BASI™ Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 440

BASI™ Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 440

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great workout, I loved the pace, it allowed me to work a little deeper. Cueing was wonderful and I'm feeling stretched, worked and a little fatiqued.
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Nice workout! I felt, strectched and stronger. I can feel my whole body working and activated.
Great to hear from you ladies. Keep up the hard work!
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Awesome class! Your cueing always makes me go a little deeper! And the flow and transitions were perfect!
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Great class! This was my first one to try on here. Loved it. So tough, so motivating. Thank you.
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Very good class - very challenging for me, Are you suppose to sweat this much doing pilates? lol
Thanks guys! Mary, I think sweating is always a good thing :) It means you are working hard!
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Thank you so much! Great class. Excellent instruction!
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Fab work out and excellent instruction....... I will use this for my class too!!! Thank you so much!!!
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AWESOME CLASS!!! Loved it!!!!!!!!
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