Improving External Rotation<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2780

Improving External Rotation
Amy Havens
Class 2780

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Awesome Amy! This is going to be so good for some of my osteo people! I did this at home so I did not have the rotating discs, but it seemed to work OK with just really focusing on rotating my hips. Loved the handwork with the balls and the hand jumping. PS love your pants !
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Thanks Amy for this creative class. Now I have to get myself a second disc and play with some Velcro first. In the meantime, like Connie, I had to practice without the disc....I almost could feel how much harder it will be to stabilise with them. I used the weight balls initially for the arm work. Thanks for a great class. My Osteo clients will be thankful too!
Thank you Connie and Doris. Without having the discs, we are still able to use the concept and the suggestion to inform to movement and the biomechanics. Glad you both found some elements to work with. :)
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I love Amy's cueing and great explanations!
Thank you so much Jennifer!
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Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Thank you so much Paula, glad you enjoyed this class!
Hi Amy, Excellent class using the discs.  Any chance that you would have more disc workouts?

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