Additional Arms<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 345

Additional Arms
Amy Havens
Class 345

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Great class! I know I needed this shoulder workout and love doing it with the strap. What a fantastic workout doing both of your newest classes! Thanks Amy I love taking your classes and using props!
You're the best Elaine, thank you!!
Great little class! Did it after an ab and lower body class, just for some shoulder work. Big thumbs up!
Thank you's nice to have a few 'great little classes' to take for those moments where you just have a few minutes for additional thngs. The green strap is great for shoulder work. Thanks for watching!
Is the Stretch Out Strap superior to the Fletcher Towel? I just bought the Fletcher piece because I think it has some elastic properties, the strap in this video doesn't look very like it has much give. Great class though regardless of the equipment options.
Hi Donavan, I like the towel too and yes, it's eleastic quality does make certain things easier to do. I prefer the SOS strap because of it's specificity for shoulder mechanics (see Pat Guyton's work and her website as she has developed work with the green strap,, and for the PNF value. Pat has a full class with the SOS strap as well as a workshop up now. It gives much more explaination. Thank you for your feedback about my class. Talk again soon.
Tish T
Just what I needed! My neck and shoulders have been incredibly sore the last two weeks. I feel so much better now.

Highly recommend to others like me who have desk jobs and stare at computer screens all day.

Thanks Amy!
Hi Tish....yes the green strap work is perfect for neck and shoulder awareness, strengthening, relsease etc. Spread the good word!! Thank you!
Yes this felt great at the end of a long day! Thanks!
:) Glad you enjoyed this Kerry!

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