Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2433

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My spine really needed this today, thank you! Beautiful!
Thank you Tara! Sometimes you just need to work on some places more than the other:)
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Amazing Class !! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)
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Thanks Nagi, I can really feel the difference in my rib cage and breathing! I can do your class without constantly watching the video...good cueing! .
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Lets get some movement in our thoracic!!!! Thanks
Yugonda, thank you for watching!!
Hi Ann, I'm glad you were able to do the class with my cueing:)
And yes, it really makes a difference in the breathing!
Kourtney, I totally agree!
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Awesome! Felt heavenly for the spine. I have torn my calf muscle so I was looking for a routine that would focus on my upper body, spine and abs. This was perfect. The only think I had to modify for my injury was footwork and the standing eve's lunge stretch. Thanks for a wonderful class.
Hi Joy, thank you for taking my class!
We all don't like injuries, but the good thing about Pilates is that you can work other parts of the body, which will make a difference to when you are ready to rehabilitate on your leg.
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