Strength and Endurance Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1226

Strength and Endurance Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 1226

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I had an "old" 60 min level 2/3 already loaded for my morning class. My time was a little more limited today though and I used the PA search tool to click in what I REALLY wanted... a 40 minute magic circle class. Imagine my surprise to have my wish granted so fantastically!!! Very sneaky sashay into those teasers my dear. And of course exactly when you cued the option to put the ring behind our heads, my neck was saying "yes!". LOTS work on with this class Meri...I´ll be coming back to it often. For those who want to keeping moving throughout class...this is a "gotta do".
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Loved it!! Great flow and great work. Thank you!
Thanks ladies! Joni, if I remember correctly, I filmed this one just for you. Glad you like it :)
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Fabulous as always, Meredith! Thank you. So many creative ideas of how to use a ring. I think I will do this class again very soon! Some of the movements felt so good I actually pressed "Pause" and made a couple of reps more... Although I like these 40 minutes classes, I wish this one would be longer
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Thank you for another fabulous class. I will be taking this one often. Your cues and your transitions are superb. You are a fantastic instructor.
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Great workout. Thank you!
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Loved it!Really challenging!!
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Yet another favorite of mine ! Loved the flow, loved the cues, loved the challenge ! Thanks Meredith :)
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Amazing workout! Thanks so much :) pure inspiration.
Thank you everyone for taking class with me and taking the time to leave such lovely feedback. I appreciate you all so much!
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