Balanced Body Tour<br>Ken Endelman<br>Special 1190

Balanced Body Tour
Ken Endelman
Special 1190

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Ann S
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Hi Ken...Thanks sooo much for taking the time to create a tour. I always wanted to see where my equipment comes from!! Your equipment is truly the best. Cheers, Ann from Guelph, Canada
p.s. I'm the one who bought an Allegro and you and your staff managed to squeeze it in my dodge shadow at Can Fit Pro. I've loved it ever since!!
Hi Ken, what a treat to walk the factory floor with you. It is a lovely faciility and it is so interesting to see how it is all put together. I can almost smell the wood.
Thank you for doing this. I have wanted to see your place for years and now I do not need to make the trip.
Where are the Allegro2's?
Angela in Albany New York

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