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I really enjoyed this workout as I am in need of fresh inspiration for teaching pilates, you can't help but smile during this video with the extra sound effects from Portia, just lovely :)
Your cues were spot on. Really helped
With transitioning. Your pacing was good too! Needed this cardio workout! Joints
Feel energized 😅
One of the best workouts on the website! thank you so much! I really enjoyed it! Could we have more standing pilates classes? 
I had such a giggle doing this class, so glad I came across it this morning! Thank you x
WOW!what an awesome class! Loved every minute of it and Portia you are a fantastic instructor!  Please create more classes like this!  
Very nice way to start my Sunday! It's just lovely when a challenging 2/3 level class seems achievable to me; like a little unexpected gift. And thank you for not cutting your falling of the ball out of the video; it just made you so much human, adorable and authentic! Right into my favourites.
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I needed a challenge and a good stretch, thanks for both 😊
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