Creative and Energetic Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 392

Creative and Energetic Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 392

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This was my first class with Pilates Anytime, and I really loved it! I am energized, ready to tackle the day!
I love the standing work and the special attention you paid to the triceps and hamstrings! Great class!
Thanks Annie and Amy! Come back to it again one of these days
Tough class, loved it! Thanks Kristi
I loved this class! I am so happy I found Pilates anytime! I can workout any time of day, it's fantastic :) Thank you so much!
This is the 2nd time I have done this class. It's great to try some varying exercises, thanks!!
Does anyone else find it amazing that she demoed most of this and yet her voice stayed calm and strong? Kristi, you must be one super strong chick! I loved this class, will add it to my favs, and I recommend this website at least once a day where I work to ppl interested in quality pilates. Thanks!
Thanks Stephanie!! I have my moments when I'm strong thankfully, and then of course, there are those other days...
We really appreciate your support and your willingness to spread the word about PA!
Great class. Inspiring teacher. I love this website!
Thanks Kristi, another great class you are a lifesaver and I have been able to get a fantastic workout while traveling these past few weeks. You're the best!
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