Cadillac Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 379

Cadillac Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 379

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Thank you so much for this workout. I have been craving a Cadillac workout from BASI and it was nice to see it next to the Avalon.
It's great to see the workouts on both Avalon Arm Chair and Cadillac. Thank you. Looking forward to learn more workouts on these two equipments.
Nice class. Thank you. Liked the cues for relaxing the bottom part of leg in frog and leg circle work. Nice to have a tower/cadillac workout! Thanks for including another.
Thank you so much for adding more Cadillac workouts. I had a baby 10 months ago and love the Cadillac to get all of those "lost" connections back.
Thanks Kristi for adding more Cadillac classes!
Nice class Kristi, we just received our Avalon in our studio this week, so it was great seeing you work with both the Cadillac and Avalon.
Cadilliac was great to see, however cant wait for more Avalon, and Avalon Step Barrel classes.
Thanks everyone! We're trying to get more of these classes to you asap. Rael Isacowitz (creator of the Avalon system), will be at PA late March and we believe he'll teach an Avalon workout for us. Can't wait for that.
This was great. And the Cadillac workout works well along side the EXO Chair and Springboard Tower. Just an FYI in case this combination ever comes your way. It works very well, and is a way for clients to use private equipment (Cadillac) without having to do Private Lessons/pay the premium.
Great to know Stacy! Thank you!
Thank you Kristi. Great Class.
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