Reformer with Heikki<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1025

Reformer with Heikki
Kristi Cooper
Class 1025

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thanks Kristi...your work always shines! Also enjoyed watching a really beautiful mover - will refer this class to many clients.
Thank you Joleen!
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OMG! There I am! :) Thank you so much! :)
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Heikki, hi! we´ve met at Pilates on Tour in Venice last December and it was such a nice encounter and now here you are on Pilates Anytime!! :)) I really enjoyed watching this video, I´m sure meeting Kristi personally is a wonderful experience. Thank you, Kristi, for being such a lovely person.. Zuzana (from Slovakia)
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Hi Zuzana! Yes, there I am! I´m really glad you liked the video. I loved every second of it myself!
And yes! Kristi is awesome!
Hope we get to meet again soon!
Great seeing you on PA Heikki!
OMG! There I am!!! It's been a LONG time since I've been on PA! Thank you Heikki for inspiring me to get back out there! I was nervous!! You are a total delight to know! Thank you for making the journey up to PA!
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Heikki Lempiäinen performs beautifullly. Love this class Kristi and your cueing makes it!!
Kristi, Your cues are clearer with purpose and smoother and you seem more comfortable, even with a great mover like Heikki who is for sure a challenge to challenge! Also, great to have a short class option for days with little time to fit in a full class.
Thank you Karen and Susan! Heikki you are a wonderful mover and so obviously engaged in body and mind. I look forward to reuniting with you in Germany at Lolita's conference next month!
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