Stretch Out Strap® Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 211

Stretch Out Strap® Mat
Amy Havens
Class 211

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Just purchased my S.O.S. strap- thanks with your help.I loved this class on posture and working your shoulders- needed it. I hope you will be doing more classes on using the S.O.S. strap.Anyway you can exercise your feet using the S.O.S. strap?
Hi Elaine! glad you got a strap! You'll love it. Yes, I just did another class last Friday and it will be posted soon. My most recent class that's up on the site now I did do a little bit of foot focus....stretching with the theraband. Not sure if you saw that one yet or not. But, last week's class I did more standing work with the strap as well as some traditional Mat pieces. I'll address feet this Friday too with tennis balls/small balls as well as the strap. Thanks for checking in!
Hey Amy
Finally got my SOS! Yes I like it! Of course for shoulders, but in this class I also really enjoyed it on the feet for saw, great for feedback through the legs and stability of the hips. Looking forward to doing more classes with it as I have only tried them with a theraband. If you are ever near Niagara Falls Canada bring your strap and lets play! :)
Great Kerry! Yes, the strap provides a nice challenge and gives variety and different feedback to common exercises. I'd love to come up that way....workshop ideas?!!!
Hmmmm!!!! Also wondering your thoughts on Fletcher pilates...
Hi Kerry.....I respect Fletcher Pilates highly! :)

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