Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1991

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Obrigada Nagi Takahashi, espero ver mais de suas classes. Adorei!!
Obrigada Janaina!
I hope you'll watch my other classes too:)
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Dear Nagi, I Love your tactile cueing so gentle and effective. The focus on Hip mobility and release is a great focus and feels so good! Thank you!
Hi Michele, thank you for taking this class! Tactile cueing is so effective, so I just guide them to where I would like them to go. No forcing.
I hope you will watch my other videos!
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Hi, such a great way to switch it up with straps above knees! My clients loved it!! Excited to make it a part of my repertoire. Thanks:)
Hi Trisha,
I'm happy that your clients loved the straps above the knees! It's a part of your repertoire now:)
Thank you so much for this video! My hips have been really tight for the past few weeks and I can't wait to do these exercises.
Your cues were amazing!
Thank you Jess, I hope the exercises made you hips loosen up.
My hips were too tight after a session on the weekend and this class has done wonders, even the next morning, I can still feel the difference. Thank you!
Hi Nagi-san, I know I am late watching this but I am so glad I had a little spare time today. Just what my body needed! Arrigato! :)
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