High-Powered Mat<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 169

High-Powered Mat
Adrianne Crawford
Class 169

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I thought this class was for a beginner. Thank goodness I have a little knowledge of basics. Class moved a little faster than I like for a beginner just learning basics. Definitely a good routine something to push myself to get stronger.
Level 1/2 is beginner to intermediate - so, it can get difficult for those just learning. Thanks for keeping up and giving it a try!
Helen H
In my initial search, I chose no props, but this class used weighted balls.
Helen~ Thank you for pointing this out to us. I have added Hand Weights as a prop for this class.
I've taken >30 or so classes and transitioned from level 1-2. This class should probably be labeled a level 2, if only because of the pace. In the 37 minutes that I watched, there was only 1 specific rest of 5 seconds. Other than that, only constant transitions between fast-paced reps of the basic Pilates moves. No suggestions for modifications were given for those who couldn't achieve the positions (e.g., Teaser), and Adrienne gives little instruction/reminder about how to perform the moves. In addition, the class starts with the 100's with no warmup, as if it is part of a longer class.

That said, when I feel like I very fast-paced basic workout, I might use it again. It also has a long section at the end with arm weights and wall, which are helpful but should be explained in the indexing.
Michelle ~ Thank you for your feedback. Adrianne was trained in a particular style that moves a little quicker and uses transitions to flow from one exercise to the next so there aren't breaks. We have decided to keep the class as a Level 1/2 because it is appropriate for those who are moving up to the intermediate level. If you try this class again, I hope you like it more the second time around.
Hi Michelle, after reading your comment I looked back at the video (2010) - You are correct! This class is by no means a 1 (basic). It is a high intermediate class, another words to take this class you need to know the intermediate level and are strong enough to move forward toward advanced moves. The description is correct - however we need to change this to a level 2 with the addition of rollover. I apologize for the mislabeling and will see about changing that. Thanks for your input - always good to catch these things.

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