Mat Workout
Sharon G.
Class 1822

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Thank you Elena! I'm happy you enjoyed the class.
Alexia. Thank you and yes, the Foam Roller is a great tool for proprioceptive feedback. I love using it to keep my clients on their toes. I hope you've been able to integrate using it too.
Beverly, that is awesome! Don't we all just need a little decompression to access that deeper system? I'm so glad it worked for you!
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Tough class but fantastic series of excercises that were very well explained.Really felt the feedback from the roller.
Thank you Sharon for commenting. I know, doesn't the roller add a whole new challenge to the work? I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge.
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I think this will be the first time I post a comment on a class TWICE... and still I don't know how to explain what I sense in my body. Have been walking around since waking up with the feeling that MY BODY JUST NEEDED this class... like ASAP! Now that I've gotten of the roller I feel & sense why. Because it gets into my juicy spots, challenging and meditative all at once!
Sharon, what can I say..... MY.BODY.SIMPLY.CRAVE.YOU ;) haha..
Marie!! That is so awesome! I love that it feels right for your body and I thank you so much for sharing.
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I feel all pleasantly woozy from the lovely lengthening of my hip flexors. Great class, thanks!
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Sharon I just wanted to query the position of the low back in the psoas stretch, when you say have as little space between low back and roller, do you mean to almost imprint??
Hi Sharon. Yes. I do mean to create a long imprint. It's important to distinguish that the imprint is from a long spine and the strength of the abdominals, not from tipping the pelvis backward. It should be decompressing the spine, not compressing it. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for commenting.
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