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Notice: All apparatus classes on Pilates Anytime are intended for Pilates professionals and students with significant training on the apparatus. These classes are NOT a suitable place to begin apparatus training. For your safety, please consult a certified Pilates instructor prior to taking.
Decide to Remain True to You
Jennifer Kries
5 min
Special Feb 19, 2014
Cadillac Hands On Tutorial
Jennifer Kries
60 min
Workshop cost: $29 Feb 09, 2013
Mat Workout
Jennifer Kries Accelerated Pace
Level 3 60 min
Jennifer Kries's Method Jan 22, 2013
Waking Energy
Jennifer Kries Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 20 min
Jennifer Kries's Method Jan 04, 2013
Pilates Hands On Workshop
Jennifer Kries
2 hr (6 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 Mar 11, 2012
Jennifer Kries
Jennifer Kries
10 min
Discussion Feb 15, 2012
Mat Workout
Jennifer Kries Moderate Pace
Level 2/3 50 min
Jennifer Kries's Method Jan 24, 2012

We use the springs to get the feeling in the body.
Getting Hips Overhead with Clare Dunphy