Exercise #1442

Single Leg Side

1 min - Exercise


Foundation Exercise

Muscle Focus Abominal Oblique
Objective Strengthen abdominals
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dec 29, 2009
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Single leg side, so Marta's lying on her side. We've taken her bottom leg and put it to 90 degrees, pretty much straight out of her hip. That way she can balance with that. Her hips are stacked, so if you looked at her from my angle, she's got one hip on top of the other. She's not rolled back and she's certainly not rolled forward. She also has this forward hand here to help her stabilize and as usual, the shoulders are down, abdominals engage the long leg.

It's going to be the moving part, but in fact we're not going to put a lot of attention to the leg. This exercise is more intended for the oblique so that the abdominal muscles focusing mostly in this exercise on the top side, so it goes like this. She's going to inhale, prepare, and on the exhale she'll reach this like so far away from her that it actually hovers to about the height of her, her hip. Inhale holding there, but continue to think long and then exhale to reach the leg down, lightly touching, taking in another inhale. On the exhale, she'll actually start exhaling first. She reaches the leg and if you could feel right here, you'd see or feel her abdominals engaging. Inhale, hold and exhale. Taking it a longer couple more cause you want to feel that the leg itself is quite soft. Inhale to prepare. It's more like you're reaching from the hip.

The leg can be relatively relaxed. It's just the way it against your waist. Inhale, hold and exhale back down. Single leg side, a good prep for a later exercise, which is called side lift.


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