First Time Session<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2853

First Time Session
Meredith Rogers
Class 2853

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Love your class Meredit ! l hope to take your class too ! Im waiting you in Korea. Thank you for your all classes which is usefull to exercise
This is great to see a real client with little experience in the very beginning of learning pilates. I would love more like this ! Meredith you are a wonderful teacher :)
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Ok both of you are adorable. It was great to see in real time the connection for a first time student. Meredith shows time and time again what a superb teacher she is. Thanks!
I love these Ladies! Thank you for doing this on your vacation Jane!
Thanks so much to you all!
And a very special thanks to Jane who made teaching a beginner seem effortless...
See you in Korea Soyeon Kim!!
I just have to say that i love Meredith's teaching style; her mindfulness, grace, concentration & intuition are so inspiring to me. Thank you, Meredith!
Jane is a top novel pupil. Congratulations!
Thanks for your sweet words, Alexandra. And Pablo, I agree, Jane is a top pupil indeed!
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This class was so helpful towards being mindful of keeping each part of the body in the right place and working together while breathing through the exercises. Thanks for the pacing and positivity, Meredith! And thanks for being brave, Jane!
Maggie L
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Ha ha ha, Love you, Meri!
...and thank you, Jane.

What a totally authentic experience -- I really felt like I was a fly on the wall, observing the session to learn how to work with a first-timer (who, in this case, is obviously already healthy and comfortable in her own skin.)

Watching this reinforced some of the common experiences I've seen in beginners, challenges of communication and of course, the joy and discovery of Pilates exercises and equipment.

Again, this "Teacher's Corner" program on Pilates Anytime is rolling out at the perfect time for me. Thanks!
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