Mat Technique<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 358

Mat Technique
Adrianne Crawford
Class 358

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Lauren P
Thank you Adrianne for a lovely refresher class. The attention to the neck pull gives me lots to work on as I continue trying to improve at this exercise. The tree is incredibly challenging too. I'll definitely be repeating this class again and again.
I've been trying to play this class but it keeps on saying that the video has expired... :(
I'd like to play it as well, but keeps saying it's expired
Ted Johnson
I think this class is now playing correctly in all formats.
Yes it's playing correctly thank you! & thank you Adrianne- great tree & other variations of more advanced exercises. Enjoy your classes a lot, please post again soon
great class...more level 1 than 2. I think it would be better if the questions from students (that require longer answers) came when the filming finished disrupts the flow particularly for a 40 min quickie class that I hope to do over again and flow through.
wonderful teaching. loved the lateral hip stretch explanation when doing corkscrew. all the explanations were very helpful for improving form

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