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Back Extension

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Rebekah Rotstein uses a student to demonstrate the difference between correct and incorrect alignment in back extension.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Sep 15, 2010
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We're now going to look at spinal extension. I find that most people over utilize their lumbar spine or their lower back to lift themselves up off the ground instead of working through the middle to upper spine. So Christie here is first going to demonstrate the incorrect way to do spinal extension. Notice how much strain is occurring right here through her lower back and lower down. Now the correct way is to press her pubic bone gently into the mat, find the length here through the lower back, and now she's going to reach out through the crown of her head to rise up and notice that we've decreased that little valley here and found much more of a takeoff position as if she were to take flight. And you can lower it down.

So that here that we've just demonstrated is spinal extension.


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Got it! Thanks for the non-example too.
Judy J
thanks Rebekah. Can't wait to see you again this October.
Nancy F
I have large breasts and it is uncomfortable to lie on my stomach. Any suggestions?
Nancy F Good question! Try this:  fold a few blankets on your mat, just below the bra line, which would prop you up but leave extra space for the breasts. And then take a few towels under your head to bring your forehead to the same level as the part of your body that is under the blankets. Let us know if that works!
Nancy F
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Thank you. I'll give it a try.

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