Mindful Mat Flow
Christi Idavoy
Class 1846

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These movements are gentle yet they really get out all the kinks and tightness held in the body.
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I think the same And my question is :
What name must be used for this lkind of lesson ?
Pre mat ? Restoraiive mat? Gentle mat ...? I don't think mat lev 1 is right in my opinion ....
I am not sure if the level needs to be changed. Even though it was gentle I felt the benefits of this class right away, and that night/today, I see the results in my torso. A lovely class.
Monica, I'm not sure what Christi would say (and for the record, Pilates Anytime described and chose the level after the filming process), but if you have an association with Mat level 1 as being something different than what we have here, I would say call it whatever suits that model; pre-Pilates, Restorative etc... . For us, Mat Level 1 makes sense in the context of all of our other classes which is how we try to distinguish level, description etc... When it comes to describing a class the opinion of the viewer is always going to be right because it is subjective. On the other end of the continuum we sometimes have people tell us our level 3 classes should be level 10! Unfortunately, we have limited ourselves to 1-3. Continued.....
Continued from above....
We do the best we can to help people know what to expect from a class, but due to different schools of thought on Pilates, different skill levels and just differing opinions, we don't always get it right for everyone. We really appreciate your feedback and know that it will help others who may feel similarly discern whether this is the class they want to take. Thank you!
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The point is completely different . I like this class so much that the question is how to put correctly in the schedule of my classes ?
Usually I teach level I Class with more traditional exercises in one hour
Thank you everyone for the feedback! As Kristi mentions, the level I is subject to the categories available on this wonderful website.
Monica, I would call this class a Mindful Mat class or a Restortive Pilates Mat class. Glad you enjoyed it!
Absolutely wonderful. My new favorite. Thank you, thank you!
Thank you Christi. Monica, I'm sorry I didn't answer your question as specifically as you wished I might have. I'm not really sure I can do any better than my first attempt not knowing the context of your studio/classes etc... My suggestion would be that you decide how to your label your classes based on your own audience rather than ours. Good luck!
That was an amazing class! I'm so glad I stayed present through the whole thing. (although it was not easy to do so!) I got so much added mobility in my thoracic spine and balanced movement in my shoulders. Can wait to see how this changes my practice!
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