Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2565

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LOVED it, Sarah...especially since my hips/hip flexors are very tight. The exercise/stretch variations you provided were amazing! Many thanks!
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Excellent class and great creativity:)
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Good class. Thank you :)
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I simply loved it so much! thank you!
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This was lovely and challenging. Thank you for the wonderful variations and cueing.
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That was fantastic-thank you Sarah-loved the seated rotational work and the side bends. Terrific variations on chest expansion too.
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Such an amazing class! Never done the side over in that position but it’s now my new favorite. Thank you.
Thanks Isabella. So glad you now love this Side Over!
I enjoyed this, though not the best workout to do on a Stott machine (esp if you're very tall!). But I found some great new connection to my outside hip that hasn't fired in a very long time. Much needed!
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