Energizing Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 353

Energizing Flow
Amy Havens
Class 353

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Love, love this workout! Best of both types workouts in only 30 minutes. Excellently choreographed too.
Thank you, thank you Sabrina!! So glad you liked the class!
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Amy, this class was so fun and enjoyable!! I really needed the sweat after the holidays!! I liked the interval sections going from mat to jumpboard. Please do another like this soon! My abs are still sore...yippeee
Hi Jamie.....thank you so much for taking my class! I had fun with this one too....and like you, needed a little sweat after the holidays. It felt good to push things a little bit....but I think we can more, don't you?!! I'll try putting another one up soon....I've got some good ideas!

great class Ames! I did it in my office during lunch. I always wonder what the guy next door thinks, but he is like 80 years old, so maybe he cant hear me.
Hi Amelia!! Yay....a great lunch-time workout! You should invite your 80-yr old neighbor to try some footwork on the Reformer while the jumpboard is in position......he'd probably love it! :) Thanks for taking class with me Amelia!!
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Great class, Amy! Definitely burned some calories and am now walking to throw out the rest of the chocolates ;) Loved the combination of mat with jumpboard...great pace. Will definitely take this class again.
Hey Kristen! Thanks for taking class with me and so happy you enjoyed it. A girlfriend of mine put an axe on the "treat train" about a week ago too......she HAD to go to the kitchen to get rid of all the sweets that were still there after the holidays. She took this Mat/Jumpboard class too and was glad she threw everything out. Enjoy the class anytime!
Loved the class!
Hi Meghan! Glad you enjoyed the class and how wonderful that you have your own Reformer. What a treat! We have quite a few Reformer classes to choose from as well as hundreds of Mat classes.....you have so much to choose from! Talk to you again soon!
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