Clear Mat Breakdowns<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 363

Clear Mat Breakdowns
Amy Havens
Class 363

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Thanks Amy-always struggle with the Teaser,now I open my knees,while bent,and had more control!!
Hi Jennifer, I've struggled with Teaser for a long time as well. Open knees and bent is one option, also try the prep....single knee Teaser, or use your hands and walk them up the back of your legs if you need to. The skill we're trying to achieve is spinal articulation so wherever you need to make adjustments to connect more to that, make it yours. The full form will come in time!
Great thoughtful class. I think it's more of a deliberate pace (level 1) vs moderate. Lots of stretches and time in between exercises to not get tired. Not as challenging as I thought. Great for the end of the day..
Hi Pele, I agree with this.....deliberate level 1. Many of these Mat classes that I film are for one of my regular studio classes that brings in varied bodies, skill levels, 'issue's etc. I always play it safer and try to provide them with explaination of 'what they are doing' as opposed to just giving them movement. Many still need to learn how to do the exercises so it's less challenging for some of you viewers who want a higher level of class. That said, I do want to push these students so perhaps I'll bump them up a little now that it's a new year and give them a new opportunity of growth and change. Thanks for your feedback, always gives me things to think about.
Amy: Your personality (and your skills) really anchor the class...and I love the surprise (not so by-the-book) sequencing. I'm sure you have very loyal students.
Hello, for some reason i don't know, when the video gets to 16 minutes, i won't play anymore, and i'm playing on low quality video. I don't know if the problem is my server, or actually something with the video. Help. Thanks
Thank you Frances! I have very loyal clients and students, yes! And I love the all!! Thanks for taking class with me. Hope to hear from you again!
Giana, I'm not sure why the class stops at 16 minutes. Let's see what Ted has to say. Ted is one of the guru's behind the scenes and he may have some answers. I'll check in with him, but you may want to also.

Ted Johnson
Hi Giana,

I just watched the low def video past the 16 minute mark so I don't think there's any problem with the video file. I think the most likely cause would be your internet connection going flakey on you. Want to try it again and see if you have better luck?

-Behind-the-scenes Guru
Nice class, Amy! Loved the shout-out to Amelia at the end ;)
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