Mat Progressions<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 173

Mat Progressions
Adrianne Crawford
Class 173

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I've been out of the pilates game for a few years now and looking to get back in now that I have an 18month old. This class is only the second I've taken so far, but with my background being strict joseph pilates I found this class great it getting re familiar with my body and those muscles! Nice and fast paced, clear instruction. Loved it! Thank you!
Welcome Back Jennifer! Adrianne has many classes on the site. Don't hesitate to go back to classes she taught before. You may also enjoy Monica Wilson's and Niedra Gabriel's Classes. Thanks for your input.
Really good class. Nice pace for a 3 month beginner. It shows I have moves to look forward to.
There were some moves in this I've not had before, so had to rewind. Great ending with planks & pushups! I'll do this one again.
Glad to hear you enjoyed it Anita and that you even found some new moves. Thanks for taking!

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