Exercise #1455

Push Up

2 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Triceps, chest, upper back.

Objective: Strengthen chest and triceps, stabilization of trunk.

Start Position: Stand at the back edge of the Mat with feet together.

Movement: Roll down through the spine to place the hands on the Mat. Walk the hands out for four steps until the shoulders are over the wrists and the body is in a plank position. Bend the elbows towards the ribs in a tricep push up three to five times. Pike the pelvis towards the ceiling and walk the hands back to the feet in four steps. Roll up through the spine to standing.

Precautions: Avoid sinking in the shoulder girdle and pelvis during the tricep push, while maintaining the draw of the elbows into the ribcage.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 10, 2014
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Now we're going to be doing the pushup exercise. It's an intermediate exercise and, and obviously it's going to be strengthening your upper body. It's going to be strengthening your triceps, your chest muscles, as well as your back and always using your powerhouse. So let's go ahead and begin. We're going to bring your head to your chest and roll off an imaginary wall.

Always lifting your powerhouse and reach those arms down and walk out and as little as you can into a pushup position. Good. Your hands want to be directly underneath your shoulders. Good. And in PyLadies, we graze the ribs with our elbows when we go down. Okay, so they're not going to be going out wide. Beautiful piece of steel. Stomach is supporting the spine, squeezing the glutes. There you go.

Squeezing, lengthening. Almost think of the spring of a reformer and it's stretching out the crown of your head as well. All right, go ahead and start bending the elbows and lower and one solid piece and pull up. Good. And bend the elbows and lower in one solid piece. Nice. And that's three going down. Polling up. Good. One more. Four don't cave in the chest. One more time.

Energy out the crown of your head, squeezing the glutes. Good. Lift up in your waist and walk back to your feet and roll up again as if there's a wall behind you. Keeping the weight a little more on the ball of your feet. Wonderful. And there we have the pushup.


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Working hard to get mine as good as this... It will be awhile!
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This a good movement. Can I modify this move ok using bent knees on the floor making it easier but still affective?

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