Romana's Mat Flow<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 413

Romana's Mat Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 413

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Great class, Monica! Loved the transitions!
nice tactile, hands on assistance. wish I were there in the class!
Tough class! Really made me work. Thanks!
Gorgeous manual corrections monica... Well done Aaron!
Great mat class! Would love to see a reformer class with Monica. Thanks so much!
Loved it! It was great to have you take time to really explain what you want out of each move. Thanks a lot!!!!
Loved the class! adding it to my favorites =)
Thank you for such a sequential session - absolutely loooove the transitions from leg pull front to leg pull back to kneeling side kick to tight! Thanks again.
Super detailed class. At level 2/3 I would have liked to see more of the advanced exercises with more flow, but regardless, good moderate but not exactly vigorous workout.

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