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Methods Overview
Brett Howard
Discussion 1199

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Thank you for your insight on Romana's work!
Lynn G
Thanks for sharing.
Why do you talk about not changing the exercises, and the your videos are full of changes to the original exercises, and exercises that never part of JP repetoire. Third, classical pilates instuctors (which you claim to be) teach the exercises in the orginal order, which you do not do. Why not be honest? You are a contemporary instructor, not classical.
Welcome to PA Sarah, Brett is summarizing the major contributions of Romana Kryzanowska specifically for the Pilates Legacy Project. Given the recent passing of Romana, PA held back the interviews that Brett (the curator for Romana's portion of the PLP) conducted with Sean Gallagher, Alycea Ungaro, Kathi Ross-Nash, David Freeman and Mejo Wiggin until we could reschedule our interview with Sari Mejia Santos and Dara Pace (Romana's daughter and granddaughter). Once these interviews are released, I think you will be surprised to learn that every one of them says that Romana always taught to the body in front of her (despite order). I am motivated to increase your understanding on this issue, but I remain more sensitive to Romana's family at this time. I'll hope your apparent passion for truth is equal to your openness to learn and that you will check back with us when the interviews are released. If so, I am certain you will discover that Brett is as honest and authentic as they come.
For more information on Brett's background with Pilates or the Pilates Legacy Project see the links below:

The United States Pilates Association

The Pilates Legacy Project

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