors. Reach the toes down, touch and pick them right back. So not only working on the back of the leg, but also working on keeping the spine as stable as possible as that leg moves through space. Joe, you're picking your hip up. Just the littlest bit at the top. Yeah, that's better. Last three to [inaudible] and one, keep the leg up, flex the foot, keep the spine still as you bring your leg out to your side as far as you can without moving the rest of you. And then bring it back. Go in four times. He'll reach out and Excel, pull it back and he'll reach out. Exhale, pull it back. One more [inaudible] and then we bend that knee. Come all the way up.

We're going to take that same leg that was in the air. You can keep your hands on the mat as you situate the leg if you wish. So I'm going to roll over the top of my front knee or my back knee rather set, make sure that my ankle is just underneath my front knee and if that's enough of a stretch for you, stick with that. If you want a little bit more, you can just start to lift your body out. And then here we've got to keep traveling upwards and as our spine travels upwards, maybe push a little from the back of the leg into the front of the leg. If you feel like it's a safe movement for you, take the opposite hand to the front leg, reach around that leg and just guide yourself towards it.

I keep thinking about up and then bring yourself back to center. Put your hands down on the mat and then just walk that foot and he'll show it in. So we're going to go into it. We add the pigeon dropping the hip down. This might not work, Helen. What you could do is that, that's a good idea. We won't be here long. Me meet you back in a minute. So we're just sitting down.

Got a fair amount of work in that hip today. So, so allowing you to have a pretty good stretch here. All right, to take your body out of it, push into your hands and take weight off the leg. Slide the leg back and we're back to our hands and knees. So we got to do the hip extension for us. We've got risks under shoulders, knees under hips, straight line with the spine, ribs in and up, shoulders broad. Slide the left leg back along the mat. Keep it on the ground for a minute while you intentionally work your abdominals for support and then pick it up. It only lifts as high as you can.

Keep the pelvis still the back from arching. It's a really nice modification. Paula. Good work. [inaudible] Jennifer, shoulders down just a little bit and try to keep your head rolls still. It's a lovely last three, two more and one more. Keep the leg up in the air, flex the foot, take it out to the side as far as you can without leaning to the opposite side and sweep it back. Think we did for reaching around. Can you feel that you stay heavy on both arms?

So one of them is going to have to be a pretty intentional heaviness. One more. Why not, and then bring it back and bring it down. Then we're going to, you can just keep your hands on the ground as you walk your foot through. Take a moment to position so you're not right on top of your knee cap. It's important for the knee to be not in front of the ankle, but over the ankle, so there is a stretch in itself. If that's where you're happy. Stay. If you need a little more, come up [inaudible] and then the abdominals are certainly, it's like a two way street here.

You've got to pull back with the abs at the same time as you're pushing forward with the pelvis or trying to talk the pelvis or engaging the muscles in the back of the leg. All of those things will do the trick. Here we go. We're going to take that opposite hand. If you feel comfortable with this, put it on the outside leg and just guide yourself a little into a twist towards the leg. Keep thinking up and then come back to center. Place the hands down on the ground. Yeah, Helen, just get a shift back into that hamstring stretch and then you can do exactly what you did on the other side. Let me just bring the foot across sitting. Oh man. It's like two different bodies. [inaudible] it's still a perfect place to think about what your shoulders are doing in space.

Okay. And then when you're ready to spare some weight into your arms that you can slide back onto that back knee and then take the leg out from underneath you and lower your body all the way down so you're lying on your front, on your stomach. So I'm in a position as um, Palm space in forehead on the ground, legs long and straight. And, and just take a moment to set up. Feel that the back of the legs energizing, reaching away from you. The arms are right next to the body. Here's our basic back extension.

Breathing in a little bit of an intentional tuck in the pelvis or a definite pulling up on the abs. Start to slide the arms down the sides of the thighs as you lift. Don't worry about how high you go. Worry about trying to pull your body in the opposite direction that your hands are reaching. Inhale, hold and exhale to release down breathing anything. Again, breathe out, slide the arms down the sides of the body, and then at the top can we find a little rear underarm rolling forward so you're just going into a little bit of external rotation and then release all the way down. Jennifer, keep your legs on the ground.

What I meant by a work in the legs was just keeping them strong and bringing your head up with you. What I mean by the rear underarm thing is just a slow, subtle turning into that direction. And I think that'll help you feel this and then release back down. And let's do that three more times. So reaching out and up, guiding the shoulders and towards towards the back and really seem down. So just a subtle, keep going two more times subtle in the arm, in the shoulder joint. It's not really that you're squeezing your shoulders together so much and release is that you're just potentially turning your arm away from what's natural for most of us, which is a little bit of tightness in the front of the shoulders.

That's exactly what I'm talking about. And then release all the way back down or let your back settle for just a moment and then stretch your arms over your head. You may or may not have to move. So for those of us who aren't comfortable with the arms overhead in this position, it's much easier to go a bit wider and we're all going to come up just a little bit. So keeping the legs on the ground. Press into the hands just a little bit by lifting up through the back and then feel the shoulders pulled down the back. Okay, Jennifer, I don't think you need to be quite so wide and then look at me.

Go this way with your shoulders there. That's it. Okay, here we go. We're all going to lift the rep right leg and the left arm and reach them away from one another. If anything is going to lift high, it's the arm, not the leg, and then release. So it's a swim prep. We stretch the arms so far away that it lifts the leg continues to reach out behind us. I need y'all to go down an X whole opposing arm and lay good and down and opposing arm and leg. And one more [inaudible]. I lied one more. I need side now. Hold there, lower the leg down in space and then pull it away from you and then try to pick the arm up a little bit higher. That's what we're looking for.

And then release opposite sides of go where you want, where it feels natural to you, and then allow the leg to go down a little bit. Continue to keep it active, but try for the arm to come a little higher and release it down. And with that, just go all the way down. Have arrest, let your back settle. Place your hands underneath your shoulders. Press yourself up onto your hands and knees.

Squeeze your knees a little closer if you need to, but we're all sitting down onto our feet. Taking a couple of breasts here, letting the forehead rest on the ground, letting the shoulders relax away from the ears. If you wanted to, you could bring your arms next to your body and just feel kind of a heaviness and hips reaching towards the ankles. No, I'm familiar. Just to let your hand slide. If they're next to your sides, bring them just in front of your knees. Roll your toes underneath. You. Push back over your the balls of your feet so that you end sitting down near your ankles. Just pushing down into the heels, stretching the calves, the feet from here, just push up onto the toes. So you're rolling up into a great big arch. Yep. To pointing your feet and flexing your feet.

We're going to do that one more time. We're rolling up. Paying attention to where the weight is centered. Is it all in the pinkie toe is all, is it all in the big toe? Can we distribute the weight with that as the heel start to reach down towards the ground. Start to pick the hips up, working the legs towards straight, staying where you get when you get there. Then bend your right knee either more or some and let the right hip kinda drop as the left hip gets a stretch. Had heavy here.

Straighten that leg or go toward straight bend the other. If I keep your heel down on the ground, Joe, and then that's all been both knees and then see if you can get a feeling of pulling the hipbones actively with the abdominals deeper into the hip socket so that the low back can relax forward. Taking that stretch and with a, we're taking a breath and keep the knees bent, starting aging through the abdominals, or go deeper into your abs and a rule through your spine. Just manipulating the spine or can your way through it and all the way up, pressing the hips forward. Oh, do I have to standing great. Just the arms forward. I'll look up at them, bringing them around to the sides right out the shoulders. Spread out the arms.

One more time in, yeah. Yeah. And accelerating all the attention. Go in the body and we are done.


Meredith, I honestly have enjoyed every class I've ever taken from you...but revisiting this one reminds me why you are my's amazing! Exactly what I love about Pilates - basic movement yet technically and physically demanding. Thank you! I would recommend everyone revisit this class.
Thank you very much Elsa! Judging from the view...this is one of the first.

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