Beginner Mat Flow<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 705

Beginner Mat Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 705

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Excellent for the beginner and for those who are not as strong. Perfect for seniors. Great cues and direction. Recommend!
That was so good! Thank you Adrianne.
Thank you both for your comments, glad you enjoyed this!
good cues for anylevel.
nice way to start my Sunday! thank you
A gentle and elegant class. Thank you.
Thank you. It's nice getting feedback and to know you all enjoyed this class.
Love this short & basic classic class. Website needs to offer lots more shorter & basic classes based on classic principles for aging stiff students. Who has 60 minutes these days ? Thank you Adrianne !
This class has become such a favorite.
Have tried other instructors on this website but Adrianne's attention to classic form with all of the crucial details makes her THE instructor for me !
THANK YOU Adrianne for finding time for brilliant, basic, entry level classes !!!
Thank you for such wonderful comments! I truly appreciate them!
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