Cadillac Introduction<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 258

Cadillac Introduction
Adrianne Crawford
Class 258

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Loved it. The mat warm up was a little too fast paced for me but something to work towards. Loved having a Romana based cadillac workout. I had never used my trapeze before on my Cadillac. I would like to see more!!! THANK-YOU!

Great class!! thank you for bringing the cadillac. I enjoy the explanation ,very clear look forward for more tower !
thank you again Adrianne
Very nice. Thanks for adding Cadillac! Since this class was mostly mat on the Cad and just a few exercises, it would be great to have classes themed, i.e.; "Arm spring work, push through bar work, standing work, rolldown bar work, etc. Thanks!

Good to see some Cadallic work. Would love to see more!
Good suggestions Terri, Thank you!
We'll be adding more Cadillac soon
Thank you, great workout!
would like to see more cadillac and less mat work also waiting for tower classes
Would love to have more Cadillac or Tower work!!!!!
We're working on it Teresa. I just filmed one Tuesday but we've got some great things in the line up that will be there first. Shouldn't be too long before we have more.
Great class! Thanks!
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