Meri Christmas Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3306

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A belated thank you for this class! It was wonderful and you are all a lot of fun to watch and practice. Happy New Year!
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merry everything and happy new year! that was really fun and lovely to see such strong friendships supporting strong bodies xx
Thank you all for taking the time out of your holidays to spend time with us. I am grateful for your support and positive energy. Way we all be blessed and happy in the coming year.
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One of my very first PA classes was Meredith's Christmas class. Merry Christmas ladies and health and happiness in the new year!
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Happy new year Meri!!!
Loved it!!!!
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Merry Christmas and thank you! Happy New Year too!
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Happy Holidays! I have a question about the roll up, in general! Are there any exercises I can do to make the initial part easier when you roll up with arms up along side of ears, I can do it going down bizarrely but not coming up? Any help much appreciate to help target strengthen these muscles, I want to understand why this is so difficult!
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Very playful while working ! Great work out for anytime of the year !
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thank you ... thank you..... thank you!!!!!!!!)))
Thank you for loving the Christmas class as much as I do.
I look forward to it every year!
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